Chuunibyou episode 8 – warmingly cute

image00048Forgive me for being late!

The Exile..of the Two

Hihi! welcome back, hope your thanksgiving was stuffing and hope you filled up on pie. last week’s episode was mainly told us a bit about rikka past  and maybe why she has her 8th grade syndrome. In this episode we follow Yuuka and Rikka who stole  more screen time. Leading up to the ending bit, making us wonder whats going to happen next? Could it be buildup to dramatic mode that could turn on the waterworks or disappointment or teasing? lets find out!


That being said, this episode didn’t hit the high levels of dramatics or emotional levels that I wanted, Maybe I was too hopeful..  But the series isn’t over yet and it could very well reach that point later on..maybe. Was I unhappy with this episode? no wai! Where it didn’t do so well dramatically it did well in cuteness overload and KyoAni did it well in this episode for me. This episode also shows the relastionship between Yuuta and Rikka is growing closer though more of a friendship than actual love love.


For comedy, this episode had very little of it, but was enough for a laugh or two. Starting off with Dekomori tripping over her own hair and almost getting burned by the fireworks is sooo very much her character. Cerberus sticking with Shinka not even to play fetch, but instead pounces and licks her.Cerberus still having his fun with Shinka, he just can’t leave her alone but it cute in a way hehe. Shinka was dealing with that and thinking and being the only one realizing Yuuta and Rikka sure are spending a lot of time together making her think they are in love with each other, while the rest is in their own little worlds, well maybe Isshiki is thinking this as well while chasing after the cute but very slow, Kumin. But the Best scene of all was when Shinka finally discovered her sunburn tattoo! Dekomori face expansions when she showed up where great. I jsut can’t get enough of these two! I love em.


The cuteness of the episode for me started off with the train, I found it cute how Rikka was surprised to see Yuuta, that expression on her face was just the tip of the iceberg for more to come. the line.. “when our eye met”, I felt it was almost a confession, but if we know Rikka she was meaning a contract again, sure right.. we know she what love is love!. Rikka end up staying over at Yuuta place because her code didn’t work or she just forgot her key, either way she’s stuck with Yuuta. It was silly watching rikka being very curious in Yuuta house, even going through his things in his room, like some annoying brother or sister. The two scene I liked the most in this episode was when Rikka was wearing Yuuta clothes, even though they where baggy on Rikka. she looked soooo adorable in them, even the way she was playing with the sleeves and smelling his clothes might seem creepy, but I found it to be very cute, Rikka is such a child which I like how childish she can be hehe.  The other scene I liked was when she stoped Yuuta in the hall asking him to closes his eyes, I nearly died from cuteness overload because they way she was acting was too damn adorable, saying Don’t go.. I nearly felt something great was about to happen.. maybe a confession might be next, but too soon maybe?


I can see you clearly!

In closing I like this episode a lot, seeing Rikka and Yuuta spend time together made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, a very cute and touching episode indeed. I can’t wait till next episode because I don’t really know what to expect but sadly I have a feeling this episode is just a tease and that the next episode will be back to normal school days and club activities. I’m hoping for something nice, something more romantic or dramatic, or even emotion-tic! At this point id be ready for anything so well have to wait and see! The only question is.. did losing her dad made her this way, or was it cause of Yuuta where she seen him acting as flame master before he moved schools.. and if so… how did she see him in the past..Im not to sure but.. well see next time See ya!


Her wicked eye will see you next time!


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