Robotics;Notes, things begin to get real!


I’m hoping its clear by now and post do indeed contain spoilers, as do most anime blog’s that talk about anime. Anyways I’ve been in lazy mood far to long and I feel I need to step up my game! That being said.. ill share a bit of what I’m working on and the biggest project is learning how to use watercolors, it would look awesome with my artwork..I think. I also want to try my talent in writing, either a light novel or maybe a short manga..I have some fun ideas just have no idea where to start hehe. Other than that, I am working on a Valentines drawing hopefully be done before its here, Playing around with 3D Graphics, and trying to figure out what games to play! That is a bit of what my plans are for this month.. and if you couldn’t tell I like to keep busy and with all that done.. Lastly… I want to get more into blogging and blog.. whatever I want! That being said.. lets Start…

Robotics;Notes – Episode 16


Our first pick of the week is Robotics Notes, and I’ve decided to make this post on its own.. and ill start by saying.. this episode was quite the shocker.. in more ways than one. Firstly this episode opens up with Mizuka Irei in a bike accident leaving her paralyzed but not for too much longer! Misaki sends her some robotic legs to make her life easier. She hardly gets much screen time and when she does it’s either her trying to stop Kaito from unlocking the secrets of the Kimijima Reports, or sharing information with him after he eats one of her special red Passion Fruit. (I’d totally would try one!). It was odd to see that..leaving me thinking.. “ooh.. this episode is about her” and so right I was, but before that lets talk about the first half. In the first  half the Robot Research Club finally gets their moment to shine as they start the activation process of their robot for the first time and its very first step, making it one of the club’s most memorial moments! “good work Robot Research Club!” /tears. It was such a nice scene to watch, seeing how everyone’s looks changes from all serious to pleased and amazed that all their hard work had paid off. The whole scene was great, the combination of the music, the tension before the activation, the look of the robot through their PokeCom’s and, their face expressions, it all came together nicely giving me such a warm and awesome feeling hehe.


So moving on..the second half.. the part where you almost think you might have seen way too many disaster movies like ‘Final Destination’, where surrounding object might pose a threat..or characters doing stupid things.Lets start with the stupid one! and no I don’t mean to say Subaru is stupid.. just a bad call on his part. However.. it left everyone wondering if anything actually happened to him, if anything at all. A huge gust of wind picks up and blows hard, knocking over the giant robot that ends up failing on Subaru.. but cuts away, leaving us wondering what will happen happened.(damn you robotics Notes) While this was going on Kaito was on a mission to unlock the secrets of the 7th report when suddenly Mizuka shows up and tells Kaito to stop.. when she does a few seconds later the kagome kagome sound plays..and what follows… was tragic. At this point I had already noticed the block off section..and when Mizuka lost control of her robotic legs I knew where she was heading. It only took Kaito, Oh I don’t know…like  a year to figure out what was happening before reacting.. he was able to stop her by bringing her crashing down to the ground, at this point I figured he had saved her, but it wasn’t enough and what happened after shocked me completely. So after the episode I wanted more now! but we have to wait. (booo!)


Now my thoughts are.. Subaru will be fine.. maybe startled as well as everyone else.. but I think Junna will react and save him by making the robot move to catch itself or something. As for Kaito.. well I think he’s already lost it and i am not sure if he will continue the reports..though i think he actually got the 7th report what he will do with it I am not sure. As for Toshiyuki and Misaki, they just seem evil and up to no good.. however the anime has us to believe this, i personal think they actually had something to do with Mizuka death, even though they say they have no idea how these accidents happen. Toshiyuki seems to want Kaito to find these reports and steal them for his himself.. though this is all my guess, though I’m sure everyone is thinking this or similar or have done their homework.. but I can’t wait for the next episode..(damn you Robotics;Notes..again and I’m woken up now!)

RBNendingE16Till next time


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