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So welcome back to more weekly picks! however I am still trying to figure out how this will actually work. The problem I notice is.. posting on time and I like talking about shows that actually have something worth talking about then an episode or few episodes that end up having nothing really to talk about..and with this style I can talk about any show negative of positive. I haven’t really talked about anything bad or something I hated so far.. maybe ill add one this time or next time we will see, but I’m still testing this style of posting. So in other news.. Spring Anime list is out and there are some shows that look surprisingly good to me, some that I totally can’t wait to see such as Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride,Railgun S and the one I am most excited for is Suisei no Gargantia! So it looks like an awesome season so far. this could be my chance to catch up and plan accordingly for posts, which I notice is one thing I lack.. consistency, but enough of me stating the obvious! Let move on to this weeks picks shall we?!


Robotic;Notes Episode 15


One of the picks this week is Robotic Notes episode 15, this episode was more about Airi and how she became an  AI program. I won’t bore you with the details but the reason why this episode was special and part of my picks is how heart warming and touching it felt for me. Airi has an incurable illness that is not life threatening but she would live her life in a lot of pain. It would be impossible to cure her with the current technology back then so Kimijima invented a sleeping pod for Airi, in which she would sleep for many decades until a cure was found. At this point I’ve guessed that they will be able to cure her now 8 years later, or this whole reports are a key to her cure maybe? Whatever anyways while she slept Kimijima made her part of a computer program inside the Iru-O, becoming the AI we all know and love, such cuteness! i want an AI like her!  So nearing the end of this episode Airi makes a promise with Kaito, saying.. if it snows would he kiss her? I was instantly thought “Awww how cuuuuutttteeee! that is..” So as it hit Christmas Eve..  I was thinking, “.. Frau was acting strange earlier in the episode..wouldn’t it be cool if she had made snow for.. wait a sec she did! Awesome work Frau. So Airi finally got to see it snow, then when she asked about the promise.. stating..”kiss on the forehead, or cheek or..lips..My first choice is on the forehead” Such innocents along with her actions and gestures where just too Cute.. small detail like those are nice!. So this whole scene with Aira and Kaito on top of the tower was.. truly magical for me seeing how happy Airi was, seeing her blush, and then cry..because she was happy.. as corny as it sounds.. I like making people happy when i can..Just seeing someone happy is enough to make me happy, RealLife or through anime it’s just an awesome feeling hehe.

*P.S. Airi has skyrocketed to the top of most cute for this week!…hey.. maybe I feature a ‘Cutie’ of the week’ in these picks.. haha…nah…I’m already adding to much lol.*


Fairytail Episode 167


Another pick this week is Fairytail.. that long drawn out series that could go on forever.. anyways Fairytail episode 167 is this weeks pick . The episode before this one left me surprised yet.. I kinda figured Erza would come out and take on all 100 monsters.. I sat there watching and telling myself..”hey this is Erza after all“. With that behind me and moving on to watch this weeks episode, at first I though she would lose in the middle or someone would interfere with her thus ranking Fairytail either middle or last again.. those evil cheating bastards! This episode was totally awesome, not only did Erza do…. well what Erza does best.. and that is being Oh-So-Epicly-Awesome!. What I like most about this episode was how Fairytail finally get to come out on top and having their moment to shine!. Hearing the crowd cheering for Fairytail,or how people were shocked, even some were brought to tears, the whole moment felt nice and made me feel proud of this little guild.. feeling as if I was part of this victory.. corny I know hehe.. It also showed everyone that Fairytail isn’t all talk and they are still in this game, which could be bad..making Fairytail a new target? either way.. Fairytail is not going down without a fight fair or not!

This episode didn’t stop there oh no no no my readers… what about the other guilds don’t they need to be ranked and scored? Nah no one care… I mean they get to play the ‘Bonus Game’, which basically is each guildie had to show off their magic level and they would be ranked accordingly. I wasn’t expecting much from the second half, I mean what could be more epic then Erza kicking the butt of 100 Mosters? So in the second half I was shocked by Cana.. but before that lets talk about the other guildies,. They all get their chances to show off, Raventail.. hitting a very low number..stating something like “his magic can’t be shown in front of people” leaving me wondering what he would have gotten.  Shortly after.. everyone started hitting bigger numbers.. Then Cana’s unexpectedly uses fairy law.. which I thought was cheap.. but I didn’t mind, it made me feel great watching Fairyail win one and take all the glory for it..they are just showing off now.

Cana and Ezra made this episode awesome.. and I liked watching Fairytail kick butt for a change…and finally they get a win. Although I know who will be on top in the end..maybe..it would be neat if they lose the turniment? but it’s how they get there that makes it oh so enjoyable. I am sure most people feels this way with even other anime. the whole when a character or group of characters get their moment to shine, giving you those “ya you show them” feelings.. and there is more to come! can’t wait for the next episode looks just as epic!

*P.S.  I don’t or haven’t picked up the manga yet but heard its sound pretty good.*


Boku Ha Tomodachi Next Episode 4


Next on the picks of the week we have Boku Ha Tomodachi Next, Not as serious or epic, purely for fun enjoyable comical entertainment! This week they all end up deciding to go to a theme park, thanks to Sena who tried to get only Kobato to go with her, but then everyone else tagged along. I like the line that Kodaka said “I’d love to go with a friend one day” too funny, when he’s got all these friends next to him. Though I know this is the whole idea behind the club, a club for the main purpose of making friends still makes me laugh a little. Now the first best part in this weeks episode was the whole roller-coaster scene, now I remember my first time riding one and ugh what an experience that was.. sorta terrifying and I have no idea Why people found that as..fun? The last time i went to a theme park was a while back on a very cold day, the best thing was the lines…short to none! so we happen to ride a roller-coaster, with no lines we rode it again and again.. was awesome! Anyways enough of that, as they sat there waiting to reach the top I had flash backs those clicking sounds as it slowly climbs, the way they all act as if it was nothing.. but later they all start to slowly panic..or lose it! till they all go flying down. The lines ill always remember are from Rika.. oh my god,I agree with Kodaka at this point..”Rika is broken…indeed” this girl is making each episode amazingly funny and becoming my favorite character to watch and listen to thus far. All her lines are just way out there. When Rita talks I automatically hear Miyuki from Smile Pretty cure,  thinking.. “where did  you go wrong?! learning these words and things /gasp” oh man.. poor Miyuki..it would be funny to see someone change Miyuki’s lines to Rita in Smile pretty cure.. would be quite amusing hehe.

That was one of the highlights of the episode for me, the second half with Kodaka, kobato and Sena being mistaken for a family and watching Sena trying hard to get Kobato to like her are cute and id could see them being a fun family to watch.. OVA? Spin off!? nah not happening. The line Sena says “why can’t real conversations have choices and save points?” haha sena..playing too many dating sims and eroge games? but I like how they added that. Now thanks to Sena Kobato got picked to go on stage, I’m also surprised they didn’t say anything about her outfit.. but maybe it’s a common thing? not sure but! I agree with Sena! Kobato-chan’s Embarrassed! How cute!” *sways back and forth* Now for the final part.. some people get sick after riding the Black Dragon 8 times.. and well we end up in the bathhouse.. now…a bath house at a theme park? Hmm.. I guess it is japan..or rather it anime..so ya they have them anywhere. The ultimate reveal that has been plaguing our minds in season 1, and that is Yukimura is really…dun dunn dunnnn!… a female! oh my..yes..she is in fact female Good job detective Maria! I had hoped she stayed male.. but.. I’m okay with this turn out.. before Maria opened her mouth I was thinking..”oh my…they are going to do it this way! haha.. and sure enough.. it happened  This season and Rika are making me enjoy this show even more.. and this is only just the fourth episode haha.


Surprise Pick

Kotoura-san Episode 4


This one is my surprise pick this week, Kotoura-san… Firstly I like an anime that can pull off multiple genres because it gives me a little bit of everything in one. Where this can work or fall through depending on the amount of episodes it has to work with, it can give you that feeling of “It felt too forced.” or “It felt too dragged out.” Now most anime has a number of genres that can go together perfectly.. But mixing Drama and Comedy sounds tricky, maybe its only me.. when I see drama I want it to see a tearjerker , when see comedy I want to laugh my ass off. But too much comedy..it loses it drama feel to it.. or Vice versa. One example is Chuunibyou. This anime handled all three genres that don’t go together that often, but to me.. it felt like they did things right and I was quite satisfied with it. Now Kotoura-san.. is sorta like that.. its has, according to what site you use.. ANN or MAL, Drama, Romance, Comedy, Psychological.

Now this is fine and all with me..But so far the things that I don’t like about this series is it started out with intense dramatic back story leading up to where the actual story takes place.. and for the life of me I can not figure out how they can build on this…

**[Continue reading if you want to see more Ranting!]**

that’s One. The Second is the first episode I kinda felt forced. like.. “oh here is this story that shows how tough our character has it all the way up to her high-school life. Third in high-school she finds one person.. who finally accepts her.. out of lets see.. no childhood friends… no one that stood up for her… or even anyone that is in a un-psychological similar situation, like having no friends, being picked on or whatever. But to be fair on this…we could take into account that elementary-school through the end of middle-school the mentality is..well… lets say less mature than high-school or college. Now grant it.. it made me feel bad for Kotoura almost turning on the water works.. so they handled that pretty good, and in the same episode.. they switched to comedy..and I might add the change in color tones was nicely done, the comedy was a little.. ehh to me..I don’t honestly remember it.so I can put up with my third point, but the first point is what sorta turned me off with the show..

**[End Ranting!]**

How can they add more drama? they aired 4 episodes and so far.. the only drama is having no friends and making her first friends, but.. now that over.. whats next? mom comes back.. uses Kotoura to make her money with her psychic powers, or Yuriko still wants to use her to prove that her mother can indeed read minds? Also one minor thing.. if she could read minds of people around her wouldn’t she hear a lot more not when its only convenient for plot?. However if you made her read the mind of everyone around her.. then they couldn’t really move the story along I guess.. Again this is something minor and I am ok with it.. it just doesn’t feel …realistic to me..in a sense of how mind reading works…to me I think you would hear everyone’s thoughts around you, now if they said that she is able to control her powers or block it.. then id be fine with that. It only the fourth episode and I’m curious to see what happens next, what other drama will they do, how will this series continue? Only thing they have left really is Kotoura parents, and Yuriko to prove her mothers innocents.. we’ll have to wait and see…

*P.S. I don’t hate this show…it just makes me ask myself pointless questions.. but..i dunno.. its what comes up when I watch this show.*


See you again! 


There you have it.. this weeks picks, there were many others but these are the ones I felt was worth talking about! hopefully everyone enjoyed them! So I Figured out some new ideas for this type of posting.. hopefully things will get better.. mainly I need to focus on getting things out and done one time.. then well be golden! Anyways I think ill start-up on blogging Pretty Cure Doki Doki, This show looks to be fun and id admit.. i am a pretty cure fan.. more and more with each series coming on.. Not sure why that is.. its a smile story, with a very easy to understand and follow..Well that is all see you all next time! Ja-na!~


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