Weekly Picks! – Beware of kana-licks!


Hi hi! It been a while hope everyone is enjoying their Winter anime season, so far many shows have aired and not really much to talk about but ill share a few things. Firstly this Winter season I’ve not really been wowed by much, however it almost the 3rd week and most episode 3’s haven’t aired yet so maybe ill have more to say next week. With that.. let’s get started with some fun and moments that I’ve enjoy with this season so far for what ill call for now Weekly picks!


Gintama… this season doesn’t seem to be blogged on at all.. though I’ve not really spend time digging around to see if its is. What I like about this series is the humor.. mix that in with some off the wall characters and you have this series. Now recently this show has been airing repeats.. and randomly throwing in some new episodes, which now seem they are starting a new arc. I think its good to have a show like this on your list, every time I watch it always makes me laugh and that’s why I always keep coming back to this one. Like in Episode 257 Gintoki plays Kick the can and as he kicks the can his hardest, it end up hurling right at the Shogun, this poor guy gets sooo much abuse. what made me laugh the hardest at this point was what happened after the can hit him.. they made it not only hit him but should a killed him, the can was going so fast it blasted into outer space something about it was soo hilarious! Then in episode 258.. the Shogun got even more abuse, not to mention Gintoki having to pretend to be the shogun with the shoguns underwear on his head, the show gets serious. This series has a little bit of story that’s neat, mix it with some really funny moments, and somewhat dramatic moments, and it becomes quite entertaining for me.


Tamako Market so far has been a really cute show this winter.. and I don’t think anyone is surprised by this in the least. I am also sure people are already tired of hearing the comparison to K-on.. its right in front of your eyes. you don’t need anyone to tell you this.. so ill get right into it. I love this bird, Dera Mochimazzi makes me love this show more, I enjoy watching him the most, the way he walks, the way he acts all noble and such…and hes a Bird! that’s the selling point for me. In Episode 2.. it’s about Valentine’s Day,and how to make the market look more Valentine-ish! It was a cute episode but not much happened.. we noticed Midori might have fallen for Dera.. wait I mean Tamako, and who couldn’t fall for her in her bunny outfit.. hehe, and the Dad in the end.. making heart-shaped mochi and saying that corny line..and Tamako bust out laugh was the best part of this episode for me. I look forward to this anime and hopes it becomes more than just a cute show..which is fine too.


This series is one that I am most excited, after really enjoying the first season I’m hoping this one will also entertain me just as much. With the second episode out  it starts right away with Rika looking way cuter with her  glasses off and ever stated she just wears them for fashion..who would have figured that one.. but lab coats and glasses just go together, Right?. Its her character right? Even after that Kodaka makes her blush,blurting his thoughts out, Rika comes back with her “elegant” way of saying let get busy with it..even getting turned down she comes back again saying how its cruel but turns her on.. She is such a silly character even though she’s not my favorite, which might change after this season! Rika still shines and takes the show away with her homo anime.. watching them all watch it together was funny… Yozora at first called it garbage but after it was over she loved it and wanted more?! Yozora.. found a new love!  I think of Miyuki from pretty cure smile when Rika starts talking.. thinking “oh my Miyuki, how do you know about these things!” or “so this is what happened to Miyuki after she stopped being a pretty cure“.. hah too much already. Next we Have Sena… I love this girl.. she asks why rika’s homo anime is better than her galge games, and we understand soon..enough. Sena is such a fun character to watch as Yozora teases her sooo bad.. and it doesn’t stop there as Yozora letting Sena win their game.. making Sena feel as if… its something to be proud about hah. Finally we meet Takayama Kate,,, drunk of coke? then the little sister comes along and they both fight a bit.. these nuns use such dirty words /gasp. But i hope we get to see more of Kate in this season, she seems like a fun character..well see but I doubt it..And the end Yozora talking to her air friend.. such a funny series and its only the second episode.. I wonder if we get anything else out of this series besides comedy.. we’ll have to wait and see.


This series is.. different… but leave it to shaft to come up with an odd show that I end up liking in the end. This episode starts off telling us that Sasami has the power of Amaterasu’s and her brother, Kamiomi is her priest like servant that has god like powers he is unaware of? because back in episode 1 his desires to give his sister chocolate was so high that it started turning the city into chocolate.. and the Yagami sisters are embodiment of the regalia or spirits or something that come to save the day. So that happened.. In this episode students are missing because they got stuck in a video game, making the Yagami sisters wanting to see this game, and well Sasami has atleast 10 computers lying around. I like how Sasami says what she used each of them for, like ones for games, internet,anime,music,games, games and such. I also like how Sasami tires everything to stop everyone from finding out she is a game addict who has spent countless hours on this game, getting every item in the game even the rarest items. or if they find anything strange in the game they’ll shut it down having Sasami lose everything!

While Sasami tires everything to keep them from playing.. everyone else gets to pick a job for their characters a delinquent leader, a Veterinarian, a pastry chef, and poor Kamioni the loser role, seeing these types of job/classes funny roles was humorous to me, I like to play these MMORPGS or RPG games. Poor Poor little Sasami, is she facepalming at her desk?. The Nurse scene was great.. had me laughing so much,  Tsurugi and Kamioni trying to turn the game into some sex game, then that line from Tama almost killed me “I’m so scared! Tsurugi and Paparin are naked and doing weird things together ” Oh my Tama Cover your eyes don’t look!! thanks Kagami. All the while Sasami is getting angry about this and finally snaps and logs in the game, making her brother all happy and saying “She’s cursing at me so adorably!” that line is soo good hehe. And so they too get stuck in this game and its explained that Sasami made this wish unconsciously 3 years ago and so she stops her wish and the game ends. This episode was pretty neat.. I like the game references the most, because I play those type of games I put a lot of (healthy) time into them. I also like seeing the Yagami sister having a bit more screen time… can’t wait for the next exciting episode!

So in ending this, if ya like this style of writing better or hate it let me know.. but I’m still learning different ways to do my writing. I think this way would fit better.. I just need to figure out how to post it so that it’s on time but not..something like that. This week shows have just started so it a little hard to write anything on them..however there are far to many shows that I like and dunno if I could write about ever single one that comes out. These are some of the highlights for me this week and id like to share them with you all.. Akb0048 is getting there.. I didn’t have much to say about it but.. the voting each episode is kinda a neat idea.. I look forward to each episode though.. I sorta know who’s going to win in a way hehe. Robotic;Notes is getting there and I think I’ve already stated that the focus of the show has shifted.. having Kaito Yashio being our main leaving the rest doing club things..and as for Kona Furugoori her story is becoming more serious as she become more involved in the reports and stuff with her mom, so that has my attention can’t wait to see what happens next. Other shows… hmm Mimiku sisters is getting fun to watch.. though it’s not a show I look forward to these days, ya its great that its back. I like how its split up in skits.. something different,  than the normal anime that I’m always use to, same as Nichijou or High school boys. Something about the skits makes its short but to the point, which is the point about these type of shows. So hope you guys like this style.. but I’m still trying to find my way of doing these.. something easy and fun to do! anyways see ya next time!



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