Doki Doki precure Who that precure!? – Episode 5




Hi Hi! welcome back to kawaiiosity! hopefully something sparks your curiosity in this weeks Precure post! But before that a little of whats happened this week, firstly.. I’ve been pretty much a slacker again..hehe oops. I’ve been playing the new tomb raider game and its quit enjoyable so far, its has a nice story, the levels are mass and full of surprises either exploring tombs or moving the story along.. it’s a fun game. The other stuff such as the tomb raider art contest…I’am starting to have my doubts that it will be any good and I’ve slacked on it.. with 7 more days left.. I feel behind, though I’m going to push hard to get it done..I hope. So besides that trying to create a manga…the rough stuff.. but so far not going anywhere haha.. but the idea is still floating around, So enough of that.. let’s get on with this weeks episode of Precure shall we!




This episode wasn’t too exciting and I don’t really have much to talk about, though What I found odd about this episode was Alice having DNA evidence that Makoto is actually cure sword. It’s not that this bugs me or anything, it more that it’s not happened before in the Precure series I’ve watched. This could be to make things different like change things up, however it makes you wonder if this ended up in the wrong hands or is it even possible that magical girls leave any evidence behind. I mean that magical rainbow that fixes everything broken and what not right? hehe. This is Precure so shouldn’t over think things too much right.




Moving onto the main part of this episode, which is Mana and Makoto, at first they don’t seem to bound well with each other. Mana has no restraint when she has her mind set on one thing and one thing only. Makoto feels the responsibility of being a Precure is hers alone, and not wanting to drag others into her problems, thus Makoto refuses Mana offer to join forces. On top of being a Precure, Makoto is an Idol that give it her all to make people happy. Mana realizes this and can relate, she likes to help people in need because it makes them happy.When the selfish appears it easily takes on all 3 Precure without trouble thats when cure Sword appears and saves the day. Cure sword… just face it.. your manager is trying her hardest to pair you to up! look at her face!




So in the end..Makoto and Mana will be friends soon enough..In the next episode Makoto magical comes over to mana house.. but not to befriends of make up with Mana but to…cook with her dad. So next week we have our cooking episode! and boy will Mana need some help. On top of that the tile of next weeks episode.


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