Chuunibyou, now in Dark Limited Unknown Shield edition! Ep7

Welcome back readers!

“Paradise Lost…of Memories”

Okay.. so lately I’ve been thinking about my writing style and I want to try things a bit different with this post. To me it feels like I have been doing too much recap instead of not really sharing my opinion of what I thought of the episode, what I liked or even disliked. Hopefully ill get these to something of my liking and enough of that let’s get to it.

don’t worry Rikka..your still the greatest!

Chu2koi has been one fun entertaining series for me, I like the characters so far but 2 really… and I am anxious to see where KyoAni will take this series. With only five more episodes I am hoping for something more like Dramatically Heart Warming, however I doubt this series will head that way. If I really had to predict the ending it would be something along the lines of facing reality alone can be rough, but as long as someone is by your side you’ll manage somehow.

Cha-Ching~ eye shields activated!

Starting things off with the Vegetable dishes the fun and silly parts that I liked about this episode then move into to serious moments later. Dekomori starts us off with some epic Dark Limited Unknown Shield glasses that queues Shinka remake about  “Eight grade syndrome is more like first grade syndrome”. I found this funny because even though they where off-screen, hearing them going at each other still made for a great way to start things off, even Isshiki was pulled into it, and Kimin adding her cute self to the mix.

Our potatoes and Stuffing of this episode. Shinka and Dekomori do a great job at stealing the spotlight in just about any scene very quickly, But in the end I still like Rikka, shes the greatest! heh. Even though they can’t stand each other they always seem to end up together somehow, and in this episode it was funny to watch Dekomori trying hard not to relay on Fake Summer for help they both of them just crack me up. Watching them both go at each other always trying to one up the other, they are just perfect for each other. Both of them even got sunburn tattoos together but neither realize it yet, I wonder if that will curry on into the next episodes..would be funny. Dekomori even got a seal sunburn which I was halfway thinking thats cool and at the same time what a dork hehe. Even the dog, Cerberus is taking a licking to Shinka, I love her reaction when he licks her and chases her around, and what are those boxes for on him for?.. too funny.

Now for dark or light meat of the episode! those poor turkey’s. So far Rikka and Yuuta’s relationship so far hasn’t really felt close, we keep getting teases and that is about all, like the train scene with rikka holding Yuuta hand, the way she always goes to him for help, and seems to opens up to him, and I think Touka notices this. To Rikka’s family, mainly her sister and grandpa she seems broken and Yuuta might the cure they need. When Rikka asks him for the password, she answers the door opening it slightly while on the floor then Yuuta squats down to her level my heart was captured! Rikka was soo adorable, even when she moves forward the look on her face made my heart explode with that heartwarming feeling.. I also think the music in this scene helped set the mood. Later Touka says don’t do it..when they run off, not only this line but several lines she said in the previous episodes that combines with this scene puts me at the edge of my seat wondering and hoping for some dramatic or maybe even a tear-jerking moment?!

Now for dessert, the pie of the post if ya will! This episode which came to a surprise to me as it neared the end going into what felt like a dramatic mode and me hoping for something huge that could lead to a  tear-jerker. This anime could possible hit a high dramatic level like Clannad as far as dramatic, but I sorta feel it not going to hit that high level as much as I want to believe in KyoAni. as I stated before I am hoping for more of a Dramatically Heart Warming anime and I am can’t wait to see how things end for this series. I can’t wait for the next episode as i am sure many others feel the same, what is going to happen, How will KyoAni give us a bit more incite on what might happen! With five episodes to go how will this series ending do!? well have to see soon, OH and if ya haven’t figured it out.. Thanksgiving will be here and I am afraid I wont get a post before the bit feast event we have here  so this is the thanksgiving theme.. sorta hehe. Anyways see ya next time!


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