Episode 4 – “what is a rosetta?!”


Hi Hi~, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and welcome back to Kawaiiosity, First up I’ve been working on a contest picture  for the new Tomb Raider game and it’s coming along and I still have a ways to go with it.. but hopefully it will turn out great!. Other than that.. I’m starting to get things organized and done, I’ve been slacking on personal projects and what not.. so it’s a new week again..and time to start things up this time and stick to them! Enough of that.. let’s get this started shall we!.


In today’s episode we learn about Alice, the rich girl! or as some like to call her… the Bruce Wayne of Precure DokiDoki.. A flashback of bullies picking on our adorable little-Alice, and that’s when our even more adorable and OH-So Kawaii little-Mana appears in Alice’s life.. saving her from the mean bullies “she is sooo cool.”  Things start off when a lost fairy finds its way into Alice’s life.. and starts living the rich life, But whats this… Alice has the Precure girls on film! That’s a first! and the butler seems all cool with everything.  Automatically my mind thinks of Tomoyo Daidouji, from Cardcaptors Sakura, It’s kinda neat to see this for the first time in Precure, but what good is filming if you’re not really going to us it maybe Alice will  dress them up..and stuff..wait no! The first monster appears, and this time is an Ipod, that gets defeated because it ran out of power, I thought this was a strange way for a monster to lose but this is precure.. monster of the week! Where’s Alice during the defeat of the monster? Oh She’s drinking tea like a boss acting like it was normal to see monsters and talking to fairy’s.. you’d think they would be more surprised .. maybe this is ‘normal’ for Middle school girls hehe.


So far I like Alice, she has an interesting back story and cool character with time to grow..maybe she will be an awesome fighter! She is similar to Itsuki Myoudouin, but the dfference is she’s childhood friends with the main, and a rich girl, that comes with her own butler too! So getting right to it..I was a little surprised by Alice not accepting to become a Precure right away because she fears she would lose control of herself. But fear not! The Yellow Fairy sells the Precure idea once more to Alice which reminds her that power is meant to protect those you hold dear. That’s right..The excuse to use violence! So Clutch those small fists tightly and knock some love into these monsters..right to the heart, because we know beating them with love is the key to victory here..kids! What I didn’t like about this episode is now Alice is fine with fighting and accepts becoming a Precure rather quickly, I personal wished they would’ve waited on her becoming a Precure soo early, like I think it would have been cool if she stayed around filming them for a few episodes until the villains got stronger. Or wait on her becoming a Precure till they figured out Cure Swords identity in which the villains would get stronger and require the aid of all their powers combine. Though I’m fine with it this way, it’s a small thing really, I just think it be nice to developed her characters a bit more.


So the greatest Monster appears and what a sound he makes.. almost booming with loudness. Ha! see what I did there.. anyways this monster in my opinion was awesome  not only does it have catchy rap phases but he can actually can fight..some what! This time the monster boombox has a power cord! will this single thing be enough to end the Precure?! I think not Alice shows up and transforms into the yellow Precure.. I mean Cure Rosetta and saves the day…yay. On a side note I wonder if this has anything to do the Happy Prince’s story… one of his other stories called “the Nightingale and the Rose” that might be referring to Alice. Maybe I’m looking into it too much.. but.. it is just something I noticed, maybe this series is loosely Related to The Happy Prince, either way could be something neat. Now with Alice joining the Precure.. now if we can focus on figuring out who Makoto Kenzaki is! and well have a set! Ha.


Next episode look fun, our characters think they have found out Cure Swords identity, Alice…uncovering these Precure magical girls.. sneaky! though its fun to be rich right?!See you all next time! take care!

Ja Ne!~



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