Winter seasonal first impressions, 2013, goals and such!


Hi hi!~ *waves hands frantically* Late to the new years for 2013.. But fear not readers for I have returned and ready to tackle this winter season well as the handful of series coming back from long winter breaks! Before we jump into all the winter shows that ill be watching and talking about, I want to try a new idea for the posts on this blog. Basically throughout the week ill cover all the shows that would be worth mentioning or talking about, for instances taking a group of shows and writing something short about them and why I thought so.. and so forth.. So with that I look forward to seeing how this plays out and sounds really fun am I’m excited about this. I’ve learned a little bit with the first series completed.. so ill be trying to keep up with the weeks of and trying to stay on time.. so far I not kept up with that.. hehe.. but fear not! ill do my best and more this time. Other than that.. I really excited and lets not waste anymore time and get to it!

With that done let’s go ahead and start the first impressions of the winter season anime!

Firstly.. the shows I am most excited for and want more of

44548l Tamako Market

Right away I’ve already fallen for this show.. leave it to  Kyoto Animation to bring us more of that K-on style artwork, which I’ve heard the majority of the productions team that worked on k-on are behind this one which I am sure will be a good series full of cute and fluffy times, this one should be really enjoyable .. at least hope so.

With one episode I have already fallen in love with our main character, Tamako Kitashirakawa . Those twin tails with mochi balls I like her style already!..  However her look in the ending credits..OMGOSH!!*nosebleed* Chitanda, Eru Flashbacks anyone? hehe. The story here is pretty simple which I wont bore you with the details.. But suddenly.. a bird is introduced into the mix, making ask questions..“What is this bird? some pokemon or a mascot??”.. then it speaks..talking in a bossy yet nobility way, even his walking and the way he acts is sooo silly that he has me laughing just watching him interact with everyone hehe too good.

So picture with me if you will.. The guy from Fate/Zero..Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi talking like this bird with all the actions included, gestures and you have one very… fabulous Character. Sometimes I like to take a character from other animes and think this is them After or Before their role in a this or that anime. One Example is.. well let use Chitanda for example, I watch Fairytail and she voices the character, Marvell, Wendy so i think.. Before Chitanda become a high school student she was a wizard! hehe silly I know. Her voice in both characters doesn’t really change so its easy to picked up on it. Not all characters it works out for.. but it’s still something amusing to me.

41197l Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

Each season that comes out.. I am looking to see what exciting project Shaft is going to take on.. and greatly look forward to their unique art style. I started to like Shaft style with Negima!?, followed behind by what I like to call the “Headtilt Shaft style” in Bakemonogatari, these and more are but a few series I’ve seen from them and I really should check out the rest of shafts shows that ive missed out on but maybe another time. So This season They are doing Sasami-san, which first episode… wow.. just full of…..chocolate.. hehe. I think I can really get into this series.. I mean it’s all crazy fun and the characters are very entertaining.. Briefcase oniichan , Frog girl, Mecha girl…and Crazy-Short-but-oldest sister whose a Teacher.. This is sure to be an exciting series, and leave me wondering. “Is it all in her head?”.. “whats going on! with these people! *grabs bat like Sasami….* Crazy shows are always good to watch.

Asumi, Kana plays our main character Sasami Tsukuyomi, who I fell in love with her voice with her role as Nyaruko “Nyarlathotep” . Even though its sorta hard to pick up on her voice which its a little hard to hear because of her soft spoken voice, though I like to hear my favorite VA’s take on different types of characters..which brings me to my next favorite. Hanazawa, Kana.. I just love this girl’s voice.. and I am sure many others do as well  She plays one of the sisters Kagami Yagami.. even though she didn’t have too many lines in the first episode. I really like her voice and she’s been in so many roles, far too many but I always refer to her as “Charles!” from IS.  That is when I became a fan of her voice hehe “keep up the work Kana-chan!~” I would love to meet her, but I don’t know japanese to have any sort of converstion with her hehe dreams eh? lol

The story is… very strange, Sure sounds like a normal story with normal people.. doing normal school stuff.. but the second half of the anime completely flips out and now we have magical girls, chocolate covered town.. oh my.. what am I getting myself into!? So far the first episode has done enough damage for me to keep up with this one, Sasami is a fun character to watch.. she is so darn cute wrapped up in her blanket hehe. So I am looking forward to see what other crazy stuff happens with these..strange sisters, and brothers lol.

32873l Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next

Yay! They are back and I am looking forward to this one the most! It’s finally here and the first episode is what you’d come to expect. Looks like all our old characters are back and seems like more are sure to join this fine awseome club of making friends! or just be part of the gags and what not. What I liked about this series are the characters, each one has something I like and my favorites are Sena aka Meat! and the lovely Kobato both are fun to watch. seeing Kobato acting as her favorite anime Kukukuk!~ or  watching her get scared just hearing Sena’s name.. or how Sena always calling Kobato cute..cute cute cute.. I love em Love em!. thats just the tip of the mountain for me the other characters are just as  fun to watch.. like tolling Sena, they are soo mean to poor Sena.. but she’s kinda asking for it. I don’t know if Kodaka Hasegawa is a lucky guy or what.. but he has to put up with these people, and I know he’s like its hehe

This season the character I can’t wait for is Kate Takayama to make her appearance, shes the older sister of Maria Takayama. I just can’t wait to see what type of person she is hehe, and how she interacts with the rest of the cast. Other than characters I hope to see more RPG gaming with the whole club, those seem to be the fun to watch.. and also looking forward to what new activities they will get themselves into. So ya.. well see is this series will live up to the first! “Sena try not to be too trusting okay!”

44263l Minami-ke Tadaima

I got excited when I seen this series in the line up this winter, I’ve kept up with this series and loved watching the 3 sisters get along in their daily lives. I like how they change it up and show each grade level with the many strange things they have to put up with. Out of all 3 sisters I like kana the best watching her playing pranks on everyone even how hyper she can get you just never know what she will be up to next!. I like how hyper she can get or how lazy she can get around the house, she is jsut to fun to watch! ❤ you Kana!~ though I like all the characters in this anime.. the hugging fish guy, the guy acting like a girl.. of the guy acting like a girl.. that never gets old heh. I am ecstatic  to see this series back after about 4 years or something like that, and its shocking its been that long but hope for some more fun and exciting slice of life with these girls. More Kana moments! This series is really enjoyable.. and if you havn’t seen this one.. I totally recomend this one for anyone, what could be more fun then watching how these people live their daily life throughout the seasons.

44450l AKB0048 Next Stage

This series returns and I am excited to see where this one goes, the first series surprised me and its actually quite good. I mean mixing war with entertainment, which I’ve not seen yet, I like how funny and silly things can get and the next moment things get serious, add in a little dramatic competition and you have AKB0048. This series reminds me a little bit of Macross Frontier which I am a big fan of, I know this is a bit different but it just feels the signing to bring about piece to the galaxy When I first watched this series i kept thinking.. Hmm this one seems silly with a stupid.. but ill give it a few more episodes.. I said that and I watched the whole series and I actually started to sound better then I thought. What I liked about it is the idea which now is actually kinda neat.. banning all entertainment. The government verse a group of girls that wanna give people hope if that doesn’t help you wanna watch it then.. well ill try harder =P

The characters…oh man there are soo many.. i have a few favorites.. but the one that stands out the most.. is Sonata Shinonome wait wait i mean Hikari Kimijima.. err was it that other one…. No no… These 2 are my favorite, though its the same for everything.. i don’t Dislike the other character in fact I like them all its just theses two stand out more. Sonata is hyper, full of energy and is the youngest of them all, i like that shes the youngest . its like saying no matter how young you are.. you can be anything! Her outfits are strange but that what makes her cute and different from the other girls. Hikari.. Style is neat looking to me.. ya its minor.. like her hair style for one.. but i think what Made her stand out for me is she seems to be a leader type, motivate others and her personality makes her awesome hehe. Hoping for some surprising entertainment from this one this season.. but lets keep that hush hush /wink

Whats new this season that has my attention.

 45640l Senran Kagura

This series almost makes me wish I had a DS to play it.. but then I thought to myself.. I’m not really into fighting games as much so it might not be as fun for me. But this Anime looks to be a fun action packed series full of…..well Magical ninja girls…sure why not it seems odd but this is the first time I’ve seen or heard about it hehe. So far its pretty interesting idea, magical transforming ninja that well act like ninja’s if this hasn’t got you a bit curious then this one might not be fore you. The only thing I didn’t like too much are each girl has big breast.. BUT… I can look past that.. and at least they aren’t all flat loli kids right?… that’s a plus. So far the best thing about this show is.. hardly no pantsu shots, when I first seen this show I was thinking every minute there will be one.. but so far.. I think this show could become something decent. the plot isn’t clear at the moment but if I had to guess id say ninja’s training to become master ninja’s and rival ninja schools! which ever it is.. I’m entertained by this and want more! but well see as more episodes come out.

The ninja teacher poofing in and out of the episode was funny and the way he ate that Sushi wrap.. oh my… so there is that in this show.. ya…but it more for laughs than sexual. Each of the characters has something about them that I like, but the one I like most is, Asuka.. her design from her hair style to her look, and personality..draws me to her, becoming my favorite rather quickly.. and on a side note I’am wanting to draw a picture of her soon! so look forward to that. Other then that.. this series has my attention and I want to see more RAWRS! /tableflips!

40587l Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Now this series looks good, the plot is interesting giving me a Spice & Wolf feel in many ways,like talking about increased population, increased production, boosted economy and improved society overall. The hero and the demon work together.. sounds like a neat idea, id like to see more of this series to get an idea how it is going to play out. The whole scene with them in her castle was actually funny to watch.. how they both argues their defense about what one side is doing to the other. Well have to see what this one does with more time.. it showing promise and that’s always a lets see where this one goes shall we?!

44340l Love Live! School Idol Project

Another idol anime? like we haven’t had enough of these.. though I’ve only seen 2 idol series before this one Idolm@sters and AKB0048 there might be some older ones..but ya. When I seen the trailers for this one I figured I would check this one out.. and I am actually looking forward to this one as well. So far the plot seems fun.. a school that is closing due to not enough students and the only way to make their school popular is by making their own idol group. The main character is not giving up on the idea after its been rejected already, but there is more to discover as the class rep we can tell likes the idea…but wont admit to it. This show looks to be fun and I for one am excited to see where this series takes off to. So far I don’t really have a favorite character that stood out for me.. maybe ill throw this into my blender post.. so well see about this one..hoping for great things hehe.

44187l Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shura Sugiru

Wasn’t looking forward to this one at all.. but I’m the type to give anything a shot that looks or sounds interesting .which I find most things interesting so this will be an interesting watch! So far the characters in this anime all have something about that has me enjoying the show so far. The first is Chiwa Harusaki.. such a hyper, little thing for of energy I think our main sees her as a little sister or little kid. The other character that seems interesting is Masuzu Natsukawa… no panties wearing school girl.. I dunno if that’s a turn on..or..scary..shes only 16… but.. its whatever that does. So far I dunno its caught my eye enough to watch a few more..maybe with more characters this show will become fun and enjoyable.. well have to see.

45700l Kotoura-san

Right away this one starts out very…dark.. and the negativity of having a power that controlling your life, even your family doesn’t even want you.. so sad. after watching Haruka Kotoura suffer though her life, making those around her not want anything to do with her made me feel bad for her.. and times I kept saying.. “haven’t you learned not to say what you think girl!?” but I guess that the part where the power slips out and you say what you hear or something. What made this episode neat was the scene where everything is gray dark and gloomy.. the screen shatters dropping the dullness for more bright and pretty colors.. as if suddenly everything stops and she is snap out of her unfriendly behavior, and becoming confused with this boy, Yoshihisa Manabe who likes her power and so far is the only one that ever liked or didn’t mind guy out of sooo many school..odd but its destiny!…he’s probably not right in the head either.. but he might be the one Kotoura needs to feel normal even though hes got a secret power!… pervy-ness..

So far this one looks to be some what entertaining, The only thing I disliked about this series is .. starts off as a drama.. halfway changed into a comedy . friendly anime, throws in a little bit of tears and drama again.. but it’s Not like I hate this anime for this.. just odd for me to get into at first. I don’t see how they or why they would want to bring in drama into a comedy.. unless they do it in a way that works.. which is what I want to see with this one. I do like when anime mixes Genres, it gives some shows that unique flavor and not staying to one genres or to see what fits.. a good anime can mix these and make a pretty nice anime. So Looking forward to see how this one actually pulls off its comedy and drama mix!.

44522l The Unlimited: Hyoubu Kyousuke

This one seems kinda neat and new to me because I didn’t watch Zettai Karen Children but I don’t think it matters at  this point hehe. I sorta like how this one started out.. seems like we get to see what its like on the villains side and our main character isn’t what he seems. I am not too hyped on this one though it has me wanting more..mainly I want to see how the rest of this series plays out but definitely one that needs to be checked out for sure. Not too much else to say about this one.. its one of the rare ones to make it on my list.. and as you can tell already.. I already have a lot of shows to look forward.

45080l Vividred Operation

So Vividred Operation’s look ok.. just not sure if they will be anything great, I am not sure at this point but the first episode didn’t really grab me, or want me asking for more.. but let’s be fair and give em a shot shall we?  Ya its magical girls.. but this is just different and I don’t really know what to think about it ..yet. It is compared to Strike Witches.. but instead of pantsu its short shorts.. which is better in my option but.. it’s not selling the show for me, not that I don’t like a girl in short shorts! I’ll be giving this show a bit more to show me what it can do if it will be any good not sure but I’ll see hehe.


I am also watching ongoing series.. and those are, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Girls und Panzer, Gintama’, Psycho-Pass, Robotics;Notes, Zetsuen no Tempest, Shin Sekai Yori, Fairy Tail, Little Busters!, Magi. With this list and newly acquired Winter list I am sure some might get dropped for a later time, but for now looks like a good season. handful of neat looking series and the return of some that I enjoyed. Not only this season.. but some of the next season looks pretty promising so hopefully this year will have some nice treats to keep us all entertained for another year! With that.. I hope you all have a great 2013 blogging, reading, and enjoying the moving pictures!


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