weekly Picks! week 3 – Kyouso La Konata!


Welcome back to the weekly picks, week 3. Not much this week but a little behind on other shows, which is pretty much normal and the start of some series getting dropped. Another fun week of heartwarming, awesome over the wall fight, and a storm of Malice so enjoy!



Awws Familyness!

This series is getting better each time, it’s stealing the first spot this week for the weekly picks. Episode 2 was awesomely cute, starting off with koto crying but then moves on becoming a rough tomboy, beating up boys and what not. Things shift near the end which I felt was such a magical moment. It felt like Koto meet her mom for the first time, figuring out the connection to the black bunny with red eyes, even calling her master dad. Such a wonderful episode a  heartwarming story about family finding each other so they can all live happily, I found myself watching this episode over and over, even episode 01, that ending moment makes for a great ending for episode 02. So I mentioned on G+ that Rie Kygamiya does a fantastic job of capture Koto, her voice fits such a tomboy character, its surprised me that this girl use to voice Louise the zero, and Shana from Shakugan no shana. These 2 shows where my first time hearing her voice, I found her to be  a bit annoying at first but now she’s growing on me quite a bit. From Precure to Gintama, and now Kyouso Giga and now that I think about Kagura totally equals Koto, that combo is quite QUITE the tomboy indeed, now to get to work on a drawing to combine Cura Ace, Kagura, Koto! hopefully!


Kill la kill

The last Dress you’ll ever wear!

let’s get right into that fight scene, for me it was really the only highlight of the episode, seeing Ryuuko finally ‘put on’ Senketsu and using her full power to stand toe to toe with Satsuki was great. Even show off a new attack, scissor blade decapitation mode, but in the end she still lost the fight, probably due to taking so long to figure out how to wear embarrassment properly, thanks mako. The only complain I have is during the fighting some of the CGI was distracting and I felt it took away from the awesomeness. The dust effects with it being sucked in and then blown out was a surprise and a very neat looking that I’ve not seen before, but leave it to Gainax/Trigger to make some cool explosive effects. So now that Ryuuko mouthed off about crushing all of Satsuki’s ambitions and aspirations to get some answers points us into the direction of where things will be heading, if we didn’t already know this was coming. Now after Kill La kill episode three I have a good grabs of how things are going to go with this show and to be honest at this point, I don’t think this series is the best of all time or greatest show, it has hype, its got a great studio behind it, has its moments and cool ideas, but it’s getting more perverted as it goes on. I want to say it’s not much different from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, but everything in the middle is just random silly humor. I mean this studio brought us Little Witch Academia and that lacked any pervterness or sexyness  and was amazing, though the bottom line is… I’ll still watch it and enjoy Kill La kill regardless of these fact, I mean heck I watched all of PSG which I’d say is ten times worse than KLK.  The next episode looks like it is going to lamesauce.. as far as the preview showed but we’ll see.


Kyoukai no Kanata

The True nature of the storm!

Not much to this episode really but the fact that we learn about Mirai past, the Hollow Shadows storm that is heading over the town, and bringing a sword to a gun fight at the end. The truth has finally surfaced and I was close to figuring it out, Sakura the daughter of the family that took Mirai in, became possessed by the the hollow shadow, and so as the duty of a spirit warriors Mirai had to kill Sakura or so we thought. Mirai wanting to fight the hollow shadow even if it cost her life and Akihito wants to stop her, but a possessed Sakura appears wielding the Gears of War weapon, Chainsaw Bayonet faces off against Mirai and from the looks of it Mirai isn’t even fighting back, maybe because its sakura and she can’t bring herself to attack her friend, lucking Akihito shows up to save her and gives her a piece of his mind. I think I can pretty much figure how things are going to end, you know how Akihito is immortal and half human half youmu, My guess from the preview is he lets himself get possessed by the Hollow Shadow and lets Mirai kill him thus killing the demon/creature/hollow, or it might make him fully human which would be kinda stupid..and its only the third episode, because Mitsuki says something about there is a way to lose his immortality. All in all looks like next week episode will close some lose ends with some action and craziness strange things happening, anyways hopefully there will be more to talk about in next week’s episode.



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