Doki Doki Precure – Episode 8 Ya Baby’s, we got this!


Heyas All and again welcome back to Kawaiiosity hope everyone is doing great. So what are you doing for your Easter Weekend? well my weekend will be sitting in-front of the TV watching the season 3 of Game of Thrones, totally can’t wait! Other than that I have been working on some new drawing styles and hopefully I found one that I like, hopefully. Also been looking at some upcoming shows this spring that I would like to blog. With my first impressions I want to try things a bit differently so well see how that goes… well moving onto today’s episode!


In today’s episode of Doki Doki Precure a baby is born, and not just any baby but a baby with that is hatched from a giant-sized egg, it even comes with wings. Yes that’s right our winged baby is soo adorable that we get to see a new side of our pop star, Makopi. The always working, and putting up what seems to be a tough act, however she is slowly becoming more friendly with the others girls and opening up more. good for you Makoto. Mana… Well Mana being her usually heart-warming silly self already thinks the egg is a dragon’s egg! maybe she’s been watching Game of thrones,”Mana that’s not a show for kids!”The Character that Stood out for me this week was Rikka,I found it quite amusing watching her reaction to everything going on. She was the only one being serious about the situation while everyone else just went with the flow of things, even the blonde guy dodged her questions. This whole part of the episode made me laugh and have a good time with it, I think Rikka sorta gave up somewhere and accepted everything.


So we find out that The blond shop owner name is Joe Okada, which I have read means in  japanese phonetics joker or I’m Joker…something like that, Thanks krizzlybear hopefully you don’t kill me for borrowing that bit without asking! Gomen. And after hearing that bit and thinking about how our Blonde friend acts… he dresses like a fool… so instead of a joker.. maybe jester? In Smile joker was well.. an evil little man and in Doki Doki Joe’s character doesn’t come off as evil…yet hehe. Now then our monster of the week, tooo baaaad  Marmo, you where succesful for once but it wasn’t enough better luck next time. So the boss of the week was a sheep that can clone itself. I like the bit with Rikka trying to throw the sheep off its counter, hehe.. but the best part was how Both Mama and Makoto talked to each other half asleep while slapping, shaking each other, the expression and animation here was great, I could watch it over and over.


So it wasn’t the best episode I was looking forward to but it changed after watching it, the expressions adding more to the comedy bit, and the boss fight it had some nice moments, like when Makoto and Mana fighting together though, it was short but I enjoyed it and can’t wait for more of them working together fighting and I’m sure we’ll get our fill as we continue to watch. Once again Rikka is starting to shine more in these episodes… being the one that looks at everything realistically and trying to make sense of it all. So see you next time and for those Game of Thrones fans out there… let the games begin! (if you haven’t checked it out and are a fan of knights, kings,politic,crazy plot twists and like medieval theme shows check it out, id totally recommend it… it HBO so its rating is way up there.. id say beyond R , But enjoy!)



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