Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu – 3


Everybody fights, nobody quits in the game of Capture the flag!


In the episode we get straight into the action with Yura very first airsoft skirmish battle of Capture the flag, which I am sure we all played it in some fashion, either actual airsoft tournaments, a colorful paintball game, or just a make up battle in your backyard with toy guns and friends all led by your very own imagination. For my capture the flag experiences with a team happened in halo and later moved on into World of Warcraft. I always went for the flag even if the odd where against me, dying over and over I would never let up, because all I needed was one lucky break to get the flag and score a point, good fun times.That is what this episode is mainly about Yura first time to experience her first match of capture the flag with her team against other teams. I’m sure we’ve all felt in Yura shoes before, that rush, that excitement, mixed with being nervous and hoping you don’t mess up and let the team down.


With the team carrying her, she does her best to keep up, even if she has to apologize to the enemy for shooting them, Oh Yura.. you have a bit more to learn about competitive sports but nice try. As the episode plays out we get to see some great animation scenes with gun play, that is if we haven’t seen enough with the first episode it just never gets old for me. I personally didn’t like the fact that they were winning all their matches easily, because I would have liked to want to see each match play out. It is only the third episode so I am sure we will get plenty of action to come later on.


Now when I first seen the opening I  couldn’t wait to meet the blue team, Meisei Girls’ Academy which so happens to be this very episode and what a fierce team I figured they would be, taking everyone out but the newbie Yura. It being Yura first time in a skirmish learned her first real lesson, which I had mixed feeling about. First I personally don’t think it was her fault, but it might be one of those things that can’t be explain and should be experienced like a life lesson, that way it will leave a greater impression on oneself. In the end they want Yura to figure out that winning isn’t everything and its all about having fun, until Yura figures that out she will have a long and rough road ahead of her.


Man that Sonora sure can be mean right? gosh poor Yura! but this will make her a better player at least I hope so, but there’s more! Just when I thought things were going to go into depression and self-pity for the next few episodes. The ending of this episode makes it seem like nothing happened and things were back to normal. This gives me mixed feelings, personally I wouldn’t mind an episode of Yuru feeling down, and slowly build herself back up to find the reason for herself, why she wants to take up airsoft. I’m curious to find out what comes next for Yura and her other first times in the upcoming episodes and how the team will work together against the other teams. Also I curious to meet the other teams they show in the opening, and I wonder if things will be similar to Girls und Panzer as far as other teams, which is a given in competitive sports, but what I mean is different teams from different countries, though i bet they are just different schools like Meisei Girls’ Academy. On a final note… I don’t really like her hair cut that short.. nooo Yura! what have you done! Yay for that new colorful ending and with that..I hope to capture your flag next time!



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