Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu – 6


Survival of the sweet-less and wettest, one delusion at a time.


After fun in the sun and a fun little victory match at the beach, we are given a new meaning to Survival game as the C³ club survive without sweet by pretending and becoming Delusional mistaken BB pellets for Ricecakes, or what looks like rock candy, how will the club survive without their main source of energy!? So basically The C³ club are saving money for their 24-hour-long endurance tournament and that means the sweets have to go unless they can find a way to make money. Okay so a fair in right around the corner and what could the C³ club do for an event to raise money at the fair? Well I’ll be honest I didn’t think about them doing a shooting range for a club event, the clues were there I just didn’t think about it till they looked around their club.


I thought it was actually a pretty awesome idea, they even had a shooting machine they borrowed setup which was neat, ill totally wanna go check out that club hehe. I also liked that one of their ideas was a haunted house, and it surprises me that this event always get mentioned during club event ideas, it’s like a rule now, you can’t have a club episode without mentioning it. Honoka Mutsu finally gets to shine as she rips off the customers and she got a talent for it seems, those poor guys, but hey they got some ‘hands on’ action by the cute girls that has to be worth it right? Sonora was right though, can’t rip off all the customers, but Honoka alright figured it all out, The Get Wet Strategy! Yay more unneeded fanservice.. Now i don’t think it was really needed and I could bet if the teachers knew about it, they wouldn’t allow it.. luckily only Rento was the only one that could be considered fanservice.


When it was Yura and Sonora’s turn, Yura is still taking things too serious focusing on her target not even trying to have fun with the event, Even hearing that they will get to face Rin’s team again makes Yura want to win even more. Aside from that I liked how Yura imagined a western quick draw shoot out between them, even the blackboard had a western theme drawing on it which was kinda neat. So for a club fair or festival this episode wasn’t too bad, I really liked the spin on the club event they made, pretty neat idea and something most of use seen coming. So that was this episode, I enjoyed it to say the least and I can’t wait to see how things play out for Yura as the episodes come out, so till next shoot! take care!

So crawdads are considered roaches in japan? silly Rento, I guess adding a crawdad makes it classier.. lol Oh Rento <3!


image00212 image00210 image00208 image00200 image00196 image00193 image00185 image00184 image00181 image00180 image00174 image00164 image00139 image00138 image00136 image00124 image00122 image00099 image00097 image00095 image00077 image00046 image00003 image00001


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