Muromi-san, boob slapping & a Fish Takedown! ep 5 & 6


Welcome back Kawaiiositians, hopefully everyone is doing wonderful and getting ready for their summer relaxing vacations or just chilling out with games and anime. Not much going on with me so let’s go start with another adventure of peaceful fishing with that crazily annoyingly strange creature known as Muromi-san.


So this week I decided to combine episode five and six into one post to make things a little easier. I figured why not because, lately these episodes feel sorta blah leaving me with not much to talk about really. Rather than drop the series I’ll stick it out and do my best. Anyways Fishing, it has been a long time since I’ve been around a like and this series kinda makes me want to go fishing, as boring as it sounds it’s actually nice to be outdoors and enjoying the quiet time that goes with fishing. I use to go to our grandpa’s place for special events, his house was built with a dock under it right on top of the water, it was awesome. I would love to go fishing again some time.


Okay starting things off with episode five, it seems Muromi-san is a jealous creature of big breasts like most small breasted anime characters, hehe. I found it hilarious when she would randomly start slapping or hitting Fuji-san’s breast out of nowhere, too silly. As for Takurou in this episode he was playing it smart around these mermaids with their loaded questions by running away. Near the end of the episode Takurou kind of redeemed himself answering one of the question with something nice and friendly, but he was still attacked, oh man this kid can never win or rather it not like he really wants to. Not a bad episode, it did its job ti provide some entertainment for me so not all was lost.


In episode six, Takurou fishes up another strange creatures,though this one is an actual fish… and yes my friends this fish can talk, he’s an unemployed Oarfish looking for a job with the special ability to make it rain or(a strange natural event occurs), which was later called a curse. I think if I was Takurou I’d start to find a new fishing spot but deep down we know he likes the annoyance. The highlight of the episode for me was Takurou discovering Otohime “Witch of the Deep “, was working at a fishing bait and tackle shop. I enjoyed watching her get trolled and eventually losing it in front of Takurou, so he figured he should have  Otohime meet Muromi, however they started fighting each other because these mermaids were the reasons why the Ryuuguujou castle went under. Next our Oarfish shows up shortly after and Otohime rushes over and body slam him out of nowhere not only once but twice, well damn she is such an abusive person.


I’ve been Distracted a lot lately just like how Muromi always falls for the lure every time, but I’m getting things organized here. This series for me is a lot like fishing, just waiting for something to reel you in, take your bait and stick it is so unpredictable that it is hard to write about or talk about anything, though I can chalk this up to trying something new and fun hehe. I know I am repeating myself each episode so I’ll try not to harp on this with the future posts. Hopefully you’re enjoying these post and getting some sort of amusement or something to read.



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