Weekly picks – Titanic Railgun!



So its been a while for one of these so I think it’s about time to bring it back, and those new to Kawaiiosity’s weekly picks they are basically episodes that were the highlight of the week. These picks are random anime episodes that I think really stood out from the rest and I feel would be worth mentioning here. Well hopefully there will be one of these post every week to share with my kawaiiosity readers! So without much delay let’s get on to it!



The first show worth mentioning this week is none other than Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) Episode 3, Shining Dimly in the Midst of Despair ―Mankind’s Recovery:

I like how this episode wastes not time at all throwing us right into training camp with the drill sergeant yelling at the recruits. As he walked around asking them questions, seeing for himself before he trains them to become great soldiers. Whether it is to live safely inside the inner walls or to bravely fight these massive Titans, each character has his or her own reasons. With a large cast of characters to work with this episode does quick work introducing them, all with unique personalities, different backgrounds, and what some have already experienced. Even our main, Eren Jaege has his own development after failing the first test, resulting him to asking help from others, even feeling discouraging almost depressed that he might not make it.




What I like that he’s not talented at everything, sure he will become an awesome Titan killer later, but to watch him struggle a bit will make the build up of him becoming this great killer that much greater. I am eager to see how his story plays out, other than that I can’t wait to learn more about Mikasa Ackerman, I heard she becomes this bad ass person, oh and my newly favorite character, The potato girl, Sasha Braus. Watching her with the drill sergeant was hilarious, his face and everyone behind was priceless even their responses to each other was just as humorous. “You seriously don’t know why human beings eat potatoes?” I could rewatch that scene over and over and still find it hilarious. Expression are done soo well in this series.. almost like watching Jormungand in a way, can’t wait to see more of this anime it’s becoming the show I look forward to the most!


The second show worth bringing up this week is Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S (Railgun) episode 2, Life Interrupt (Critical):

The episode itself wasn’t too bad it started out a bit on a serious side of things then follows into some lost money cards that everyone is searching for hell, free money I’ll take some! Though there might be more reasons for this that I am unaware of and that leads us to the end where we meet Shinobu saying .”so you’re the original”  I am curiously looking forward to the next episode, I want to know more about Misaka past, how she became the railgun we all know and love,the cloning project, and maybe some information on Last-Order, we’ll have to wait and see

So onto the main reason why this episode is in the weekly picks and that’s because it touches on a subject that is close to home for me, Muscular dystrophy. The beginning alone almost brings a prideful smile and yet a very sad feeling as to how true the statements the doctor makes are. Basically little Misaka watches a boy struggling with Muscular dystrophy, then is told by a doctor that her DNA holds the power to save him and other like him. At a young age you’re most likely to trust people especially a doctor, and in this cause Misaka feels she is doing the right thing, but little does she know she is being taken advantage of.




Anyways back to what I was saying earlier, about Muscular Dystrophy and watching the first bit of Railgun S almost brings a prideful smile and feel a bit sad at the same time. Firstly, I know this is anime and this isn’t even what the series is about, this was mainly to show Misaka’s background story and how she was tricked into giving her DNA  to make clones for a certain accelerator. Now I have what is called Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Just like the doctor says in the anime a genetic disease that causes your muscles to get weaker as time goes on, nothing really helps and there is no cure for it. Once the muscles are used up or get weaken they can’t be replaced by working out or lifting weights, I personally feel lifting weights makes them get weaker faster.As sad as it sounds..I know one day will come when I can’t do a lot of easy everyday tasks, always needing someones help. Even now I don’t like to rely on someone, or ask others for help because I often feel it might bother someone and thats really what I hate most about myself. One of my major goals was met a while back in highschool, I kept telling myself “Keep going, try hard and give it your all” then graduation came and I was able to walk across the stage, was such an awesome feeling of accomplishment. I do have more goals, like one day maybe find someone special and maybe maybe even have kids of my own, or be able to afford college hehe. Right now I can’t walk for those wondering and I use a motorized wheelchair and I’m happy with my life, and the one thing Misaka and I share..




We both have such a cheerful side, most people say its sooo cheerful it’s almost encouraging which I have heard quite a lot. If I could compare it better, It’s like Saten how she feels about not having any power at all-seeing others with powers makes one a bit envious, but then you accept yourself for who you are. I often feel envious but I just keep being myself smiling and doing what I can now and worry about things when they come. Hopefully It wasn’t too long of a post, when you get to typing you kinda wanna share a lot more, and hope you got a little bit of encouragement . or even curiously kawiia feelings from reading!



2 thoughts on “Weekly picks – Titanic Railgun!

  1. Hi there, I’m new here so nice to meet you.
    I pretty much agree with your picks apart from the fact that Kaji Yuuki should finally be sent to army, hanged or something as harsh (in my humble opinion of course). He irks me unimaginably. Also, if you haven’t read SnK manga – avoid spoilers at all cost. Seriously, it’s gonna be a blast.

    As for Railgun – recently, after 5 years since the premiere I rewatched every Toaru series and was amazed that I somehow forgot how shunned and lost Misaka was in the first sisters arc. It struck me that we seriously tend to remember mostly nice and happy things about people rather than their more problematic and darker sides. I’m glad I rewatched it because it reminded me she is more complex than she appears which adds a lot to already huge mountain of fun.
    Ps, will you be doing episodic reviews of some series?

    • Hi hi! welcome to kawaiiosity! Ya, i almost tired of hearing Kaji Yuuki in just about every anime series! and i’m hoping great things from SnK, truly an epic series this season, and will try hard to stay away from spoilers hehe.

      Railgun, i should really re-watch it again, maybe buy it, though the dub isn’t too great and id probably just watch it in subs anyway. Misaka is a fun character to watch, i love her rare cute side, and her love for frogs! This series look like it will be very entertaining, from the ending looks like we will be meeting all the levels 5, which i’m excited to find out about, the girl with the green lasers coming from her hand.. or fingers..looks like a awesome power hehe.

      As for series to blog, I’ve dropped Doki Doki-Precure, I’ll probably do a post halfway through the series, and again when it ends, just to say a few things about it. Currently i am reviewing Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san, or rather pointing out what i liked about the series. I was going to review Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride at the start but the second and third episode didn’t grab my attention as I hoped. I might pick up Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko and review that one.. it seems cute, i like the artist..but.. damn Kaji! hehe. as far as SnK and Suisei no Gargantia go… I don’t really have confidence in my writing to review those shows lol. What do you think? what series would you like to see me review? hehe

      p.s. – oh and ill keep up with weekly picks as a fun side project, the only issue is… when to post them, is the end of the week too long or midweek.. not sure because its mostly random episodes.

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