The author


::Little History::
I’ve watch all sorts of cartoons growing up from looney toons to early morning Saturday Cartoons. Somewhere I found anime, my first show that I can remember was Tekkanman Blade, then soon after I remember seeing Macross, and how awesome it was back in t he day. At first I though they where just some advanced cartoons, and deep down I wanted MORE of that crazy advanced cartoon stuff. After a while Cartoon Network had Toonami, which was my main anime source Yay! So DragonBall Z actually started it all for me, me and my brother would rush home fast to watch DBZ, forget homework, saving the world came first.. right? This was around when we where 12-15years old, I think. So toonami gave us a lot of different anime shows to watch, creating a snowball effect where today we have each seen tons of shows.

After graduation from High School I had the internet, such a magical thing, I would look for shows to watch, mostly old school shows from the 80’s-90’s I might of missed something good right?. so anyways I would find a series that interest me and watch all the episodes, some series got my hooked while others just didn’t keep my attention and I ended up dropping them. My Anime list is like over 300-400 easy, my list consist of Watched, On hold, Want to watch, Droped,and so on. I’ve stopped updated that about 2 years, same for any sites that keeps track of things for you. I need/will update it someday and share it.

I like to draw, and draw as much as I can, while trying to find my style of drawing practicing different styles on paper. I play games on the Xbox(neverdead, soul calibur V) or PC(Skryim, mostly mods, other randomly free to play) I Also play MMO’s, currently looking for a new mmo to spend my time. at the moment I am playing World of Warcraft on and off but, soon ill be looking into Guildwars 2. Anime, well I like all sorts of shows, mostly Slice of life, Romantic Comedy, Action and Adventure, Story Development.

I am always opened for new show suggestions or must watch oldschool shows that people recommend me.

I am also an internet adventure, taking little adventures into the internet world looking for random fun and silly things, youtubbing, blog reading, inspirational digs though the interwebs so I can level up my trade skills.(drawing inspiration,Music, sound files, interesting videos all sorts of things)

The Blog

cute and curious, mix these together and you get Kawaiiosity.. or something like that. I enjoy those cute little silly moments in anime, things that make you laugh and ask yourself why you thought it was funny to begin with,then you laugh some more. Next you have curious, where you wanna know whats going to happen next, or how the plot is going to turn out, or when you look at the cover or preview of an anime. It sorta sparks your curious interest, and its just enough that you give the show a chance.

Now if you ask, everything can’t be cute, silly right? True, however it isn’t what this blog main goal is. Mainly its going to be about the fun times in anime that make you remember that reason why you enjoy anime over and over, wither it be Plot, Theme, Story Driven, Characters Development, Action Scenes, Love interest, romantic or just plan Moving pictures. This is why I am captive by this anime, this is why I became an anime fan, this is what id like to share with my readers though this blog.

Now with that said this blog will also talk about all sorts of things, random things that happen in the anime shows I watch over the week.

Soon ill have my very own mascot, drawing her now as I start my blog so she will be introduced soon, I want to try an Roleplay Blog, which ill play as this mascot reviewing anime as if she was an actual blogger, It will be fun and quite curious on how it will turn out, it should be fun and entertaining, you could say she’s sorta my assistant in this blog

::Favorite Anime Series::
Cardcaptor Sakura
Cowboy Bepop
Gundam Wing
Gurren Lagann
Neon Genesis Evangelion
(there are sooo many favorites its hard to list them all)
Yuru Yuri
Bunny Drop
Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
::And Many Others::

Watching the current summer season of anime, iI usually watch them with my brother or watch them together with some of his friends online, many of you may know him, Foshizzel, blogger on Metanorn. We watch all the seasons shows, and pick the ones we will stick with and watch droping the ones after the 3rd episode if they still haven’t interested us.

::Personal Goal::
Watch all of pretty cure, from the first series to Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Keep up with the blog, start my posts soon. hope you all enjoy it as much as I will!

More to come later as well as a FAQ soon.


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