Chuunibyou episode 9 – Rikka in love is cute!

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai - 09 - Large 17w..w….wel..welcome back..

“Turmoil…of the Chaos Heart”

Hihi! welcome back you crazy kids.. well I’ve totally fell behind on these, sorry about that..So lets get things started. In our last episode Rikka and Yuuta spend some time together, and what felt like Rikka was starting on her path of falling in love with him. Although we know it to be love, Rikka is not sure what these feeling are and Yuuta still thinks of her as a friend with a serious case of the 8th grade syndrome. Will these two come to terms with one another and become a romantic relationship or something less? Lets find out shall we!?

Right away we find our gang back at school and setting us up to the school festival and with this I could very well see the ending or something close but ill get to that later. Watching Rikka in this episode trying to piece together why she is starting to feel uneasy around Yuuta  made this episode feel real to me in a way. Both of them are young so they don’t really know what falling in love means or feels like, at this age some students are focused the future such as studying, making friends, future goal, or College. Back in episode 7 it became apparent to me, I had said in that post that Yuuta might be the cure they need for Rikka and I’ll explain why. Yuuta had chuuibyou and got over it and started a new life, upon doing so he met Rikka who has a serious case of chuuibyou. So I got to thinking and came up with this.. “It take someone who had Chuuibyou to cure a person who has Chuuibyou.” So now its up to Yuuta to help Rikka find the horizon and bring Rikka back to reality.. even if he has to act out the one thing he refuses to go back to.


I’am sure we’ve seen this hundreds of times over and over, we all know it’s when two characters are in love, but its exciting to watch the main characters struggle, or they talk themselves out of it, or it just hits them in an instant. In this episode Shinka shines the most, she clearly knows what going on between Yuuta and Rikka, starting things off by saying “You’re in love with Yuuta!” I found it..adorable watching Rikka get flustered as Shinka tries to help, the splashing water at her, the ridiculous laugh, or staying its the contracts and the wicked eye.It was entertaining watching Rikka take advice from Shinka, might be a good idea..later we see her yelling at them from a far as if some movie director, showing Rikka a romantic manga, then her expression when she finally rips the book in half . Rikka failed each time mixing up her delusional world with the reality, but she can’t help it right? heh

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai - 09 - Large 28

Finally there is one last thing Shinka tires, the Suspension bridge effect leaving the two in a place with some thrills making the two get closer. This scene was touching for me, seeing them both together, Yuuta doing most of the talking but shows that hes starting to understands Rikka a bit more. This scene ends with a bit of a surprise, though the moment Rikka stood up I sorta had a feeling something bad was about to happen.Then suddenly Rikka slips on the roof barely holding on, this didn’t really surprise me, but what really surprised me was, this series, up to this point it did not put our characters in any serious danger. What followed after was Yuuta guiding Rikka’s feet like he has done countless times before. Now the scene with Rikka crying into Yuuta chest hugging him tightly made me feel good inside it was such a wonderful scene, I was only waiting for a confession right away  leaving us wanting the next episode right away.

image00147Butterfly hearts formation GO!

In my last post I was hoping for something more romantic or dramatic, or even emotion-tic and with this episode it gave me a little of all three in a way. Romance in the air Rikka trying to tell Yuuta her feelings, not much drama but nearly slipping off the roof could be and a bit emotional near the end with the hugging and what not. Now if had to guess the ending..we might all see where this is heading but I can guess that both of them will fight as Dark Flame Master and wicked eye. This will put a show on for the students, Rikka will see the Dark Flame Master,the one she loves, in action who sorta pushed Rikka to become a chuunibyou. as for the others, Dekomori might lose her master as Rikka realizes that she really is in love. As for Yuuta, he will think she’s in love with Dark Flame Master, not Yuuta himself. Although this is how i sorta see how it will end…also i looked at the preview that was released and put my own translations and sorta questions i have into a prediction. But well have to wait and see what really happens, I can’t wait.. we are heading into a climatic horizon!!!!



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