Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu – 4


Be one with your gun, aim without aiming, Shoot as if you want to be shot… wait that not it! Shoot through the heavens! oh screw it… Shoot like you mean it Yura-chan!


First thing I want to address last week they actually changed the ending with some new artwork, and in this weeks episode we got a new opening that shows off Yura’s new look and I can say I really like the new opening it makes Yura seem more part of the team losing her shyness altogether, which might be a good thing or too sudden of a change in her. Well I thought it would be worth mentioning, so let’s get on with the episode shall we?


For starters this episode was ok, I personally felt it was kind of ehh, I mean not every episode can be great and always be about tournaments, skirmishes or awesome gunslinging action, there has to be some episode that aren’t as great and slow things down a bit like this episode about training the mind and what not. I didn’t like the whole metaphoric bit, Aim without aiming, Shoot as if you want to be shot, I just found them to be quite silly, but they do make you think a bit so I’ll give credit for the creativity of using metaphors, and Yura active imagination. I felt sort of like Kirishima in the background having no idea what Sono was even talking about, that line pretty much summed up the whole episode for me. I also for some reason didn’t care much about her illusion with Czechoslovakia, sure I know why it happened but It was odd and didn’t really keep my attention,I was almost mindlessly following what was going on. What I did noticed about the illusion was he told her to shoot the person, but instead she shot the arrow, now I might be overshooting this but looks like she wants to win without shooting anyone, or maybe she still needs to overcome her fears of shooting someone, Either way I’m not too sure on this one it just seems that way to me.


Regardless of those parts I found ehh about the episode I was still entertained by it, I mean I do enjoy watching Yura explain to the other how differently she see the world on the battlefield and it’s funny to watch the others trying to follow along with her, acting like they are listening or amazed at how detailed her active imagination is, if anything I understand you Yura!! Next week looks like things will be more fun because we get half a swimsuit episode and half meeting a new team that seems.. a bit…tropical… themed, Lets hope it’s not a completely 100% fan-service episode. And with that I’m curious to see what this team is like they look interesting and maybe some beach themed war zone, come on Yura I know you won’t let me down this time! imagine something more epic looking.. I can hope hehe. So keeping this hopefully short and someone on track come back again!.. see ya next time!




I Love how Kirishima talks!, so gently and lovely!


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