Weekly Picks! week 2!


Okay first things first, Here at Kawaiiosity I want to do things differently and since the new season started why not change try them now? weekly picks will be the main and only section of this blog. If you’re new to things what weekly picks are, well basically I’ll recap each week with the shows I think deserve to be in my top spots and Weekly picks, I’m thinking posting these every tuesday, that may change. Each episode will get a short paragraph about what I loved about what i just seen, what I think might happen and share it with my readers, generally it will be anything I find Entertaining, Awesomely cool, bitter-sweet, lovely and or adorably cute! So I’m sure there will be something here to talk about here, some episodes might even make me curious to speculate what will happen next. Plus I may have a special feature for a final spot on a show or two that sometimes get overlooked or missed because there are soo many good shows out and a lot may not have time to see them all.

This season the shows that will be mentioned here will most likely be Kyousou Giga, Kill la Kill, Kyoukai no Kanata, Yozakura Quartet, reasoning being is these shows have me excited and are shows I look forward to most from what I’ve seen so far. So with that let’s get started with Kawaiiosity’s First Improved Weekly Picks!

Kyousou Giga 01

Kyousou Giga


I actually like how they are explaining things more I almost feel like I’m getting a new series because I was so confused by the ONA that I felt I was mindlessly watching some fun goofy action anime with no real explanation. I am once again reminded why I loved the art style so much, because it’s just simple traditional anime, no cgi, no shortcuts, just right. It can be calm and nice one moment then suddenly go crazy over the top the very next moment. Even though this episode was recap I fell in love with it all over again, watching Myoe and Lady Koto family lived happily was a great scene, such craziness and living carefree. Of course those things don’t last long, it was sad to watch as the family slowly fell apart with only their memories.  But the best scene was the end, Koto finally appears during an odd thunderstorm crashing into a building, saying “I’m koto, direct command of the head priest, I’m here to look for my guardian.” something about this scene alone left a great feeling inside, like “Now things get fun!” can’t wait to see more! “behold the little sister!”

Kill la Kill 02

Kill la Kill


Right into the second episode of kill la kill and not a moment to spare on silly craziness that instantly reminds me of FLCL the part when Naota finds out Haruko is going to start living with them. That scene is what I picture when Matoi wakes up in Mako’s place, waking up to see this crazy man hovering over her and the dinner bit was crazy fun. But oh no, Trigger doesn’t stop with an old man lusting over Matoi, the part where Aikurou Mikisugi slooowly striping was almost too much for me but quite funny, Panty & Stocking anyone? of course, i mean they are from the same company. Then the main dish of the show with the tennis girl fight, soo much fan service and ball action, the whole fight scene was something to see alright holding nothing back. I don’t know but this anime isn’t Super great, but damn its keeping me quite entertained this season and its only the second episode, I can see why this show has the most hype and excitement. If the can keep me this entertained, which i know they can, then each week will be a delight and something to look forward to that’s for sure, so.. see ya be sure to see this series in this section ever week, count on it.

Kyoukai no Kanata 02

Kyoukai no Kanata


watching this episode I enjoyed the whole bit in the beginning, the fighting scene with Mirai battling in the sand box, leave it to Kyoto to show off what they can do with a fight scene, though we did see enough with Chuuibyou so it’s really nothing new, but it still looks great and awesome. Fighting aside I enjoy watching Mirai being such a moe cutie even though she not trying to be, her shy, stumbling over her words, all those random noises she makes and that clumsy side of her are most amusing. Like the bit with her not wanting to destroy the surround area just so she doesn’t stand out even though the cleaners would handle it, or the whole lunch scene Akihito tricking her with the onigiri and lunch tray. These short scene and many other make Mirai an interestingly cute character that’s for sure. Then ending bit which I sorta seen coming felt right I mean she doesn’t want to be close to anyone in fear of making the same mistake we seen with her flashbacks, and say’s she’s shouldn’t be living a fun life after killing someone who was close to her. With that I can’t wait to see how the story takes off from here, so far I’m enjoying things and I want to know more, like why Akitito hands were bloody, why Mirai killed this person, what’s up with Hiromi Nase and much more!



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