Chuunibyou episode 10 and 11 – Emotions gone wild!


First of all let me apologies for my late post I just got lazy and doing other things. So this post will be a bit shorter and cover both episode 10 and 11 so hope it to your liking.



“Pandora’s Lunchbox…of the Holy Mother”

Watching this episode was great, I gave me such a great feeling and this was the episode I longed for good job KyoAni you’ve captured my heart yet again. Now I might be praising this series too much but combining both episodes I can’t help but be overly joyed. Not much for laughter but the scene with Isshiki putting his head on Yuuta shoulder quickly followed with a three hit combo to start us with a good fun before moving into the seriousness of this episode. I think many can agree with me that the following scenes with Rikka and Yuuta together in the rain was great. Hearing just the rain and our character’s thoughts put me at the edge of my seat wounding whats going to happen next! As they end up under the bridge after running after Schwarz Sechs Prototype MK II.. the scene was set up nicely..hearing the insert music kick off I was ready for a cute confession and I got just that! Rikka comes out and says how she feels using the umbrella to hide her blushing face was too adorable! Yuuta acting as Dark Flame master foraging a lover contract with her. This whole scene was great, I loved it, who could NOT love a cute confession like this, after they confess..Rikka placing her head on Yuuta’s back.. and putting their pinky’s together tops it off for me.. Soo cute and adorable. Thanks KyoAni for making me feel warm and fuzzy!




Onto the second half where we start to see where things are heading, Touka asks for Yuuta for help by telling Rikka to grow up and face reality because Touka is leaving for a job and their mom is going to watch over Rikka. So now we have the drama sorta set up. Yuuta met Rikka’s mom at the school as they get ready to start the play for the club. She hands him a lunchbox and says something about Rikka not wanting to meet her yet, on top of that what touka told him about Encouraging her like that is irresponsible and I think this makes up Yuuta mind on what he must do for Rikka sake. As the event come closer they find Yuuta alone and he tells Rikka to face reality causing Rikka to…act differently now. Then the ending of the episode.. that left even myself shocked as Rikka steps up and starts to sing a song that her dad liked, then the removal of the eye patch to show both greenish-blue eyes ending the episode like that!


“One-Winged Fallen Angel”

This episode was something I was hoping to see.. though I’ve like the whole series so far and these few episodes just makes it that much better. I enjoy a series that pulls off drama in a manner that I can put myself in these characters and be moved by them in such a way that even puts me almost into tears. This series surprised me with these recent episodes, A series that started as a comedy with hints of romance and little to no drama making me hope and wonder HOW this series is going to pull those off. And they did just that in this episode. first of all setting the mood was nicely done with the dull colors throughout the episode and key moments where there was no sound at all..those slience parts to create that dramatic effect. The main characters totally not in character helped out as well. I really enjoyed this episode because not only was it something I was looking forward to as well as wondering how they will pull it off surprised me making me yet again have those warm and fuzzy feelings.


Rikka still had her cute moments like when they where talking about how to make conversation flow, and change how she should talk to others. Also when Rikka asked to be friends with a group of students.. from a far Rikka seems to be acting normal but this doesn’t seem to sit right with her friends. Throughout this episode I felt bad for Dekomori because watching her try so hard to bring Rikka back no matter what was nearly heartbreaking and I just wanted to hug Dekomori like Shinka did with her. That sense was very touching and I nearly lost myself to tears watching and hearing her struggle to get the only person that understood her the best. Hang in there Dekomori /huggle. The ending of this episode also nearly brought me to tears where Yuuta and Dekomori fight it out with words, yelling at each. What Yuuta basically said was what reality was and taking it out on her almost forcing her to come to her senses and none of it is real, making Dekomori run off saying she know that. Yuuta didn’t even want to say what he said it was just sad to see them lose it one by one..even seeing Yuuta cry just for a bit made me feel for him.


Just one more episode left and what an episode that will be, I Can’t wait to see what KyoAni come up for an ending that will give us something to remember. Overall this series as been pretty fun to watch..despite that it nearly felt like the forced this on us.. but a few episodes before they hinted toward romance between Yuuta and Rikka, it was very little. Yuuta might see Rikka differently now that she acting normal but is this what Yuuta really wanted? The dramatics did feel forced had to happen and we know it would be soon, i sorta wished they had more episodes to work with, but for now i am satisfied with the way this series has come along.. I just hope we get a nice ending..something that would make this anime great and we will have to wait and see! see ya next time!



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