Kyoutai no kanata – 06 – The smell of unsuccessfulness!


Kyoukai no Kanata episode 6 – The smell of unsuccessfulness!

Now I am not a huge fan of filler episodes because I feel it takes away from the series and ends up being a waste of time, that being said this episode was worth watching, quite entertaining. Full of hilarious moments, fan-service shots from Kyoto Animation, thanks for that. From the whole monster bit spraying our character repeatedly with its foul liquids , the idol dance number, to the bits of comedy here and there to keep the laughs going. I like how Mirai becomes the center of the Literature clubs amusement even Mitsuki gets in on the action this time, But still just watching Akihito and Hiroomi talk about little sisters and girls in glasses always give me a laugh, and now we comparing girls to strawberry shortcake, these guys haha. The best bits throughout the episode were when Mirai blowed on her hand making it seem like Akihito was to blame and when they were wearing the gas-mask.. just a funny looking scene to me, even Hiroomi coming to his sisters rescue just to run away getting sick all magical like. Even little sister in the ball was great, the way the looked at her and making fun of her in a good way, she just unzips it and Akihito and hiroomi’s faces at that moment where priceless, poor Mitsuki getting the worse stink, but she’s ultra cute when she’s upset or rather determined. I knew there would be a catch to such a profitable youmu and watching them fail over and over was great fun and seeing how they all reacted to the awful smell, though they weren’t going to give up after failing so much. So Lastly how about that pink outfit Mirai wore.. very sexy indeed and that their dance number? haha that was probably the best part of the episode, even with the screen shots of their training added to the humor, they even put some drama like shots in there, nice touch Kyoukai. So near the end of the episode with everyone dancing I was also wondering who was going to kill it, for sure someone was going to steal the kill?, but surprise surprise  they all got liquefied again and ending the episode, so we’ll have to wait next week to see how they defeat just a powerful foe.



This is unpleasent


Weekly Picks – Sewing Machine Gun, Bifocals, and Restoring Hammers!


Weekly Picks – week 5, The use of Dangerous everyday objects! sewing machine gun, bifocals, and restoring hammers!

Welcome back to another exciting week of awesome fun anime with week 5 and what a week of entertaining moving pictures! Kawaiiosity is happy to have you back for this weeks line up, Kill La Kill, Kyoukai no Kanata, and Kyousou Giga! Won’t you Enjoy?!

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