Weekly Picks – Part-Time Electrode Giants



We have a bit more to talk about with this weeks picks from the part-time Darklords, Electromaster, followed by giants! That actually sounds like it would be a pretty awesome anime or even fantasy game. There was plenty to like this week but I narrowed it down to at least three of my top favorites, so let’s get started then with this week’s, Weekly picks.Sigh I know I’m totally late on this post But bear with me, I’ll get myself organized with scheduling things properly.

Hataraku Maou-sama!


First up we have Maou-sama, now this show has been a highlight of each week for me, and one of the many shows I look forward to. It both funny and has a very oddly neat idea, I mean who wouldn’t want to watch an anime about a part-time Dark lord that works at MgRonalds? that alone sounds like an awesome show! So in this episode Sadao Maou figures out that he can feed off the fear and despair of humans to give him a power up, and naturally the more people around the stronger he becomes. You stop and think at this point “Hey why didn’t I think that” and it makes perfect sense for demons to gain power from fear, right?  I think we would be like Chiho if we witnessed magic, demons, angels, and seeing all these amazing things with your eyes, I know I’d be shocked but i watch anime so maybe it be more like “This is the world I want!”


It was cool to see Emi and Maou work together, finally right? hehe, Though what I really loved about this episode was in all the seriousness going on, the showing off, and the kicking of the butt, the comedy kept rolling throughout it all. The way they talked to each other was hilarious, Maou makes me laugh soo much, listening to him beg Emi for help and even after telling Chiho he’s a dark lord he’s all like “Aw it was nothing”! his voice was great. I liked that he was mostly worried about work, wanting to hurry up so he won’t be late and best of all Lucifer/Urushihara confused by the whole Employee of the month comment, I can count on this series to give me a laugh that’s for sure. After this episode it left me thinking… Well not what? they both can go back to their world now, maybe they will have to save their world next but who knows, whatever I can’t wait for more that’s for sure.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

( The story so far )


In this weekly picks I would like to bring up railgun form the first episode  to the fourth episode, after watching Misaka met her clone for the very first time. For me it was a bit more than just finding a strange phenomenon, it was like meeting a family member for the first time, Shocking at first, but slowly forming that close sister bond.  During episode three I was at the edge of my seat for Misaka to meet her clone but they basically walked by each other without know it, Ugh the wait for that moments was killing me! So at the end of episode four, when Masika met her clone with her shocked expression then the closing credits made for an awesome moment for me, sure we seen the closing credits enough already. However this time it makes you think how they will get along together, maybe a bit more backstory on how they start working together. I’m sure we’ll also get to see how Accelerator got his start in all this and I’m totally excited for that, though I already know his objective…hehe.


oh Snap Biribiri!that accelerated quite quickly

Maybe I’ve hyped this up a bit too much but I’m not sure why but something told me I should share the awesome experience that this episode gave me as well as seeing Misaka’s backstory to becoming Tokiwadai Middle School ace Biribiri railgun that we all have come to know and love. Hope you enjoyed even if it wasn’t as much as i did, now maybe we can start on new things and meeting the rest of the level fives that seem awesome just from the opening credits, Zap ya later!

Shingeki no Kyojin


Woah… this episode tops everything, I was totally caught off guard by Shingeki no Kyojin this week, before this episode I had a feeling they would lose the first battle with the giants. Boy was I right.. but what came after wow… I was almost speechless in shock. Eren Jaeger finally gets to face off of those titans he so wanted to kill, but after his team nearly got wiped out Eren gets another moment to shine while saving his friend, Armin. Then Right when everything was going south Eren loses his limbs..totally shocking and looks like he got ate, just as Mikasa felt something wasn’t right ending this quick and brutal episode.Without reading any manga or light novel or anything about this series… My guess is something to do with Eren’s father… I want to say it could be some titan cells? or something that will make him regenerate his missing limbs. If this is right then… the series for me would become not as shocking anymore if he could just run in fight giants losing limbs left and right and just regenerate them back like its nothing, almost immortal  Though I can see it being sort of a neat idea on how they will eventually win this war, as corning or cheesy as it is. Fear not though, this will no way make me drop this show I’m hooked enough that this won’t really change how I feel about Shingeki no Kyojin I’m still a new fan to this!


Well that’s all for this week, I’ll get things organized eventually and sorry for being behind! again I’ll get this blogging thing figured out just you wait! one day I’ll Take over a full season! muahahahah! *hands on hips laughing like a madman*



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