2013 Spring First Impressions Part 1


Hi hi! Welcome to Kawaiiosity, won’t you be curious nyan!?.So its finally  Spring time and with it comes new anime to watch, and so far there are some decent ones this season. I still haven’t watched everything yet and still need to figure out which series I would like to blog and review so we will have to wait and see. For now I’ll cover all the first episodes to give my take on what I think and if I will stay with them or drop them, So let’s get this going and see what this season has to offer us shall we. (Part two will be coming up later so be sure to check in with that soon.)


So instantly judging this anime by the cover art …. Totally gay.. I mean like that this white-haired kid.. if he couldn’t be more feminine looking. Now that’s out of my system I was curious about this series and figured might as well check it out and I MIGHT be surprised. I wouldn’t say I was surprised I’ve seen this sort of set up with other series like having 2 male leads characters, they team up and become friends even though one of them dislikes it but lets him tag along. So what I did like about this series was the list of characters, there are sooo many and the idea that this “circus” is a defense organization that works for the government, that capture criminal and solve crime and after they put on a show for the citizens. However this is not enough to keep me interested to keep watching, ill give it a few episodes but this one is for sure moving to my drop list.

Hataraku Maou-sama!


This series left a great impression on me, Right out of the gate with awesome visuals, animation and action and I instantly knew where they were going to take it. Watching the beginning part of this episode I had already guess they wanted to make it as epic to show how great and awesome the demon lord was and somehow when they get to earth it was going to be this normal art animation which was totally fine it just added more humor for me. Now it didn’t stop after the awesome epic art and action… I couldn’t stop laughing when they got to earth it was soo good, the bit with them being human and had their powers limited, the General character trying to use his powers and nothing happened cracked me up, even the cops figured it was some cosplay. Seeing the Demon King working and acting all proud and working for the promotion was great, and he seem to be enjoying himself way too much, but in the end me and my brother knew that girl that he gave the umbrella to was going to be hero character they were fighting, how she figured it out.. I have no idea but I’m totally going to keep with this one.. I want more RAWR!

Hataraku Maou-sama!

At first glance at this series preview my brother and I found the face animations to be very odd for this type of artwork  Gundam Seed with goofy expressions was just strange and odd to see. Although This one aspect wasn’t bad or anything, I am just not use to seeing this art style show emotions this way almost like how should I take this series a gundam comedy? But nevertheless I was curious about it and wanted to see what it was going to be like and if this series would be worth sticking around for. I was actually looking forward mostly to see how this “odd mixture” will work and I must say… it wasn’t totally bad and I could see myself watching this one as just for entertainment. The impression this one left me with started off a little ehh.. like they took the worst team to fight or give them time, but I think they just knew there was something there, part of me felt like.. maybe in a real battle their with “DNA mech suits” they would be the perfect group to handle this type of situation. The ending had awesome music, the mech battle wasn’t too bad, and they saved the day! predictable! I would be cooler if they had listened to orders and learned with loss feels like, but this show doesn’t come off…….. wait a sec.. Gundam Seed had some losses.. and I know this isn’t gundam or even anything, it’s just the artwork that makes me say that, But I wonder if they would go as far as kill some characters off, hmm well see but ya I’ll be staying with this one for now.

Photo Kano

 First impression…. well it’s what I would come to expect from a series…. focused on…. a boy with a camera whose popular with the ladies and well become even more popular because he’s got a really nice and fancy Camera. watching the first few minutes of this series i was thinking of Ano Natus de Matteru, and I’m sure you know why, but then that was instantly thrown out of the window and I knew this series was going down the route to be more of a perverted show then Romance, its anime after all why not right?. Now I am wanting to watch this series to see how the Romance plays out, and well I think it’s a really neat idea, as an artist..who tries to  “capture the moment” in my art I think this series would even give me pose and drawing ideas in perspective hehe. Anyways near the end of this episode I had hoped he join the photo club with the girls, though that might make it a harem and i don’t want that… wait a second.. this is going to be a harem! I can already see it forming! dammit where’s Momo?! I’m looking forward to this one greatly… it almost has a slice of life feel to it.. “A young boy learning what it takes to become a photographer!” I have sorta high hopes for this one even though it might be chock full of perverted moments or….shots.

Devil Survivor 2

My brother said this was sorta like Persona and Tokyo Magnitude which I sorta agree with him, it’s a neat idea and I think I’ll keep up with this one and see where it goes. So far what I want to see in this series is how these three kids work together and if they end up joining this group that arrested them how well will work together, moreover I want to see how the story unfolds and what type of monsters will they will end up fighting because I have a feeling they are going to work with this “Special Force Team called JP’s. Not too much took my attention sadly and well not too much to talk about either, other than that my first impression is this should be a decent series, it starting out little.. ehh, these kids died..but get a second chance at life and now they are fighting for their lives? A real death card game! I’ll watch more but I think it will end up as just one of those entertaining series to watch and I’ll see for myself if it gets any better, there isn’t really anything wrong with it or it just doesn’t make me feel excited or look forward to the next episode, oh they got powers now and one of them is super strong, predicting deaths yay! So ehhh… we will see with this one right now I plan on watching it for now.

RDG Red Data Girl


So this series started already and about 2 or so episode have already aired but I’ve only watched the first episode and right away I can say… I’m interested in the story and I have a few questions of what’s going on with this series, did the boy’s dad  beat him up to make him listen? haha oh my. she is quite shy and destroys all the electronics she touches and  she is and is last representative of a Himegami goddess. The boy who looked like he fall off a cliff or hit by a bus is supposed to serve her ever need. So far my first impression is slightly confusing but also curious to see how things play out, which I still have to watch the recent episodes. Now I am not totally excited for this one just yet…more of what to expect from this series like where is this series going to go and what.. what happens next. So ya… I’ll be staying with this one to find out for myself if this one will be any good.

Date A Live

Seeing the preview of this one and now an episode I wouldn’t say I was excited to see but maybe confused a little? and then after watching the first episode I’m left with a slightly less confusing…yet….leaving me with that “what did I just watch impression”. Ok so the city gets distorted on a daily basis by other spirit girls that seem confused.. and our group attacks them.. oh and a little girl turns out to be the commander of the whole thing.  I thought she was a look-alike but turns out its Kotori who isn’t his real sister go figure right? and so her personality changes though its not bad I rather have the cute sister character but I think she’ll grow on me hehe.  So he needs to go out on a date with these spirits by playing a dating game or something… Ok well I’m up for another episode and see how things play out, The music is awesomely epic…that one that i noticed. Will this one become a big  “spacequake” or what, for me it might just become just another pure entertaining show?, we will have to see.
So I heard my favorite voice actor isn’t going to be in much this year.. and thats Hanazawa Kana! Yes I’m a fan of hers as well  But that’s ok… she’s been in enough so far. I have others as well that have showed up in a few shows already so I this won’t be a bad series without much of my precious kana-chan voice work! And the series I am most excited for this spring are
Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet:
this one seems to have the most hype and Squid girl is in! my only reason to watch it! naw.. it looks like it might be a good one, I’ll watch this one soon.
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S:
 This would be my second pick of this season, I adore Railgun and I hope great this from this season because I heard from my brother the manga is awesome so I can’t wait to look at this one! soon!.
Hyakka Ryoran Samurai Bride:
I enjoyed the first series enough that I watched it twice, the second time around I rewatched it with my brother. I didn’t like the harem bit or the goofiness of the Harem! But I was drawn in by the artwork, yes even the clever ink splotch censorship, but mainly I wanted to watch the badass Juubei “Jubei” Yagyuu kick ass! So I’m definitely looking forward to this one… This one might get me to blog it!
Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W:
Oh my the creeping chaos always smiling beside you, is back and I am totally excited to see this one, the parades! that voice actor! Asumi, Kana she is another upcoming favorte and I just love how she plays Nyaruko, such a hyper character hehe. And who would not want more more Cthuku, this character is the true love! I like how she called Mahiro, boy and how devoted to loving Nyaruko she is.. so ya… Excited for this one.
And finally.. The Random choice that I have no clue what it’s about or anything and just to watch as the most pure entertainment with the hype of its super excited preview and a NEED to watch it is none other than  ………..Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san………. Yes no lie… the preview was totally…in my own words “oh my god he caught a mermaid and she still had the hook in her mouth!… I took it…Hook,Line and Sinker now I’m reeled in. it might even be worth blogging for fun!
So there you have it… This season so far! more to come soon as i get around to watching the rest! also this might put Precure on hold or not be blogged as much maybe 5 episodes or halfway point ill make a post after the 10 episode post, With the new season it will give me a good start to trying to cover as much as I can, till then…Stay Curious my friends!

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