Babysitting – Doki Doki Precure – Episode 9




Hi Hi welcome back to Kawaiiosity, not too much to say really but seen some of the first episode of this season’s anime and there are a few that look surprisingly interesting and a good mix of shows that feel different. I’ll make a post on some of my favorites that I feel i’d keep up with till the end…some shows I have a feeling I’d drop soon, they just didn’t hold my attention yet hehe. Other than that well not too much going on so let’s get started with this weeks Dokidoki Precure! Continue reading


Doki Doki Precure – Episode 8 Ya Baby’s, we got this!


Heyas All and again welcome back to Kawaiiosity hope everyone is doing great. So what are you doing for your Easter Weekend? well my weekend will be sitting in-front of the TV watching the season 3 of Game of Thrones, totally can’t wait! Other than that I have been working on some new drawing styles and hopefully I found one that I like, hopefully. Also been looking at some upcoming shows this spring that I would like to blog. With my first impressions I want to try things a bit differently so well see how that goes… well moving onto today’s episode!

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Doki Doki Episode 7: Laugh it off!


HI HI! hope everyone is having a wonderful time and again welcome back to Kawaiiosity! Not much to talk about but can’t wait till spring, which is right around the corner and can’t wait for some new anime that comes with it. So I’m excited for that, though I’m not sure how ill go by posting them… might post my first impression as they come out, or a full season review of the shows coming out.  So with that, Lets head on over to this weeks episode of dokidoki precure!

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Doki Doki Precure The Iron Chef – Episode 6


*Dazzling the stage……Galactic Pretty Cure Girl, Cure Sword*

Hiyas! Welcome back Not too much going on this week but..all these shows this winter I’ve been staying with are coming to an end. Some shows like Psycho-pass, Zetsuen no Tempest,and Robotic;notes they started out great and I ready to see end. Then you have shows ill miss like Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, as an artist I felt somewhat connected to in a way. Shin Sekai Yori, a very interesting series that kept me wanting more, and enough idol shows this season to have my fill such as Love live! and AKB0048, both shows have tons of  characters and fun to watch interact with each other. Lastly the surprising shows like Unlimited; Hyoubu Kyousuke, Boku wa Tomodachi NEXT,and Sasami-san that where out there crazy, entertaining silly fun, and full of super physic powers.. all these shows where great but next season looks even better! and with that lets move onto Precure for this week! Continue reading

Doki Doki precure Who that precure!? – Episode 5




Hi Hi! welcome back to kawaiiosity! hopefully something sparks your curiosity in this weeks Precure post! But before that a little of whats happened this week, firstly.. I’ve been pretty much a slacker again..hehe oops. I’ve been playing the new tomb raider game and its quit enjoyable so far, its has a nice story, the levels are mass and full of surprises either exploring tombs or moving the story along.. it’s a fun game. The other stuff such as the tomb raider art contest…I’am starting to have my doubts that it will be any good and I’ve slacked on it.. with 7 more days left.. I feel behind, though I’m going to push hard to get it done..I hope. So besides that trying to create a manga…the rough stuff.. but so far not going anywhere haha.. but the idea is still floating around, So enough of that.. let’s get on with this weeks episode of Precure shall we! Continue reading

Episode 4 – “what is a rosetta?!”


Hi Hi~, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and welcome back to Kawaiiosity, First up I’ve been working on a contest picture  for the new Tomb Raider game and it’s coming along and I still have a ways to go with it.. but hopefully it will turn out great!. Other than that.. I’m starting to get things organized and done, I’ve been slacking on personal projects and what not.. so it’s a new week again..and time to start things up this time and stick to them! Enough of that.. let’s get this started shall we!.

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Doki Doki Precure Episode – 3 – Diamonds are forever!


Hello hello!*smiles and waves* I Hope everyone’s week is going well, mine has been going okay..just doing a few sketches and playing with ideas in my drawings. Not much else going on.. enjoying this winter season and looking forward to next season. The Walking dead started up so watching that, other than that.. not much really hehe so lets jump right into episode 3 of Precure shall we!

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First Look, Doki doki! Precure – Episode 1-2


Hi hi!~ waves like an over-raged fan with so much excitement followed by an explosion of explanation marks all over the room…okay…that was a little too much…uh..excitement. So anyways I got to thinking as I watched the first 2 episode of Doki Doki Pretty cure that this could be fun to blog. To clarify I’ve only watched Heartcatch, suite, smile up at this point so I am basing my comparison to that point, but my plan is to go back and watch the series I’ve missed. So far I’ve enjoyed what little this series has to offer.. and can’t wait for this weeks episode, looks like it will be.. full of diamonds and sparkles! It’s pretty cure so let the mindless fun with good morals begin! and with that… let’s get this going!

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