First Look, Doki doki! Precure – Episode 1-2


Hi hi!~ waves like an over-raged fan with so much excitement followed by an explosion of explanation marks all over the room…okay…that was a little too much…uh..excitement. So anyways I got to thinking as I watched the first 2 episode of Doki Doki Pretty cure that this could be fun to blog. To clarify I’ve only watched Heartcatch, suite, smile up at this point so I am basing my comparison to that point, but my plan is to go back and watch the series I’ve missed. So far I’ve enjoyed what little this series has to offer.. and can’t wait for this weeks episode, looks like it will be.. full of diamonds and sparkles! It’s pretty cure so let the mindless fun with good morals begin! and with that… let’s get this going!


First, in my opinion I think HeartCatch Precure, it is an amazing series to the franchise,  with its unique Art style, awesome Music by Yasuharu Takanashi, and enough action that I could say it is on the same level as Gurren Lagann?!.. maybe a little less. The characters are all nice and simple, and I’ve fallen for the main, Tsubomi Hanasaki, or Cure Blossom, I enjoyed watching her on-screen such a cute and shy character! (/huggles Tsubomi!~) Watashi, kan-nin-bukuro no ito ga kiremashita! I would recommend this series if you’re thinking of starting this series or if you want to see what all the hype is about, I guarantee it won’t waste your time.I am addicted to this anime called Precure along with its Luminescent-Overdosed-Vibrant-Explosion of color that fill the Screen with some much Awesome Brightness that could blind you. As I like to say “Precure, Just the right amount dangerous (L.O.V.E.) to causes your heart do Doki Doki so fast that it could cause Epilepsy”


First impression…well it is Pretty cure after all and with the first episode I didn’t expect too much to be surprised by because no matter what Pretty Cure series it is. The first episode is usually the same as the rest. Girl A has a Desire to save someone or something and gains the power to do so, usually stating “I don’t understand but okay” and then transforms into this legendary Warrior. This time around the villains try to manipulate the hearts of a person’s Selfish thoughts or acts and turn that into evil monsters letting it run free causing havoc! It’s up to these legendary Warrior to save the day! Pretty basic stuff. So the few differences this time around are the villains sorta look more humanoid, they target a person’s selfish act to create a monster. The normal humans are not put in a trance, or put to sleep or even put into despair.. only the victims pass out, the rest get to see this monster running wild putting the people in an even more dangerous situation. The Precure have different characteristics like we have an idol, a rich girl, a reliable girl, and a protective friend character? Three of the girls are best friends and know each other..which is something new for me. Starting out together as friends.. there are sure to be some… jealous or even selfish thoughts that could be used here! I’m looking at you blue haired girl!. Also, everything happens by magic! who’d of thought it.. like where do their clothes go when they change back, what happens to the building after it’s been nearly destroyed, and do the people remember what happened? probably not, but its all because of a magical rainbow? Yes there are magical rainbows that fix everything!


The first few minutes of the episode reminds me of Heartcatch, like she’s purple, she’s the only Precure fighting, and well she doesn’t seem to want anyone help or anyone to get in her way. I sorta automatically think she’s not very..’Precure’ material, I mean she’s not friendly, she’s mean…and sorta stuck some…Homura Akemi…character, but I can guess that she feels responsible and doesn’t want others to get involved.  I wonder if they would make her background story with her later on filled with some dramatic story, but this show is for kids so nothing extreme here folks…yet? hehe. In the Real world she is a celebrity and currently the rave with her.. tea advertisement, “yes.. I would want to drink with you…but…you’re way too young…oh wait…it’s just tea”


Then we meet Mana Aida, she’s bright, energetic, and loves to help people without even thinking it, though it could be her ultimate weakness in some ways without thinking of the consequences because it comes naturally to her, but it’s in her heart to save the day! Becoming Cure Heart! ha! She is also a reliable student council president of  Ōgai First Public Middle School in her second year, a different characteristic for the Pink/leader of Pretty Cure group. She is totally helpful…even with all the students of the school! That’s where Rikka Hishikawa comes into play without her, I think Mana would be lost and would go off course, though looks like her eyes are only on Mana…ooh you~. So moving forward she ends up meeting a random blonde pretty dude offering her his goods? No not that, but I think he is a mainly fairy, look at that bright smile and that wink! with that creepy phase “my sweet heart” And I like Mana’s thinking…”That’s right, the longer you wait with everyone, the greater the impact it’ll have!” I could use this line in my everyday life! Then it happens! Luffy, from One Piece I mean Ira…attacks filling someone’s heart with selfishness and ripping out their beating heart…now reading that it does sound terrible but it’s not THAT bad sounding even though it would be cool.What I like about Mana is she doesn’t seems to be surprised or shocks.. she accepts things pretty easy.. from lecturing a monster to meeting a little talking fairy or even being told she can transform, when she does but nothing happens.. I just like how she does it the second time and the monster runs her over. Bam Cure sword comes to rescue Mana.. and gets caught as new monster appears! What two monsters! Now Mana its your turn to save her but she gets kicked down hard. Then the magic happens! being told what to do next by the fairy.. she finally transforms! with the use of a device that looks like a cell phone with a touch screen! should have been an android phone. Mana becomes Cure heart and I love her saying!  “I, Cure Heart, will make your Heart Race!..and is ruined by the Pretty-Bright-blonde Man! in his creepy voice “my sweet heart..”


Onto Episode 2, right away back into the action where we left off at, Mana transforms into Cure Heart and moves with light heart-wrenchingly speed, I wonder if the subbers are making puns or is it close to translations..either way I don’t mind  them!What I like about this episode is watching Cure Heart learn and see what she can do, she doesn’t seem to be surprised about anything as she easily dodges two of the Selfish Trio. Its like she’s not even trying maybe like the matrix ..”woah.. I know..Pretty Cure fighting style! I get the feeling she’s sorta going with the flow of things.Mana is soo silly… all this crazy stuff happening around her, cure sword not wanting anything to do with Mana, and being all serious about it..and the only important question is .. “How do I get my regular clothes back?” This part of the episode was quite interesting, Rikka calls Mana the Happy Prince, which is a story written by Oscar Wilde.I found this to be pretty interesting because I was trying to compare Doki Doki to the actually fictional short stories of Oscar Wilde. The Titles of the other stories might play huge roles in this series, like one is ‘The Devoted Friend. Which could resemble Rikka’s character, just the like Happy Prince is Man. Now I am just guessing at this point and figured I should share my thoughts on this.. sadly this is as far as I’ve gotten.. maybe next episode it will give me more to compare.


The first time for me seeing a Pretty Cure spill the beans, coming out and telling her friend that she became a pretty cure! though of course Rikka wouldn’t believe her.What if your friend told you they had super powers?It was fun watching Mana trying to keep it together.. holding back best she can not to tell Rikka he secret, feeling that she can’t hide anything from Rikka and needs to tell her! Then a selfish Traffic light comes to life! “oh noes! this stop-go game just got real yo!” At this point id like to give trafficlight-san an English Gentleman with a hint of Knightliness character..with that line “I do say..Who dares roll balls onto my Road?!”, or “have at shall Pay!” maybe these subs aren’t 100%?.. hehe. Another first for me…  a Pretty Cure transforming in front of her friend. I think Cure Heart is my new-found love this season! “Oh poor trafficlight-san who knows no love.. I, Cure Heart, will make your Heart race!” Oh look you’ don’t need to be a legendary warrior to defeat a monster! in order to win kids… just push the easy button it works every time!


In closing.. I hope it wasn’t a long post.. but looks like I might’ve over did it..for a first impression. The 3rd episode so be done quicker and shorter.. much shorter so I hope to see you for the next post! Looks like a fun episode and looks like Cure Diamond will transform next week! I can’t wait! Isn’t the ending of Doki Doki pretty catchy? I really like the ending.. I could listen to it for half a day before it gets old hehe. Well see you next week! or soon, it being Friday already.. *prays* one day I hope to become a real blogger and have things done on time! welp hope you enjoyed this post.

Ja Ne!~


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