Episode 4 – “what is a rosetta?!”


Hi Hi~, I hope everyone is enjoying themselves and welcome back to Kawaiiosity, First up I’ve been working on a contest picture  for the new Tomb Raider game and it’s coming along and I still have a ways to go with it.. but hopefully it will turn out great!. Other than that.. I’m starting to get things organized and done, I’ve been slacking on personal projects and what not.. so it’s a new week again..and time to start things up this time and stick to them! Enough of that.. let’s get this started shall we!.

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Doki Doki Precure Episode – 3 – Diamonds are forever!


Hello hello!*smiles and waves* I Hope everyone’s week is going well, mine has been going okay..just doing a few sketches and playing with ideas in my drawings. Not much else going on.. enjoying this winter season and looking forward to next season. The Walking dead started up so watching that, other than that.. not much really hehe so lets jump right into episode 3 of Precure shall we!

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First Look, Doki doki! Precure – Episode 1-2


Hi hi!~ waves like an over-raged fan with so much excitement followed by an explosion of explanation marks all over the room…okay…that was a little too much…uh..excitement. So anyways I got to thinking as I watched the first 2 episode of Doki Doki Pretty cure that this could be fun to blog. To clarify I’ve only watched Heartcatch, suite, smile up at this point so I am basing my comparison to that point, but my plan is to go back and watch the series I’ve missed. So far I’ve enjoyed what little this series has to offer.. and can’t wait for this weeks episode, looks like it will be.. full of diamonds and sparkles! It’s pretty cure so let the mindless fun with good morals begin! and with that… let’s get this going!

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Robotics;Notes, things begin to get real!


I’m hoping its clear by now and post do indeed contain spoilers, as do most anime blog’s that talk about anime. Anyways I’ve been in lazy mood far to long and I feel I need to step up my game! That being said.. ill share a bit of what I’m working on and the biggest project is learning how to use watercolors, it would look awesome with my artwork..I think. I also want to try my talent in writing, either a light novel or maybe a short manga..I have some fun ideas just have no idea where to start hehe. Other than that, I am working on a Valentines drawing hopefully be done before its here, Playing around with 3D Graphics, and trying to figure out what games to play! That is a bit of what my plans are for this month.. and if you couldn’t tell I like to keep busy and with all that done.. Lastly… I want to get more into blogging and blog.. whatever I want! That being said.. lets Start…

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Weekly picks


So welcome back to more weekly picks! however I am still trying to figure out how this will actually work. The problem I notice is.. posting on time and I like talking about shows that actually have something worth talking about then an episode or few episodes that end up having nothing really to talk about..and with this style I can talk about any show negative of positive. I haven’t really talked about anything bad or something I hated so far.. maybe ill add one this time or next time we will see, but I’m still testing this style of posting. So in other news.. Spring Anime list is out and there are some shows that look surprisingly good to me, some that I totally can’t wait to see such as Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride,Railgun S and the one I am most excited for is Suisei no Gargantia! So it looks like an awesome season so far. this could be my chance to catch up and plan accordingly for posts, which I notice is one thing I lack.. consistency, but enough of me stating the obvious! Let move on to this weeks picks shall we?!

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