Babysitting – Doki Doki Precure – Episode 9




Hi Hi welcome back to Kawaiiosity, not too much to say really but seen some of the first episode of this season’s anime and there are a few that look surprisingly interesting and a good mix of shows that feel different. I’ll make a post on some of my favorites that I feel i’d keep up with till the end…some shows I have a feeling I’d drop soon, they just didn’t hold my attention yet hehe. Other than that well not too much going on so let’s get started with this weeks Dokidoki Precure!



So this week’s episode of Doki Doki Precure is basically has the fairies babysitting Ai, and she becomes a handful go figure, but at least she hasn’t started talking yet. So we begin this episode with Joe dropping Ai off with Mana right before school so he can take care of business….what is he really up to I wonder. Watching this episode I had forgotten that Mana was actually the student council president, though that hasn’t really been the main focus. The fairies show up and offer to take Ai off their hands while they attend school, However this task was a tougher than they thought, I mean this baby is not normal, it already flies around and even uses telekinesis. I was waiting to see how she would explain whose baby it was and why it was at the school.




So far to be honest, this episode I personally found it amusing a some laughs, however I didn’t really care too much for it..I am Still trying to get use to the baby character, the fairies are fine and don’t mind them much. I am sure I’ll get over it soon, it is just something I not use to in Precure. With that moving on the monster of the week, which happens to be two monsters at one time.. a little new, But seen this a few times in Doki Doki with the first episode so it’s not that new, but watching them fight each other for a bit was an interesting twist but after they got their act together they started kicking butt. I hoped the Precure would have gotten an upgrade or some power up by now, though I guess Ai is their power up ability which seems neat and I’m sure it will add some spice to the show if anything.




Like I was saying earlier this episode I didn’t really like this episode mainly because it was mainly about Ai and the Fairies, I don’t mind them but if it’s mainly about them I lose interest. Though it did entertain me and made me laugh a little so not all was lost with this episode, there was really nothing I felt was worth talking about but i guess with a 50 or so anime you’ll find episode like that hehe. The next episode looks like it will be better.. Makoto goes to school! what kinda trouble will our Idol get into, because well you know with Mana things are already going to get out of hand, the preview almost makes it look like some High-School musical… but nevertheless looks to be quite an entertaining episode, and with that… see ya next time!





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