Doki Doki Precure The Iron Chef – Episode 6


*Dazzling the stage……Galactic Pretty Cure Girl, Cure Sword*

Hiyas! Welcome back Not too much going on this week but..all these shows this winter I’ve been staying with are coming to an end. Some shows like Psycho-pass, Zetsuen no Tempest,and Robotic;notes they started out great and I ready to see end. Then you have shows ill miss like Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, as an artist I felt somewhat connected to in a way. Shin Sekai Yori, a very interesting series that kept me wanting more, and enough idol shows this season to have my fill such as Love live! and AKB0048, both shows have tons of  characters and fun to watch interact with each other. Lastly the surprising shows like Unlimited; Hyoubu Kyousuke, Boku wa Tomodachi NEXT,and Sasami-san that where out there crazy, entertaining silly fun, and full of super physic powers.. all these shows where great but next season looks even better! and with that lets move onto Precure for this week!


In this weeks Doko Doki Precure the idol Makopi’s comes to Mana;s house to film a cooking show, though our idol has no cooking experience. Will this be a disaster!! how will our idol get through this! Well let’s get right to it shall we?!  This episode was nice because not only did Makoto finally shows that she is Cure Sword but she also becomes friends and join forces. After this episode I’m starting to like Makoto now,at first she was a tough act to follow, she’s a Precure but, she sure doesn’t act friendly or anything you’d expect from a Precure. Sure we know her reasons now, but she hasn’t share them with the others, and we will see more of her story in the next episode.


What I enjoyed about this episode was watching Makoto getting along with the others…finally right?. This was nice despite how much I didn’t like Makoto at first… I started to see her in a different light, how she was actually the one that picked the restaurant knowing that Mana lived there. Awww Makoto you can’t hide it! you looovvvvvvvee Mana!~I was also surprised that Makoto actually let Mana teach her some tips and tricks on cooking and looks like Makoto had fun as well, “Yay a Makoto CAN smile!”. Tap Tiptiptap… Oh great I know what I’m going to be thinking when I cook now… thanks Mana.


After practicing and finishing shooting the idol cooking show, Mana adds the finishing touches with Makoto… making a ketchup heart shape on the omelette,Mana just puts hearts on everything. Now how the monster was born this week was pretty lame. Ok get this… The camera man was selfishly wanting a fresh, homemade omelette rice, giving up his job just so he can eat… that’s pretty desperate but I shouldn’t think about that too hard or give it much thought. So the monster was a pig, you’d think the dad would be like “ooh real food! well have pork chops, bacon,and all sorts of piggy like things for dinner!”


The monster started wrecking up the kitchen and the restaurant and our girls where being cute, instead of fighting right away you have Cure Rosetta saying something like “What poor manners”, and Cure Heart worried the monster was going to get a stomach-ache “Oh you two stop being silly” So now Cure Sword finally shows her identity in front of the others.. finally we get to see what transformation phrases she uses and how she does her… gang sign. Then the wait is over… all the WAITING that everyone’s been WAITING for. You have the audience WAITING for Cure Sword to show herself to the others, the Precure where WAITING for Cure Sword to join their team and show her identity. Oh look even Daby gets in on the action with that for some reason strange line “Ive been waiting for that look…” almost creepy like..I don’t know something about it makes me think Daby and Makoto have a different kind of relationship. Then our villain is WAITING for all 4 of them to be together, no waiting.. intended and finally does something..evil for a change. With his cool line like “this”ll be the last time we meet, This world won’t see your light ever again.”  That jerk! you’ll taste the wrath of our lucky charm girls soon enough! *shakes fists at screen*


The Blade of Courage, Cure Sword,

I, Cure Sword, shall sever your ambitions with the blade of love!

Watching this episode I wanted to see Makoto finally join the team and see how they work together, sadly they didn’t really work together… yet but they finally acknowledged each other and team up. After the episode and watching the preview I sorta like her now, she tough, a strong fighter… and to my surprise… she’s actually an alien! /gasp, that alone makes her the best character ever! hehe Nah I wouldn’t go that far. The next episode looks good I mean we get to learn a bit about Makoto’s country, the King Selfish, Intensive battle Farewell Precure!! See you next time!



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