Weekly Picks – Part-Time Electrode Giants



We have a bit more to talk about with this weeks picks from the part-time Darklords, Electromaster, followed by giants! That actually sounds like it would be a pretty awesome anime or even fantasy game. There was plenty to like this week but I narrowed it down to at least three of my top favorites, so let’s get started then with this week’s, Weekly picks.Sigh I know I’m totally late on this post But bear with me, I’ll get myself organized with scheduling things properly.

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2013 Spring First Impressions Part 1


Hi hi! Welcome to Kawaiiosity, won’t you be curious nyan!?.So its finally  Spring time and with it comes new anime to watch, and so far there are some decent ones this season. I still haven’t watched everything yet and still need to figure out which series I would like to blog and review so we will have to wait and see. For now I’ll cover all the first episodes to give my take on what I think and if I will stay with them or drop them, So let’s get this going and see what this season has to offer us shall we. (Part two will be coming up later so be sure to check in with that soon.)

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