Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko – 12(END)


Wishing till the very end last second of the very last scene of the last episode.

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Hentai Prince – Episode 9 & 10 – Let’s go to the past, nyan!


Welcome back to Kawaiiosity hope everyone had a great Fathers day weekend, I took some time off to review my own writing, it feels somewhat lacking, a bit messy, and unorganized. So bear with me as I figure that out and keep trying to improve, thanks. Now then let’s jump into episode nine and ten of Hentai Prince.

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Hentai Prince – episode 8 – Ecchiy Sketchy


Hi hi! Welcome back to Kawaiiosity! I’m sure you’re probably wondering what happened to Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san? Well it hasn’t gotten many views or much talk so I figured I might as well drop it and focus on Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko for the time being. Muromi-san was a silly strange show that looked like it would be a blast to blog but sadly it been disappointing in the last few episodes, what would you expect right? Also not really having much fun with either. So with that I’m done blogging Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san, it was a blast, but wasn’t a best pick and I did learn a thing about blogging a random silly strange show! So let’s get into this week’s episode shall we!

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Weekly picks – A Certain Gigantic Space-Glee Disappointment.


Welcome back to Kawaiiosity, place of most things cute and some curiosity-ness! In today’s weekly picks we have Misaka firing her railgun around, giants making a come back, and lastly… some space glee discomfort with Valvrave. So in this week anime I want to bring out the yolo tape to make off this area with spoilers, which will be mostly be Valvrave. So let’s get on with it. Enjoy.

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Hentai Ouji – Episode 6 – Cuteness Reigns Supreme!


Hihi! welcome back to Kawaiiosity! hope you’re all having a wonderful week and having something fun to read. I might of put a bit too much work into this one but hopefully you’ll be entertained and find something amusing. Not much going on with me so let’s go ahead and get into this episode, Enjoy.

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Hentai Ouji – Sister marriage and waving elephants


Hi hi! Welcome back to kawaiiosity and another dose of Hentai Prince is here enjoy! Summer anime list have started up and I’ve already found some neat shows to look forward to and soon the return of the classic, Sailor Moon which was unfortunately pushed back..soo yeah that happened. But fear not there are some new shows to look forward to that sound very interesting and you can check it out here. I’ll do a summer write-up later but for now let’s get this started!

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Muromi-san, boob slapping & a Fish Takedown! ep 5 & 6


Welcome back Kawaiiositians, hopefully everyone is doing wonderful and getting ready for their summer relaxing vacations or just chilling out with games and anime. Not much going on with me so let’s go start with another adventure of peaceful fishing with that crazily annoyingly strange creature known as Muromi-san.

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Weekly Picks – Part-Time Electrode Giants



We have a bit more to talk about with this weeks picks from the part-time Darklords, Electromaster, followed by giants! That actually sounds like it would be a pretty awesome anime or even fantasy game. There was plenty to like this week but I narrowed it down to at least three of my top favorites, so let’s get started then with this week’s, Weekly picks.Sigh I know I’m totally late on this post But bear with me, I’ll get myself organized with scheduling things properly.

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