Doki Doki Episode 7: Laugh it off!


HI HI! hope everyone is having a wonderful time and again welcome back to Kawaiiosity! Not much to talk about but can’t wait till spring, which is right around the corner and can’t wait for some new anime that comes with it. So I’m excited for that, though I’m not sure how ill go by posting them… might post my first impression as they come out, or a full season review of the shows coming out.  So with that, Lets head on over to this weeks episode of dokidoki precure!


In this weeks episode of Precure Mana and the rest find themselves in Makopi world, The Trump Kingdom, which has been taken over by the Selfish. The Fairies and cures have been separated so they set off to find each other so they can figure out a way back to earth. So far… I really enjoyed learning about Makopi’s past and about Princess Marie-Ange, and might I add she actually fights and uses a spear.. I wished we could see more of her fighting to see how epicly awesome she is, right right. The part where the Princess is fighting, her armor reminds me of Ezra from Fairytail, it makes me wonder how cool the cures would look if the adopt the plated armor look while mixing it up with their normal look. I think it be awesome, but then again, it wouldn’t feel very magical girl-ish and might feel more like magical medieval girls!… now I might watch that hehe. I also wonder if there is an actually tie in the Heartcatch movie where they mention the first Precure Guardian or something, could quite possible have a connection..or maybe its a common story line in Precure.


So the girls learn about what happened to Makopi’s world and how her queen fought to seal the King Selfish, who lays dormant till enough dark energy is gathered for his wake. With the missing Princess Makoto and the rest of the cures decide to help find her and hopefully bring back Trump Kingdom. This part of the episode I started to understand how She become stronger, oh top of why she didn’t wanna drag anyone else into this mess. Her background story seems to be common with a few cures I can think of, giving them more impact on the story, because in the end they really don’t become the leader characters . I liked that Makoto is a singer and a guardian in her world so naturally she would become an idol on earth. So I wonder if her songs will play an important role in this series, and with her new friends by her side will they be somewhat part of her idol group? I pretty much doubt it.


The girls are attacked by some frogs and we almost lose Makoto but friendship wins her over and they decide to head to the palace where they can use the mirror to get back to their world. Stargate anyone?! So finally the girls get to the palace where they meet Bel holding the magic mirror like a boss.  This part in the series was totally win..So Bel breaks the only means for the cures to travel back to earth and laughs about it… but he’s cut off by Mana, and the look on his face is priceless…’Huh?’ hehe. Mana gives her mimic version of Bel laughing, I like the part where Rikka asks where she finds the confidence and Alice fires back with..“It comes from being Mana”…so great. “Oh Mana you’re a silly girl I ❤ you!” So the fairies find the cures and transform and fight Bel together for the first time! Yay team work, and that team work was great, seeing them all fight together with some cool and neat combo, it was fun to watch. Now the cures head back home with a piece of the broken mirror, hows that work… well its magic!  At the end they make it back to earth… or do they?! dunn-duunn-dunnnn!~ As the group puts their hands together it seems Makoto is now part of the team hooray.


Now with the plot laid out all four Cures with their goal set, they look ready for the any task that gets thrown at them. Now all that is left is finding this little baby character and the series will start to take off even more! I’m excited to see what happens next, how well they work together and how they interact with each other on a daily basis. I’m waiting for it, I know it’s a possibility at least ! the episode where a mysterious Transfer student come in! that being Makopi! Anyways I really enjoy everything that Doki Doki has given me, and I hope to enjoy more awesome fun adventures, till next time everyone..See Ya!



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