Weekly Picks – Kyoukai Giga Kill: Valvrave busting monogatari!


Weekly Picks, week 4, this week a little more than the normal 3 that are usually mentioned here, mainly some shows worth talking about bits and parts and what I enjoyed about them so hopefully something to enjoy


Kyoukai no Kanata – EP4

This week first pick goes to Kyoukai no Kanata with episode 4, starting right into it. Things continue with the chase scene through the Madoka like dimension with escalators, trains and the large schoolgirl boss at the end that they defeated easily, I thought it was neat to see kyoto take a stab at such a crazy scene. Speaking of stabbing the preview last week showed Mirai running her blood sword through Akihito to kill the hollow shadow that possessed him, and I figured the rest of the episode was going to be all moe silliness because it’s kyoto. That wasn’t the case here, after Mirai killed the hollow shadow all cool and badass like, Akihito gave her a thumbs up so he was fine But wow.. after the others showed up and basically took over, Hiroomi putting Akihito in his magical box was a big surprise for me indeed. This scene alone was great, even seeing Akihito in his half youmu was crazy freaky looking, something I’ve not seen from Kyoto yet, no moe monsters here folks! Seeing this scene made me think about bleach with the vizard arc and their box they put around Ichigo, and I started thinking bleach would look awesome if kyoto did it, but it would still suck hehe. So lastly I do like the line that they both use in this episode, “Do I look like a normal person?” and their responses are great, Akihito  to her, a bespectacled beauty, and Mirai’s to him , a creepy Senpai with a thing for glasses, oh you to being cute with your answers! Anyways seeing Kyoto do something a bit different was a nice change, i mean they do so much moe shows that we hardly get to see lots of action and creepy looking artwork from them, so good for them in trying different things.


Kyousou Giga – EP4

So number 2 spot for this week falls to Kyousou Giga, we meet the eldest son and his science department, which we’ve seen in one of the ONA’s already so not much new here really but a couple of new scenes. I already know that the next two episode will cover the other two siblings so probably two or more recap episode that we’ve seen already till we start seeing new stuff. Now I don’t mind these recap episodes I’m still really enjoying this silly, fun, heartwarming, crazy, over the top series, and now that things are finally coming together less confusing. I did like the scene with Koto and Kurama, it is funny that they are talking about the same guy but I think both don’t realise it, though he has other plans already in motion to use Koto, but that is what the plot is about anyways. Then the whole bit with the science nerd Shouko, asking Koto not to swing her hammer around in the lab and well koto does it anyways, though Shouko curiosity to examine the magical hammer makes her forgets about all the destruction. Then we are back to looking for poor Shouko prized PSP remote controller bring the poor girl to tears but now has a tracker on it, silly Shouko losing the remote control tisk tisk. So that ending with Kurama and Fushimi, seeing him disappear got me curious, i wonder if Fushimi is a creation by Kurama? and maybe even Shouko? makes ya think, anyways this episode wasn’t too bad, a few things I liked but overall a recap to get the gears moving!


Kill la Kill – EP4

So this weeks kill la kill episode was a bit disappointing, I mean at least they did things differently than their orderly routine of throw in some silliness here, transform, finish off random school member, the end. Still the episode wasn’t very good, the artwork was like watching some Saturday night cartoon, the plot was silly as well, But I still found it mindlessly funny and entertaining. The bit with the mom was washing Senketsu, and the father,son, even the dog trying to delivering the uniform to Matoi but each time seeing her panties made them pass it off to one another gave with the added music made for a good laugh. The bus scene was also funny to see, “oh its a 1-star bus it’s pretty strong”, it comes with a big gun on it for Mako to play with, and when the bus was launched into the air that hitman music was great, good laugh this episode was, and mainly all it really was for me. So after the episode was over I sorta felt like Matoi sitting her desk on time saying present, basically me with the same look on my face saying.. I was present for that episode, what a wildly stupid rollercoaster ride that was. Looks like the next episode might be more action and im sure enough silliness, Mako did take Matoi bra off.. so ya that’s something to look forward too, maybe hehe.

-Special Mentions-


Valvrave S2 – EP14

Woah episode 14 was quite a shocker this week, Spoiler ahead! full stop if you don’t want to hear about it! Now before I get into that, the beginning of the episode showed what looked like a Kid version of L-elf with Saki and Satomi, It made me a bit curious to figure out who might be whose kid, are they all somebody’s kids or are Saki and Satomi in their teens? or are they actually them?, who knows. Anyways this episode gets a special mention because.. well my favorite character has her moment! Marie Nobi, a somewhat useless character, but dammit Valvrave you killed the glasses girl last season, now you’re picking on my poor little Marie?! punks! So L-elf go and Shoots Marie right in the forehead because he needed Haruto to do his job and I guess she knows too much or whatever and at that moment I was just about ready to flip some tables. Valvrave don’t do that to me, But then I kept thinking “she’s not dead common she just made a discovery with Haruto’s robot’s OS Pino so there has to be more to her story. Just like that she actually got up and healed herself… now I’m wondering is she a badass pilot, awesome programmer, spy? or something else? Knowing Pino leads me to think did she create Pino, or know them or rather was she the original “test” pilot of the red mecha? We will find out next time! hopefully some nice treats await us!

Oh and P.S… Random Prediction… Lightning guy is going to die! i can feel it..(this is my guess.. based on nothing at all..)


Little Busters!: Refrain – EP4

The second special mention goes to Little Busters season 2 episode 4 this week, Which ill call Rin’s and Riki’s arc. Now for starters I think Rin is just perfect for Riki, but they don’t seem like the dating or going out type to me, they just don’t seem interested in that stuff. In this episode Rin acts like it’s no big deal and tells Riki they should just go out, which they do, now at this point I’m thinking things are moving along too smoothly and I know I’m not going to like this arc at all. I mean Kurugaya uses the word protect so I think she might be killed off?! It’s like watching Final Destination, or Another, where you’re sitting there looking out for anything that could pose a threat, but I dunno if Little Busters would go that far .. I did hear the second season is more darker. This arc might be very emotional mainly because I like Rin a lot, just like how I liked Yui story from Angel beats, Such a touching story, so hopefully Rin’s arc will be a touching story as well.


Monogatari S2 – EP17

Oh this series, with your long dialog and overly worded series! I love it, so this week Monogatari second season gets a mention, yay!. Now this episode wasn’t anything special really, too much dialog to really enjoy things, I did like the whole bike scene with Araragi and Mayoi, Araragi lines were great “hold me tightly as if you were fused into me!” or “push those breast into me more!” Oh these two are fun to watch. So why am I actually mentioning this one? well the last 5mins of the episode were most amusing, mainly the kiss Arargai and Shinobu had shared, (so araragi kisses himself? hehe) That Blush shinobu has never showed was worth all the blah blah blah throughout the episode and that background music was awesome. So looks like it will be story time with shinobu next week so hopefully this arc will be fun and entertaining, shinobu arc here we go?!



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