Weekly Picks – Sewing Machine Gun, Bifocals, and Restoring Hammers!


Weekly Picks – week 5, The use of Dangerous everyday objects! sewing machine gun, bifocals, and restoring hammers!

Welcome back to another exciting week of awesome fun anime with week 5 and what a week of entertaining moving pictures! Kawaiiosity is happy to have you back for this weeks line up, Kill La Kill, Kyoukai no Kanata, and Kyousou Giga! Won’t you Enjoy?!


Kill La Kill – ep 5 – the path of the nudist beach

Yay a normal action episode with some new developments and a magical moment for a young girl and her uniform, senketsu, almost a new meaning to a girl and her wardrobe can never be apart. Now this episode hinted that Senketsu might be trouble for Matoi and so Tsumugu Kinagase shows up to help her out by making her undress, but for other non-perverted reasons. This series always amazes me on how they toss anything and everything that has to do with clothes, and in this episode, Tsumugu welds a sewing machine that shoots needles and spools of threads as grenades. It seems like Tsumugu isn’t just after Matoi, I would assume he may know her mother? and his hair almost makes me want to say its her brother, I mean who else has red in their hair right?! but this is just speculations at this point.T he episode itself was entertaining like always, the random FLCL shots here and there, the fight between Matoi and Tsumugu with its toon-ie music playing in the middle of it all, and the Band girl got to throw around her power for a change using the non athletic clubs. The clubs in this episode were the Biology club, honnouji Rakugo club, and the Gardening club. It is always awesome to see how clubs are used in this anime, I mean watching the random clubs using their subject to fight is awesome, a gardening club using plants, or honnouji Rakugo club attack with their cards..I’s simple to think about how each club would fight but it’s interesting to see and I bet Trigger is having a blast with this series, thinking of ideas for clubs to use and how they would fight. So all in all this episode had a mixtures of likes for me, can’t wait for next weeks episode!


kyoukai no kanata – ep 5 – Join the bifocals members today!

So this episode I would just call… Date with Mitsuki and Mirai, oh these two are cute together and I’m surprised that Mitsuki actually has a cute side to her… kinda reminds me of Mio from K-on. So up first Mirai finally decides to join the Literary Club for a first we will call it …inspection. I enjoyed this part of the episode, watching Akih and Hiro talk about Mirai “features” was too funny, oh these two guys, see the greatness in bifocals! and the possession of ‘little sister’ characteristics are a quite powerful. So back to our lovely date with Mitsuki and Mirai, the share a bite to eat not once but twice, the pancake scene was great, seeing Mitsuki display a cute little giggle, then a small fight that really wasn’t much but shows that Mirai is getting better. For dinner we have a VERY overly excited Mirai over pieces of meat, some how saying that.. sounds dirty.. anyways, Mirai is adorable when she’s all hyped and excited over something so small, head pat Mirai. Now onto the photo shoot, Seeing Mirai get her photo was amusing, even the thought of taking nudes might have crossed her mind, extra money is nice.. but she would say this is unpleasant, she was even curious to see Ai hidden melons. So those where some of the scenes that I found to be enjoyable in this episode, but the main part of the episode I liked most was the ending at the Lanterns festival, seeing our characters all dressed up, the lanterns set up, and the fireworks made for a great looking scene. However was ruined in a good way with Hiro expression and gasp sound he makes.. made me laugh harder than it should have… But this episode with its many many side moments all together made for an entertaining episode.


kyousou giga – ep 5 – even a hammer can can restore things!

Not much to say on this one, again we’ve already seen most of this in the ONA’s, so it’s like watching the blu ray version of Kyousou Giga for the additional footage at this point. So far each sibling has gotten his or her time to shine and tell their back story with us again, with a little extra to show off and with Myoue story to finish the ONA’s I can’t wait to see what happens next. So what about episode five? well I don’t mind Yase, she’s not my favorite or a character I care too much about and well this episode was mainly about her. The episode itself wasn’t bad, the extra scenes where really nice, I did like the part where Yase was remembering the times with her mom, saying that she should just be herself and what not, it was such a good heartwarming scene that almost made me cry. Afterwards Koto shows up with the older brother’s cup only to get into a minor fight with giant angry Yase, bringing down the hammer over top of her and seeing Yase saw the little stuffed bunny that was attached to her hammer was a cool scene and I’m sure it’s what calmed Yase down. Aww Yasa isn’t all evil and mean after all.. I mean you seen her huggle Koto?! awwws so cute! anyways …It also seems each sibling finds clues about Koto and they figure something out, which makes sense because later they know Koto is the key to bring their mother back.  Of all the siblings, I personal like Myoue and I’m excited to see his story again in the next episode, and what kind of heartwarming awesomeness extra scenes are we going to get?! See ya next time!



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