Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san – Legendary Creatures and Food Chains! – Episode – 3 and 4



Hi hi! welcome back to more of that crazy show about mermaids with our favorite annoying Muromi-san, as she take us on another exciting adventure. Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the spring anime or just enjoying spring, behind a bit.. but I’d figure I’ll just mix both episode in this review.. anyways lets the adventure begin!




“Muromi-san and Old Memories” – Episode 3

Todays adventure, Muromi-san and Old Memories and what a silly episode this was, but what episode isn’t silly when Muromi is involved? Muromi develops a hatred toward aquatic mammal because  of a two-million year old relationship with a guy she meet that suddenly dumped her. He become really lazy saying “it’s too much work now” then headed back to the sea where he meets someone else instantly and they hit it off right away, thus forming Muromi hatred. Taking it out on the innocent dolphins, Hii-chan, Her wannabe sister tries to get Muromi to like dolphins because they are fun and nice creatures and soon Levia breaks it down saying  her hatred is misplaced. Finally she realizes all the hate she’s been carrying all those years was just a big misunderstanding but with Muromi, and with her personality it just ended up with her just yelling at them for no reason.




This episode was kinda ehh.. the funny parts where seeing how much hate Miromi had for aquatic mammal or fish with lungs and finding out it was all misplaced .. Silly Muromi-san! she is indeed still a kid. So nothing major stood out in this episode for me, sure the cutie Hii-chan appeared finally and we got to meet her, but not enough to really make this episode outstanding. The parts I found to be funny was seeing Muromi beating the dolphins up by breaking their ribs, punching them, and just hitting them for no reason.. Damn toothed Whales! So ya this episode was a bit of a bummer.. but remember kids… don’t misplace your hatred and dwell on the past even if it happened 2 million years ago!




“Muromi-san and the Food Chain” – Episode 4

So right into episode 4 and its as crazy as well… in this episode, Muromi-san is haunted by the ‘Food Chain’ we meet even more legendary creatures with this episode. Our first creature is a Yeti… ya pretty crazy already but when I seen her in the opening I was wondering what it could be, thinking it might be a sheep or even a Sasquatch, but it turned out to be a yeti that Muromi-san calls Yetchi. Yetchi and Muromi go on a trip to Kyoto to show off japan to the little yeti. I’m a little disappointed that Takurō didn’t tag along, though I wouldn’t go with this crazy girl anywhere… maybe. Also I wonder how did they buy those items… maybe the people there where like the fish tank girl,saying “is this cosplay? ”




So one thing about this episode that you won’t see in any other show… ‘A Yeti from Himalayas wielding a katana to save a harpy!’, that could be a pretty cool anime … hmm probably not. So then the next legendary creature is a Harpy, yes those birds from greek mythology. Just when you thought this anime about mermaids was odd they mix in a yeti and a harpy, however the opening shows even more strange legendary creatures to come later. So in this episode watching Muromi and Harpy together was the funny part of this show, but once again this anime is getting strangely stupid and ehh to me. But what would you come to expect from an anime like this so I shouldn’t expect much from it, but it’s still enjoyable anyways.




Well Harpy the harpy was funny to watch, she can’t remember any minor events after taking three steps and in Muromi case, Yetchi tells her she’s a friend don’t eat her.. so you can guess this doesn’t work on this bird-brained harpy.Then a fight that was entertaining comes about with Harpy and Muromi, Muromi comes up out of the water doing some Jutsu, Archerfish Style! Compressed Water Cannon! But the tables turn as Muromi thinks being in the water she have the upper hand, poor girl she can get a win! But like everyone else agrees.. Muromi is the evil one.




Well that’s this weeks episode, sadly is losing its grip it had starting out, it’s too bad but maybe there are bound to be some dumb episodes where there isn’t much to go on or talk about, but at least its still entertaining to me. though given the thirteen minutes per an episode.. well more like ten minutes so not too much to talk about anyways. Well next episode looks interesting.. and those boob physics on this new chick..oh my. Well like always catch ya later!




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