Doki Doki Precure Episode – 3 – Diamonds are forever!


Hello hello!*smiles and waves* I Hope everyone’s week is going well, mine has been going okay..just doing a few sketches and playing with ideas in my drawings. Not much else going on.. enjoying this winter season and looking forward to next season. The Walking dead started up so watching that, other than that.. not much really hehe so lets jump right into episode 3 of Precure shall we!


In this episode we learn a bit about Rikka Hishikawa, her dad is a professional photographer and her mom works at a hospital, so Rikka is left alone mostly, with no little sisters or the sort. Rikka is a smart girl, she has to find out everything she can before she accepts anything. Having already figured that Rikka was going to become a precure in this episode, it was down to how she was going to become one at this point. first they ask Rikka to become a precure… though Rikka turned it down, because she had her doubts which made her character stand from what I’ve seen before.I do like her reasoning, like not being  athletic, and shy and thinking about it a bit… I do feel similar to Rikka, I’m an in fact a shy person, and often have my own doubts. She gets cute-points for saying she doesn’t think frilly clothes would look good on her, so even middle school kids have thoughts like this.


Rikka knows something is up with her Oh-So-Friendly Blonde Pretty Man, that’s right Rikka find out this guys true intentions are! We also see just how protective Rikka is. Rikka why so serious!, though this guy does seem shady.. what if he was actually the king of the fairy land or something..yeah you look shady mister..! So like Mana he gives Rikka a ‘special service’ by pulling her in close and then….pinning the Lovies on her shirt,what did you think I was going to say?!  She then returns it, with good reason.. but he plays it off like the Cure Lovies chose you but what he really meant was “I don’t want it, I’m already this pretty” or something.


Then it happens.. Mail box drama to put it in or not to put it in, thats the real question! in the mail box I mean! Our random victim of the week saying something selfish like ..”no one ever gives me any letters..“queuing Ira to show up and grants his wish.. Bam.. the monster of the week is born! and might I say, this goat-mailbox like monster is pretty lame.. eating letters, and being so so annoying!  “Damn-it Luffy, Stop tampering with the mail!” Now the back story was cute… seeing them younger! and how Rikka became the Student Council Secretary..of course she had to be it, this is Mana’s Childhood friend after all and she very smart! “Good choice Mana!” So after Mana gets beat up a little.. our next Precure is born.. Rikka take the stage and with the help of QB’s android cellphone she transforms into Cure Diamond. “The light of wisdom! Cure Diamond! I, Cure Diamond, will be the one that cools your rage! soo cool!” *eyes light up with stars!* followed by her Gurren Lagan pierce the heavens pose “Sparkle! Twinkle diaaamo-do!!” destroying the mailbox goat thingy.. thank god! and the magical rainbow sets everything right!


The day was saved again thanks to these legendary precure, now the letters can go to where they need and no one was hurt. Wait a minute.. “yeah where did we leave lance at? lol that bit was funny.. though i seen it coming! Now how is Alice going to become a precure? well have to wait and find out. I like how creative they got with the heart hands, the diamond hands and now a clover.. now I am curious to see how Cure sword transforms, as well has her catch phrase, but i doubt it be anything like Yayaoi’s paper rock scissors, till next time!


“And the ever so cute saying by Cure Heart! “abundant love! Cure Heart!, Sad Goat! seems like you lost your love! “I, Cure Heart, will get back your heartthrobbing excitement”


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