Weekly picks – A Certain Gigantic Space-Glee Disappointment.


Welcome back to Kawaiiosity, place of most things cute and some curiosity-ness! In today’s weekly picks we have Misaka firing her railgun around, giants making a come back, and lastly… some space glee discomfort with Valvrave. So in this week anime I want to bring out the yolo tape to make off this area with spoilers, which will be mostly be Valvrave. So let’s get on with it. Enjoy.


So lets start with the little bit of news first, I dunno why but I’m sort of excited to hear Sword Art Online(dub) is making its way to Toonami, However the dub cast is not great to say the least. Now Sword Art Online for me was a neat idea coming from the same ideas of .hack, but on a bigger scale, and I don’t necessarily like Sword art online, but it has its moments and once again neat idea. Where it lacks for me is character development, Sure we are mainly focused on the main characters Asuna and Kirito, but regrettable Kirito shines the brightest and not in a good way for me. He just takes all of the spotlight, but enough of that.. It airs sometime in August and I’m actually looking forward to a re-watch of Sword Art Online, dub it may be but Kirito voice isn’t so bad, and Asuna… Really…you sound 14, though can’t win them all.

Other news Summer anime list is shaping up nicely, and shows that I’m  interested in are



second season:


More of that fun and entertaining wordy dialog, and Yay more Arararararargi-kun, wonder if Shinobu will be talkative and show up more? so thats awesome to see this summer.


Tokurei Sochi:


sounds fun, cute, and well very NEAT.




looks to be cute and hopefully a good laugh like Carnival Phantasm or maybe it will be something quite different..humm? hehe.




Now as much hype this series has gotten I wonder if the petitions actually were the result in this becoming a full anime series? Now I hate shows centered around males, which is what this is really about so why do I want to see this you may ask? And that’s not because of the overly sexed up guys, showing sooo much yaoi in the preview… I’m Straight thanks. What I want to see is how well Kyoto pulls this series off and personally I’m hoping they focus most of their time on the Sport itself, though knowing Kyoto and it’s summary being Youth and Friendship I’m doubting it will. The competition aspect of swimming, I’ve always been a fan of the Olympic swimming matches so seeing an anime about high school swimming might be really awesome…might be. I just hope I don’t see cake ever club meetings, or moe males doing yaoi stuff, no thanks. So anyways this is a taste of just a few shows that look good this summer, be sure to check out my Summer first impressions as the episodes air so I can get a better feel for the anime rather than base it off the summary alone. I’ve slightly scanned over the list and im sure ill have more shows to add but for now let’s move onto the anime in my weekly picks shall we.


To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S:

Is the air outside bitter or sweet?


So we start things off this week with Railgun S, particular episodes five through seven and I’ll make it quick. So far the story is moving quite well for me, but I get the feeling we are going to come to a snail pace as things start to come together. Firstly Misaka’s clone stole the spotlight and I loved watching them together was cute and hilarious, even those expressions the originally would never display were great to see as well. The way she talked provided to the hilarious humor, such an entertaining episode. It was adorable when misaka gave her clone the prized frog button that took a lot of hard work to get one, but the goodbye that followed after left me feeling sad for Misaka because I knew was coming up next.


Misaka’s first fight with Accelerator, for me that has not read the manga I was quite literally shocked, I don’t remember in Index how strong he actually was verse Misaka. So I really got to enjoy watching the fight even though it was all one-sided. What it mainly showed me is just how far of a gap she is compared to his overpowered-ness and how even Misaka’s most powerful attack, her railgun didn’t even phase him. Some may even say this fight wasn’t even fair to begin with or he’s way overpowered for a level 5 which I total agree, however watching Misaka lose it and try hard to get justice for his actions only to feel useless in the end. I just couldn’t imagine her not even laying a scratch on him and I felt sorry for her almost unbearable to see her look depressed,defeated, or useless for once, it just makes payback really worth while.


On to episode six the part I really enjoyed watching was Shinobu and the clone as she tells Misaka why she would protect creations that aren’t even human. The milk tea bit was interesting because the talk about the misaka network and how each clone remember what the last clone experienced. Then the bittersweet scene comes up when they head outside, hearing the clone asking if the air is bitter or sweet because she was told its delicious. I found it cute and innocent looking excited to be going outside, as she experiences what the outside has to offer her comment about the world being a wonderful place. That scene alone made me get teary eyed, Then the very last bit of the episode where Misaka meets up with everyone to apologise for making them worry. I like how Misaka tried to cover things up, totally out of her character I might add and I’m sure everyone else noticed as well, and as the topic was brought up Misaka almost breaks down. showing signs of discomfort and almost becoming upset but leave it to Saten to save the days by changing the subject, but letting her know they are there for her good job Seten!


And in the following episode, Misaka taking her frustration and anger out on the laboratories , destroying them all one by one, it has to be a great stress reliever for her, and to add she did say the best quote ever “just who do you think I am?”  So she takes out the labs leaving  the last two remaining, which I can say.. Game on! lets see some awesome epic fights where Misaka will finally have a chance to show what she can do. I can’t wait to meet the other level 5’s that come into this series later on, and how will Toma play into all this? With railguns and laser beams flying all over the place in the next episode it should be a quite entertaining to say the least.


Shingeki no Kyojin

To be giant or not to be giant?


So it has been a while that I haven’t mentioned this series and I’ve been enjoying every episode thus far, it’s so good in fact that I will be checking out the manga soon as I get around to it.


I can’t believe I’m going to say this but.. weren’t Eren and Mikasa adorable when they were younger? they grew up so fast, even learning how to kill together, so cute. Then in the span of a few episodes our heroes make it through training and began to get ready for a battle they did not see coming. Out of nowhere the titans show up and attack quicker than I expected shaking things up for me, but not only that Eren’s first giant battle was on it way, show us what you got boy! I was hoping to see something very epicly awesome out of him…which sadly what happened is something I totally didn’t expect. Eren had to go ahead and get himself eaten, what the hell Eren you’re the main character so why’d you have to go and do that to me? I was quite shocked, completely and utterly speechless after watching that episode.


I want to bring up episode seven, I like how much at a lost they were in just the first few moments of the titan attack showing just how tough things were becoming for the trainees and I like how Mikasa took the spotlight in this episode and boy did she take it all. I’ve fallen in love with her through this episode, the speech she gave was stupidly great, the words she used and the others reactions towards it were priceless, even Potato girl threw in some lines it was added to the scene. The music felt right as everyone rallied  up to continue the fight, way to go Mikasa. She shows off by killing one giant after another and I can see why people say she’s awesome. I knew something was off about her, those eyes were dead, soulless even, she was ready to give up saying she had a great life, but something kept telling her to fight, to keep on living which was really awesome to see even her herself was confused by her own actions to survive.


The end of episode seven was a great scene aswell, watching the giant killing his own kind with his bare fists fighting them was awesome yet slightly confusing, but I had my guesses about him. While watching episode seven and eight I had a feeling this giant had to be Eren because near the end of episode eight he made a beeline right for the giant that ate Thomas. So ya… Eren had to go and turn into some giant, what irony to become the one thing that he hates most of all and welp.. looks like he had lost any chances with getting it on with Mikasa. However she couldn’t keep her eyes off of his magnificent giant muscular body, just look at those pecs and all those other muscle like features things, not to mention that hair style, maybe Mikasa likes the new look eh. But no really this episode was great, we found out the giant was actually Eren in the end and got to share a moment as Mikasa listens to his heart beat and hug him, even started crying, Mikasa emotions she has them! But the next preview I can’t believe they think of Eren as an Enemy of mankind.. though I can see why but still.. without him they have lost, so I’m ready for the next episodes to come.




Humm that was totally unexpected…


*Starts to close the area off with some fancy yolo tape* Spoiler spoilers spoooiiilllleeerrrrssss! Though searching and reading blogs you’re bound to get spoiled….spoilers! spoooiiilllleeerrrrssss!… Now that’s been addressed I can safely start things off…. NOOO Noooo nooNOOO nooo NOOoooooooo………….. *stops car, picks up no-siren, puts it on top of the car*….. Noooo NOOOOO nooo nooooo (beep) but really why do you have to be that way Valvrave, you’re suppose to be the nice Space glee why in the hell did you kill the most important character that I liked! Aina Sakurai was the most cutest little thing in this series, those glasses, those twintails, her cute adorable lines even that blush almost makes your heart skip a beat…. Welp That’s it… this series is done…dropped.. not watching anymore….it’s over, moving on ….*stands up, leaves the room closing the door…….*


*comes back*…. Okay maybe I am being a little harsh here… If only Aina woulda been with all the other god damn girls in the kitc… wait I mean… sorry my bad. Ladies, Women, Girls, Loli, Females I still love you all the same.. but good the hell damn god-it Space Glee why did you have to kill the one that mattered? No no no.. its Aina fault for trying to play the hero, she shoulda been a good little girl and stayed behind, or stolen one of the other mechs and become a vampire magical girl and you would been alright and ALIVE still, I Am disappointed in you young lady……


……However a certain other character was believed to be dead but she zombified her way out of the ground to safety making all of us think she died, that little…Bit(beep) So anyways maybe they can still bring her back with vampiric mecha blood, sadly the logic of that is already dead, I mean you have to Be ALIVE for it to work Aina… Grrr why She was a great motivating character, so sweet so nice! Whatever I’ll still watch but Valvrave, but mark my words you bastard if you kill off Marie Nobi ill flips some tables and throw some papers and stuff, be all like… Welp F-it .. im done caring.. go away Space Valv-glee

Valvrave, Space glee *shakes head in disappointment*

…taking away my only reason for watching such a lame series damn it…

R.I.P Aina Sakurai


So ya that happened and that was upsetting but whatever hehe, some great episodes with awesome action, I’ve might be a bit too hyped on titan, as much as I like it there are a few things I don’t quite get. But I’ve already made the post a bit long so ill save you some more time. I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes of these fine series to see where things start to head. Even looking forward to some interesting and entertaining sounding shows this summer so I’m excited for some new things soon and hopefully I’ll still have fun with Attack on Titan, Railgun S, other shows seem ehh right now. anyways till next time.



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