Robotics;Notes, things begin to get real!


I’m hoping its clear by now and post do indeed contain spoilers, as do most anime blog’s that talk about anime. Anyways I’ve been in lazy mood far to long and I feel I need to step up my game! That being said.. ill share a bit of what I’m working on and the biggest project is learning how to use watercolors, it would look awesome with my artwork..I think. I also want to try my talent in writing, either a light novel or maybe a short manga..I have some fun ideas just have no idea where to start hehe. Other than that, I am working on a Valentines drawing hopefully be done before its here, Playing around with 3D Graphics, and trying to figure out what games to play! That is a bit of what my plans are for this month.. and if you couldn’t tell I like to keep busy and with all that done.. Lastly… I want to get more into blogging and blog.. whatever I want! That being said.. lets Start…

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Weekly Picks! – Beware of kana-licks!


Hi hi! It been a while hope everyone is enjoying their Winter anime season, so far many shows have aired and not really much to talk about but ill share a few things. Firstly this Winter season I’ve not really been wowed by much, however it almost the 3rd week and most episode 3’s haven’t aired yet so maybe ill have more to say next week. With that.. let’s get started with some fun and moments that I’ve enjoy with this season so far for what ill call for now Weekly picks!

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Winter seasonal first impressions, 2013, goals and such!


Hi hi!~ *waves hands frantically* Late to the new years for 2013.. But fear not readers for I have returned and ready to tackle this winter season well as the handful of series coming back from long winter breaks! Before we jump into all the winter shows that ill be watching and talking about, I want to try a new idea for the posts on this blog. Basically throughout the week ill cover all the shows that would be worth mentioning or talking about, for instances taking a group of shows and writing something short about them and why I thought so.. and so forth.. So with that I look forward to seeing how this plays out and sounds really fun am I’m excited about this. I’ve learned a little bit with the first series completed.. so ill be trying to keep up with the weeks of and trying to stay on time.. so far I not kept up with that.. hehe.. but fear not! ill do my best and more this time. Other than that.. I really excited and lets not waste anymore time and get to it!

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Happy 5 hours and 38 minutes before New years everyone!

So I want to take time to wish everyone a happy new years! 2012 was short for this blog. I hope 2013 will bring a good year for this blog and all that stuff..I wanted to do a post on my top 25 or 10 cutest character but I got behind.. which something I did a lot and with this new years I want to make things on time and stop being such a slacker! So with that… here’s to a great year with you all!


Happy 5 hours and 38 minutes before New years! and here is a picture I did for Christmas and well i figured make it for new years as well… so Enjoy!~



Character : Asako Natsume (夏目 あさ子)

from: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

Chuunibyou Episode 12 – Short but sweet ending


Well first of all let me say this..WOOOOT My First Completed series on this blog! go me! and I’ve learn a bit this time around. also. it was great and now sadly with winter season coming right around the corner and nothing really has my attention on the anime list yet, some shows look alright so ill have something to blog about just not sure what yet.. ill make a post on this later.. let’s get this episode rolling

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Chuunibyou episode 9 – Rikka in love is cute!

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai - 09 - Large 17w..w….wel..welcome back..

“Turmoil…of the Chaos Heart”

Hihi! welcome back you crazy kids.. well I’ve totally fell behind on these, sorry about that..So lets get things started. In our last episode Rikka and Yuuta spend some time together, and what felt like Rikka was starting on her path of falling in love with him. Although we know it to be love, Rikka is not sure what these feeling are and Yuuta still thinks of her as a friend with a serious case of the 8th grade syndrome. Will these two come to terms with one another and become a romantic relationship or something less? Lets find out shall we!?

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Chuunibyou episode 8 – warmingly cute

image00048Forgive me for being late!

The Exile..of the Two

Hihi! welcome back, hope your thanksgiving was stuffing and hope you filled up on pie. last week’s episode was mainly told us a bit about rikka past  and maybe why she has her 8th grade syndrome. In this episode we follow Yuuka and Rikka who stole  more screen time. Leading up to the ending bit, making us wonder whats going to happen next? Could it be buildup to dramatic mode that could turn on the waterworks or disappointment or teasing? lets find out!

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Chuunibyou, now in Dark Limited Unknown Shield edition! Ep7

Welcome back readers!

“Paradise Lost…of Memories”

Okay.. so lately I’ve been thinking about my writing style and I want to try things a bit different with this post. To me it feels like I have been doing too much recap instead of not really sharing my opinion of what I thought of the episode, what I liked or even disliked. Hopefully ill get these to something of my liking and enough of that let’s get to it. Continue reading

Chuunibyou episode 6 – Mysterious White Water!

White Water.. is it in you…or on you!

Hi hi! so ya… I’m a little late on this one.. but this time im going to try to get 2 episodes out! I’ve been caught u in WoW, that silly additive game. Not too much but being lazy and watching too much anime which is normal to me hehe. Things What I need to do is get back into drawing sooo many characters to pick from its hard to get started! wish me luck. Now let’s get to blogging!

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