Chuunibyou Episode 12 – Short but sweet ending


Well first of all let me say this..WOOOOT My First Completed series on this blog! go me! and I’ve learn a bit this time around. also. it was great and now sadly with winter season coming right around the corner and nothing really has my attention on the anime list yet, some shows look alright so ill have something to blog about just not sure what yet.. ill make a post on this later.. let’s get this episode rolling


“Eternal Engage”

In our last episode Rikka had become a normal girl like her family and everyone wanted but still didn’t seem to fit in with everyone but slowly she started to open up and make friends.. Seeing Rikka acting normal is not the rikka we all know, that silly girl with a giant imagination was gone. Yuuta figuring that this would be for the best..would Yuuta have stop rikka if is wasn’t for Touka? Shinka watching rikka and yuuta forcing themselfs to act completely normal was getting to her but seems like she wanted them to figure it out for themselves dropping hints like they are trying way to hard, and I agree to almost abnormal for them. The one character that had it worse in my opinion was Dekomori the poor girl, as I started before.. I just wanted to be Shinka and give her a big hug, her fear of losing someone dear to her and knowing all along that her powers where fake but she was being the end Rikka took off to visit her dad’s grave and left us all wondering.. will she really come back?or How is it going to end if she doesn’t come back, One more episode left! Well let’s get this started then.

The final episode is here and what a great episode that was actually enjoyable even though it was the ending episode. This episode had a few surprises for me, the first was wasn’t much of a surprise..but ill say it anyways.. Rikka not coming back after saying she would.. but near the end of episode 11 Yuuta asked if Rikka would be back and I thought “hmm I could see them doing this” and well it happened hehe. The second surprise was Kumin senpai, she started to act like Rikka with the Wicked Eye and got the act down pat. The act was soo perfect but the it was just that, an act to give Yuuta more than one answer… one to make him remember how Rikka acted and to give him a message from Rikka, the surprise was the quiet girl who usual takes a nap was acting like Rikka or rather the Wicked Eye.. was a sight that was. Finally the biggest surprise was the New Dekomori…not only did she have her hair down.. her Hyper-activeness was turned down quite a bit and instantly…such a lovely and cute surprise.. I Like this version of her soooo much more  and dare I say it! she actually took away the cute character award from Rikka! But lets just say… Both are cute! because honestly … I can’t decide!


who is this cutie!~

There was a letter that was adressed to Yuuta which was mentioned in the start of the episode as a hint at first.. but when it got to the point in the episode when Yuuta got it. The set up for this fit even if it did feel kinda cheesy clever at the same time..something to push Yuuta making him go forth and do what he feels he must do. Clearly we can tell that Yuuta misses Rikka.. and without delay Yuuta heads off to go to Rikka… in the middle of the night witch is a bit crazy riding off into the night!~…but hey love can make you do crazy things hehe. For High School student Isshiki wearing his pajama’s was a ridiculous sight and he sorta looked kawaii with his hat, it was funny to see that for sure. So Yuuta heads off into the running into Kumin who.. just tell what Yuuta needs if he hasn’t already figure it out and made up his mind at this point.

Rikka… she’s like a princess stuck in a castle waiting for her uninvited prince to show up and save her from this boring reality. This scene was she thought she heard Yuuta call to her but was in her head, then when she went to water the plants but instead she started to water up.. is it wrong to say rikka looked cute crying? it was one of those times where I wanted to hug my computer screen. Though I Knew Yuuta would show up to save her sadness! Yuuta.. I wonder how many people wanted to hear Yuuta say something like “I, Yuuta vi Britannia, command you! Now, come to me..!”  hey I know someone had to say it! So now Rikka takes off with Yuuta into the night on a bike ride to the beach.. where the magic happens.. the Chuuibyou kicks in and the wonderful animation takes off. Watching it the first time seeing Yuuta walk foward and throw out his words to the ocean “Blast Reality Burst it into shreds Banishment this world!” was such a great and moving moment.. But ill not spoil anymore at this point.. you’ll have to watch it and see how it makes you feel hehe.



so it starts again from the beginning!

So with this series coming to a close I felt satisfied with Chuunibyou.. it had all the right elements in a story that I full enjoy. From the preview I had the idea that this one was going to be a good watch.. the preview had an awesome action scene..and a lot of cute moments of Rikka being hit by Yuuta hehe. I also read it was a romance and sorta made me think..humm how are they going to fit this into what I just seen? Well I have to hand it to these guys at KyoAni did a wonderful job with this one very nice guys! What I like about this episode was Rikka finally got to do what she set her self to do.. and Yuuta finally went back to his normal self.. as did everyone else. Dekomori grew up.. .. but still had her love for others acting out in a Chuunibyou-ness way, Might I add.. I’m a guy who loves Twin tails…but darn it Dekomori looks really cute with her hair down!. Shinka realized Chuunibyou make you special and being different and everyone might have their own Chuuniyou side! What ever happened with kumin and Isshiki… maybe that ova will help us that been going around see what happens to these 2! However Kumin did help push Yuuta and Isshiki molested Shinka so that’s 2 things they did… hehe.  And the best part or this episode is..indeed it was and will be a memorably, That anime with a message about what an eighth grader syndrome is.. and well… knowing we all have our own type of Chuuibyou in us all.. always and forever as we continue watching these great japanese cartoons.


Rikka <3! your still cute!~ you will be missed. /tear

More on this before I finish this post but I might have already sum up what Chuunibyou means to me hehe. I’ve read a blog that got me thinking.. maybe this could be a response to it or addition to it. How is Chuunibyou different from watching anime? I think there is really no difference..young or old we sometimes lose ourselves when it comes to anime, we find a character that is awesomely cool and wanna imagine that we could be like them in a way. It could be like having super power that sound neat even if its silly or dumb, flying mecha’s cause robotics are awesome!, or just being a prince that saves his princess. Its sorta like Roleplaying.. Chuunibyou could closely mean Roleplaying But the bottem line is mainly..being yourself and not worrying about what others think, we all have a reality but I am sure somewhere we wanna jump out of our shells and be shout at the top of our lungs.. “I LOVE ANIME!” then go back to work..hehe  may get funny looks or people think your strange or different.. but they don’t understand how a simple or complex moving pictures make people feel hehe. I love japanese cartoons, heck I even takes parts form characters I like and Roleplay as them in Roleplay games, I’ve done bleach and fairytail already roleplay lol yes im a nerd

Finally Thanks for reading along.. I have new goals and ideas for winter shows so ill be working on a short winter seasonal show breakdown of what I will be watching and taking a look at. There are maybe a handful of shows I am looking forward to so but.. isn’t looking like much is out there..But well see hehe. Anyways thanks for your time and I hope to get post done on time and quickly.. we all have to start somewhere.. Thank you for visiting Kawaiiosity.. may you be curious again and join me for Kawaii and fun anime this winter! till next time… later! ja-na~


See Ya!~


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