Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu – 1 & 2


We found a group of weirdos and a warm body-guarding welcome!

This post is mainly focused on the 2nd episode because I feel the first episode has already come and gone and I’m sure you don’t need me to cover it at this point so ill save you the trouble. Before we get into a little be of why I Picked this series to blog, well its simple really, Cute girls in mini-skirts playing with airsoft  and BB guns and other army weapons things, it just sounds awesome at this point, and did I mention Gainax?! The bottom line is this show is one of the many this summer season that has totally won me over, I mean the first episode was a total blast, the characters all have their flaws and likes, and that music is very awesome so what’s not to like about this one? Well let’s get right into things here at kawaiiosity with the first post on Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C³-bu, Enjoy.


Picking a club isn’t easy especially if you’re someone like me, carefully weighing your options or the opinions of others, but in the end it boils down to what you actually want to do in the first place. I had no clue what I wanted to do in school either or club activities, lucky for Yura Yamato the C³ club of weirdos seek her out and immediately destroys any one that would get in their way. With their targets set on Yura-chan trying any tactics they have to trick her into joining the club. After being roped into another match with the club, only this time playing as a bodyguard for somebody just being out in the open in more ways than one if you catch my draft. Yura-chan having just a taste of more action in the field, her interest and heart were captured, if it wasn’t already. She just needed a certain group and captain to help push her into making up her mind.


So what I liked about the anime.. Well the idea is pretty cool and almost new, and like my first impression post on this series I said it reminds me of Upotte!! and Girls und Panzer, both shows that totally made military theme anime a hit with me. The competitiveness of those shows was done pretty well, however winning just about every match even if the other team somehow cheated or be it the script making them win in the end is no surprise. That is not to say it entirely a bad thing, it’s about how they get there, the journey of the adventure from start to finish that really made those shows successful in my opinion. And just like those shows I’m sure C³ with do just as good if not better, my expectation is high for it to do super ultra. Not much to really hate at this point for me which I’m sure I could find something to nag on but lets not ruin the fun yet.


As for cute moments I will nag about how absolutely adorably awesome it is, the scene with Yura playing army by herself in the comforts of her own room only to be walked in on by somebody calling her weird which was meant in a good way but didn’t seem to come off that way, “no no  it’s not what it looks like” – Yura. The awesome first match between the 4 girls with Karila Hatsuse going all Rambo style on everyone, which I might add I have a rather nice desktop picture. All the while playing some catchy cowboy-ish bebop music to make the scene just a little more epic, and that was only the first episode so at this point I was completely drawn into this battleground of an anime. The second episode was a lot of fun too, seeing them use army hand signs while trying to trick poor Yura into joining their group, as Sonora Kashima show up out of nowhere watching her troops carry out their personal mission. Playing bodyguard at the end was pretty cool but all one-sided as they mow down the competition, oh and Sonora didn’t look ultra cute in that dress.. that’s one thing I didn’t like about the episode… it’s super minor I know, I had to find something I didn’t like right?!  So far favorite character is Rambo-chan carrying that big gun, I also like Rento voice actress in this series sound cute! All in all this series will fun very fun and entertaining for me and I’m sure ill enjoy this far more than… let’s just say Stone cats and princes.


Now that things are starting to come together for the C³ club with their additional member the next episode looks like it will be a blast and we’ll definitely get to see some more awesome action scenes with Gainax being behind the Animation Production. So I’m really excited to see how they work together as a team and what challenges await them in later episode with the other teams the will be going against. So keeping things simple and short we’ll see you next time!



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