Muromi-san, Legendary History Lessons – Episode 2


Muromi-san and the Legendary Sea Creatures

Hey you kawaii readers! Welcome back for more of that crazy random fun mermaids show! Sorry for the  late post and falling behind a little bit already not to a great start but, I’ll try harder to get thing out faster. So without much delay let’s get right into it this week episode.


So in this episode just like how we met Muromi, Takurou fishes up another mermaid and helps her with the hook in her mouth. She introduces herself as Lavia, which Takurou later finds out she is Leviathan, a sea monster from the biblical times, Lavia becomes embarrassed when Takurou is shown a picture of her combat mode. Just when you think that one mermaids was enough now we have two annoying little mermaids, Muromi shows up and they both start sharing some memories of times they spent together that just so happen around major history events. This episode was entertaining with a few parts that made me laugh, even sharing a little bit of a one-sided romance, however it is easily dismissed with how things end up with this series. I just like how Muromi is totally into Takurou but why do I get the feeling nothing serious will happen with this… Oh wait, this isn’t really a romance show!!

anyways I like so share some of the history lessons that I found silly and well.. worth talking about which are….


The Mongol invasion of japan one, in actual history Japanese stopped them, because the Mongols lost about 75% of their ship as a result of major storms,which works of fiction call them kamikaze, or “divine wind”. Takurou finds out Muromi had a something to do with it even though she was unaware of it, say something like ships sink when we sing, too silly.


The other one I found funny was when they were reminiscing about when they destroyed the Mu continent  the artwork here shifted making a pretty epic picture. The people from Mu using their super advanced science to attempt to overthrow the gods. I think this one might be a parody of evangelion or something haha… looks a lot like an eva unit.


And lastly the fireworks part, hearing how much fun the two mermaids were having, I can never get enough of Muromi saying “yay!” all the time. They wanted to have fun with fireworks because they remembered a time when they saw them which Tokurou figures out it wasn’t fireworks they saw but during the catastrophic burning of the Trojan War.


So ya this episode wasn’t too bad, though not great either the history lessons were silly not over the top funny as I wanted to expect from this anime. The small bits of funny parts happened at the start with the Shell-phone bit was cute, but when he didn’t text her back and she swam away angrily . out of nowhere a boat runs her over.. Hahah… Splat mermaid, this  was the funniest part… poor Muromi-san! He doesn’t see you that way! Well hopefully next episode will be more crazy and over the top silly, and with that.. I’m caught up for now so look forward to the next post! take care and see ya again.



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