First Impression Part 3 Spring (final)


So my final First Impression post is done sorry about the wait and but I had to get Railgun in before releasing this post. So not much to really say here but I will be droping Doki Doki Precure here and pick it back up around the middle of the series then again at the end of the series. For now if I didn’t make myself clear I will be blogging and trying to post them as soon as I watch them, and these shows are Namiuchigiwa no Muromi san and Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Bride, one show looks like a fun catch, and the other is.. well something different for me to try. So there you have it.. now onto the last part of my 2013 Spring season First Impression part 3 … enjoy.

Valvrave the Liberator

(Kakumeiki Valvrave)

With the few mecha shows coming out this season it’s almost hard to pick which one would overthrow the others as best looking. As far as mecha designs goes this one would get my vote, they look well done but what would you expect from Sunrise right? The technology at the school was flashy, background character… ‘hairstyle’.. designs added flavor, and the taste of the first short mecha battle was over the top, I mean did you see that crystallizing light-trail?… awesome right? Now going into the first episode my first impression on Valvrave was well… woah not a bad start, showing the peaceful school life and then suddenly everything takes a turn leaving me with the feelings of… “What..nooo…Oh snap.. okay this is crazy” aka “Curiously-Confused.” Not to give anything away but, after the fighting and the end of the episode I wanted more and not only that I’m curious to see how the rest of the story will play out. Other notes while watching I felt like I was watching Code Geass mixed with Gundam, with a small side of Macross and for dessert some twitter(waits that’s not anime). So anyways there is much to be desired here and I for one am actually excited for this one.

A Certain Scientific Railgun S

(Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S)


Now for the most anticipated series of the spring season, I know most people are totally hyped and pumped-up for and I’ll be honest, I am not really expecting much out of this one. I am indeed excited to see Railgun this season and hoping for it to be awesomely-electric, because the first season was decently good, just lacked more action and far too much of the “ONEESAMA!~” moments. Anyways right into it.. My first impression was very cool first episode seeing Mikoto again acting badass silly-cuteness, haha…Oh that railgun! Not knowing anything about the other 7 level 5 Espers,  I was surprise to find out they actually have ranks, and Mikoto is the 3rd ranked strongest in the city. So far this sounds interesting and hoping we get to meet them all before the season is over, hopefully. Which so happens we meet one of them, the Queen of Tokiwadai, Shokuhou in this episode, and I must say she’s sparked my interest, I am greatly curious about her powers. It seems Mikoto and Shokuhou are not on good frequencies with one another  and that whole clip was quite amusing to watch I must say. Though the best part was the ending with Mikoto, and I share the same thoughts as Saten “thats what I really like about her“.So This is one series I am greatly looking  forward to each week and I’m sure i’ll get my fill of the Biribiri! With 24 episodes behind this one it will be a good way to spend my Spring and up into the Summer time! ….ZapZapp!~



First impression is well… LOL WHAT, “hey hey, lick it off!” Yukari Hinata and Yuzuko Nonohara completely took this show to a new level, instead of the normal setup of one silly character and one slightly serious we have two off the wall random characters and one normal character. Going into this series I didn’t read anything just sorta watched it with my brother. This one will be a very entertaining series, that feels like it will have a lot of elements from say Lucky Star,Yuruyuri,or even Nichijou. So I’m definitely going to stay with this one and add it on the list of pure entertainment fun that will bring me plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. (maybe i should blog on it… hehe)

Crime Edge

(Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge)


Lets Cut away at this one with my first impression of this anime and that is pretty much… weirded out, and I can see why some call this a hair fetish anime. Going into this anime without knowing anything about it but from what I’ve seen and heard on the internets, I finally got around to watching it. However as strange and weird as it was, the idea behind it actually sounds quite cool, Ancestry cursed tools passed down through generation to generation. I also wonder about the whole pun thing if it is even a pun… to cut her hair is to kill her hair in a sense? But the 2 women that live with Iwai confuse the hell out of me a little, but mainly what they are they trying to get at, they seem to not want him to get close to Iwai for some reason, one of them reminds me of hellsing hehe!. So the way this episode flowed from the characters, the dramatic movements, and with the dialog got my attention in this show made me feel as if I was watching some sort of play, maybe the subs I had or something. Anyway near the end of this episode I don’t know if anyone else noticed it… But did Iwai get shorter? haha… on top of that she also got… even more cuter! Anyways I am willing to give this one some time to grow on me before I decide if I’m going to stay with or drop it,we will just have to see.

Oreimo 2

 (Ore no Imōto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai)


So this season brings back another addition to ‘My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute’ and this time….. well nothings really changed. We got all the same characters acting the same way and being ever so normal so nothing new to expect from this one. I’m happy to see this series again but my reasons are slightly different, I don’t mind that nothings changed but I hope this time around we have an ending and or some more progression?. What I hope to gain from this season by watching it, is i hope Kirino realise just how much her brother cares for her.. Hopefully…  Also I want to see what develops between Kuroneko (Ruri Gokou) and Kyousuke, so far Kuroneko hasn’t gave him an answer yet, damn that door!. My First impression of this episode was…as I said earlier nothing to much really, nothing changed and things are… well normal. I just want to see how everything turns out in the end, hoping for some closure but with a series like this that might be unlikely? maybe? so we’ll have to wait and see with more time! A Side note… “Kuroneko is sooooo coooool! ❤ how kana voices her!”

Flowers of Evil

(Aku no Hana)


So this one came to a big surprise after watching the first five minutes, which I am sure everyone can relate and that is the unique art style used here. I’ve not seen very many shows that used a Technique called Rotoscoping animation, the only ones I can vaguely remember are  Heavy Metal, Lord of the Rings back on VHS baby!, and maybe some music videos or something. Not sure why they went with this style but maybe it will tell a better story this way? or maybe to play with your mind with one of its themes being Psychological, whatever the case might be I willing to give this one a shot. My first impression is mainly focused on the art style, it’s something I’m not use to seeing in my anime but I am positive it will grow on me, and as for its story i am looking forward to it i’ve heard many great things about this one. For some reason I keep think this is a horror anime but it clearly says Drama slash Romance.. looks like it might be worth taking a look at till the end!


see ya on the flip side!

And that covers everything that I will be watching while providing some other fun things throughout this 2013 Spring season on Kawaiiosity! This season looks to hold a great mix of all sorts of genres whether you’re for the comedies, romantic, dramas, actions, or well all the cuteness this season has to offer hopefully you’ll enjoy something this season. Anyways let’s have a blast and I hope to bring you some fun things to read this spring and onward! take care and all that stuff, and remember to Always stay Kawaiiosity my friends! See ya later!



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