2013 Spring First Impressions Part 2




Hello again and welcome you curious people you! Now to continue with the second part of my first impressions of this Spring 2013 season. I have considered a few shows that have interest me enough that I may consider blogging them and with the get this started. There are about 2 or 3 shows that I’m looking forward to watching that haven’t aired yet but fear not I’ll cover them after I’ve seen the first episode. So without much more delay lets keep this short and sweet!

Attack on Titan

(Shingeki no Kyojin)


First up we have Attack on Titan, now after seeing the preview of this one I wasn’t sure what to think of it. Before watching the episode I knew what I was getting into… or at least I thought I did, but then after watching the episode I can say this much, it will be a definite watch for me. So you have a boy wanting to see the world because he felt living the way they are now made everyone weak, living a peaceful life and everything. I was expecting things to start out slowly, but to my surprise it was quite the opposite. The first half showing how these people lived their days, and how peaceful things where, and how safe they were, until the solders came back… This part of the anime is where things started to get real, but that was only the start of things and what happened afterwards surprised me even more. I won’t spill the blood for you but for a first impression lets say it was enough to make me want more. I’ve not read or heard anything about Attack on Titan so I’m excited to see what happens now, a series like this are a dime a dozen, and what I mean is a series that is focused on mature content then say the everyday normal anime that throw moe around, or even silliness at random where it’s not really needed, or even throw fanservice because they can. So with that… I hope this series will do nicely and give me something different to watch weekly,  first episode was Great and a must watch, lets just hope this one keeps it…. giant appeal!


Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Bride

(Second season of Hyakka Ryoran: Samurai Girls)


So THAT, magical transforming samurai girl series has returned, now with even more pervert-ness mixed with even more panties shots, and even a Maid Cafe to boot! . I’m happy to see this series back this season but my expectation aren’t very high for this one, because mainly I know it will focus on the harem elements rather than any actual story or Very little of its awesome fighting that i liked in the first season, even the word Bride pretty much tells me what I’m getting, I could be wrong though. My first impression of this series was the same as Muneakira Yagyū when he finds out the dojo has been turned into a this ‘Moe’ cafe, it is indeed a facepalm moment. So moving along, it looks like training didn’t pay off with the new arrival of a gang of super master samurai that pretty much own everyone at the moe dojo. Almost enough to raise my expectations that this might…MIGHT become a decent show afterall and with that hopefully this one won’t disappoint me, but im sure ill be entertained nonetheless.

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

(Suisei no Gargantia)

So I think everyone can agree with me on this one,Gargantia might be the show of the season, although with 2 episodes aired calling it the best show of the season might be a bit much. I won’t lie.. this series looks promising and I’ve watched the first 2 episode over and over , and i can say not many shows have that effect on me. I’ve heard the co writer is known for character deaths and that is something I am looking to see, even if he only writing a few parts of it, i just wonder if he does then how he is going to pull it off. My first impression with the first episode left me wanting more, but mainly curious as to where the stroy is going to go from here. My guess at that point would be, he will try to find a way to his world but with time he might forget that idea and start a new life learning how to be human with Amy’s help he might grow to love this peaceful world. However the end of the second episode changed my idea slightly,I shared the same thoughts and expression as the characters in the amine during that moment at the end, giving me a little better insight of what to expect. So ya.. this one looks to be a great addition to this season Spring line up.

Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos

(Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W)


When I glanced over the spring list and saw this series was on it I knew right away that this season was going to be even great, I mean Nyarko-san is one hilariously funny series and mix in sooo many parodies it just adds to the humor. This one is sure to bring plenty of laughter and full of ‘guess that parody’ moments and hopefully it will continue to be just as funny as the first season was.  I wouldn’t really say this one needs a first impression though if I had to I would say right away it delivers parody after parody and Nyaruko is so off the wall crazy hyper-ness that doesn’t get old at all. I am excited for this one and I just wonder what kinda crazy adventure could they could possibly come up with this time, and so I am definitely looking forward to this one.


Namiuchigiwa no Muromi san


Now this series I’ll officially say… BEST OF THE SEASON! nothing can compare to how awesome this one will be! This series is only thirteen minutes long sadly but it is very entertaining and I find myself watching it over again and over because it’s so short. The first episode left me wanting more and I just can’t wait to see the next episode… was that an Evangelion parody lol? This is a great addition to the many other comedies we have this spring, and this one is a Keeper! So I’m totally hooked and now and I think I’ll have a some fun blogging this one though-out the spring season, its short so I shouldn’t get behind on it…. at least I hope I don’t fall too far behind hehe.



First impression of this one is well… um… what cuteness…. did I just watch, give me more now! Sadly this seems to be a trend in anime lately, and by that I mean shows that are only five minutes or shorter. Though its not bad persay, its one good way to get themselves out there but in about three minutes Ayuko Uehara stole the anime for me! Not much to really go one but its enough to make me want more of this cuteness. I might end up dropping this till all the episodes come out.. however I did watch  Senyuu episode at a time, so we will see about that… like they always say… short and sweet.


Awwwwww…..Crab-chan huggle

So with that… there are are a few more shows that I have not seen yet and I the one I can’t wait for is Railgun S, Hope its all its hyped up to me and more.. hopefully. This season alone looks very promising on content, we have  some interesting shows from few Comedies, little drama, and even a some gory show like Titans that I’m surprised I actually like and want to see more. So ya… a good mix of genres to keep my attention throughout the spring season. So share some of your favorites in the comments I’d love to see your thoughts and picks are.



P.S. What would you want to see me blog? Right now these are some of the show I am considering blogging

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi san (definitely)

Hyakka Ryōran Samurai Bride(maybe)

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W(maybe)

Photo Kano(doubtful)



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