Hentia Ouji – Episode 7 – Strange weather and here we go again.


Hihi! welcome back to another dose of Kawaiiosity with Hentai Ouji. Not too much in news or things to mention this week so we’ll make it short and get right into this weeks episode.


So the last episode I was left with one question, in what weird way will Tsukushi’s wish be granted?.. the wish created a typhoon and the weird part was it only affected the Tsutsukakushi mansion… or so we thought. Their was more than one wish made other than the one Tsukushi made, this in fact added a bit of a surprising twist to the episode that I honestly didn’t see this coming. Finding out later that Tsukiko’s wish for having Youto stay by her side was still active which was actually the result of the typhoon, and Tsukushi canceled wish only restored the storehouse. And poor Youto is in the middle of it all, I almost feel sorry for the little guy, first his house disappeared, then he had to stay over with the crazy Tsutsukakushi sisters, which doesn’t sound so bad really. Finally he almost risked his life either by accidently seeing a few… nice things or trying to wait out a dangerous Typhoon with no signs of stopping. This guy just has all the luck right?


Just how lonely are the Tsutsukakushi sister?, just imagine everything they gone through living in a giant house with no parents only having each other to care for and not many friends. So hearing Tsukiko wish for Yout to become her brother so they could have a bigger family was nice, however I’m with Youto on this one. Sure I was hoping for a confession with the scene with him holding her close, it was just too perfect of a set up, but Youto had other things in mind. He didn’t want to become her brother that might be too much for him as he said he wants to be far but close, having their own space and what not. In a sense this might be the perfect solution because I think Youto wants Tsukiko to be able to break out of her childish ways before he thinks of her as a girlfriend or something. She would go as far as to throw away her emotions and forcing him to stay by her side forever so she wouldn’t feel lonely, it kind of sound selfishly and immature, and I think Youto notices this.


So at this point I keep asking myself now what? with that over with how will this anime continue to progress the story, with only five more episode to go what’s next?. No sooner than I ask this question the last bit  of this episode tells me enough of what to expect giving me yet another surprise ending. As the dense character Tsukushi joins Youto’s herem turning this into a harem anime? I can see the rest of the anime being about who loves Youto more, or who will he pick in the end? great…right? The craziness is about to begin all over again for Youto, I personally want him to pick Tsukiko which will probably happen with how things have been going lately but i dunno Tsukushi it right behind her. Or like how all harem end usually with the guy not picking any of them because it’s too difficult so being neutral is the best option and let them fight over you, oh you harem. But wait… Azusa turns the tide of this harem wishing to be made new leaving me with the yet another ending question, what going to happen now? Youto gets turn into a girl? Azusa becomes a totally different character, or will they everyone become completely different characters? and what is the gimmick of this cat statue so much to wonder we will just have to wait and see how things turn out.



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