Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu – 5


Guns in the sun!


Well it’s that time again in anime where that infamous swimsuit episode shows up to bring some fanservice and in just about every anime out there has at least one or more episodes dedicated to it, So why not give a salute to Stella Jogakuin’s bikini’s? This weeks episode of Stella C3, is just that, a swimsuit episode and what a sight it was, I mean what is more satisfying than watching girls in skimpy bikini’s? well to make things better just add airsoft gear to the mix and you have a little bit of both worlds to enjoy. I personally didn’t feel that this episode was overly fanservice-ized, as in The-Sunbeam-of-Death!, we all know this guy too well. So thankfully that wasn’t the case here and the only fanservice that you could consider anything was the part where two of the girls lost their tops and got something a bit more revealing, while the others had shirts with bikini bottoms, or full bikinis. I must add that, Yura and Yachiyo had the best and cutest looking swimsuits of all the girls, hehe. So besides all the Bikini business the episode had all of the same elements that we seen before, awesome guns action, capture the flag with goals this time, and still keeping things fun and enjoyable. We also got to meet a new team which has all kinds of characters showing off some cool moves, some more ridiculous than others, my two cents would go to the twins, they are so cute and cool… does anything think of Idolm@asters? I know I got that feeling. Also Somewhere I was waiting to see if they would throw in D-Day reference in this episode, Just leave it to Yura to give us that vision, as well as the Raising the Second Flag on Iwo Jima


So far the drama they are slowly introducing in this cutesy, fun, and moe series fits to my personal liking and Yes this isn’t suppose to be a dramatic series, but when they do add it to the mix it makes things more entertaining and helps develop the characters a bit. Even small things help the bigger pictures, like watching Yura so far, she doesn’t understand airsoft yet and it will cause some drama for her down the road, but she will overcome it and in doing so she will develop herself into understands the game. HOWEVER, and I capitalize that because as good as it is to have drama in a series it can also be a huge distraction. I felt really distracted by Yura’s behavior, this whole winning is everything! “I must not let my team down, to be fair I’m pretty sure she is trying not to make mistakes or screw up like last time  and I was fully expecting Sonora to say something to her, like “relaying on your teammates” or”don’t carrying everything on your shoulders, or for better phase, Don’t be a hero, we’ve seen this countless times in other shows. So It makes me wonder why Sonora didn’t say anything to Yura, almost as if she didn’t wanna ruin the mood, or maybe doesn’t want to push Yura away because we all know Sonora wants yura to get a better understanding the true game of airsoft, showing that its fun whether you win or lose, but winning does feel good. And that’s what I’m sure we will get drilled into our heads time and time again with this series, just remember “The one who has the most fun is the winner!” or as I like to say, “Long as you’re having fun then by all means have at it!” So overall this episode was quite nice, Young girls running around in swimsuits playing Rambo with airsoft guns in the middle of nowhere on some island is every guy’s dream come true…. Wait not my dream but I’m sure someone out there has thought about it one way or another. And with that we have come to the end! The next episode looks to be full of more guns and cute things!


image00020 image00016 image00035image00025 image00022  image00009 tumblr_mqw0zjxwEI1s5d3uwo5_1280 tumblr_mqw0zjxwEI1s5d3uwo4_1280 UmkqhYF image00093 image00092 image00086 image00081 image00079 image00078 image00075 image00073 image00069 image00066 image00061 image00059 image00056 image00052 image00043


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