Chuunibyou episode 6 – Mysterious White Water!

White Water.. is it in you…or on you!

Hi hi! so ya… I’m a little late on this one.. but this time im going to try to get 2 episodes out! I’ve been caught u in WoW, that silly additive game. Not too much but being lazy and watching too much anime which is normal to me hehe. Things What I need to do is get back into drawing sooo many characters to pick from its hard to get started! wish me luck. Now let’s get to blogging!

your doing Jutsu wrong!

So in our last episode of Chu2koi Rikka was in danger of losing the club if she didn’t do to well on the math final. With luck on her side the club was saved thanks to the whole class scoring poorly on the exam.So with that behind now she can focus on finding the Eternal Horizon and now our Chu2koi adventures will continue with this weeks episode, The Atonement of the Innocent.

Anime hair loss is nothing to laugh at….maybe..

This episode main focus is actually a side character that I didn’t really see coming. Makoto Isshiki one of Yuuta friends that randomly pops up in episodes and it was nice to see this anime add another male to the team.This episode introduces Isshiki to the cast in an unusual way when a book that belonged to him was discovered. This book ranked all the girls in the school on their looks and I just face palmed as he sat there waiting then he stood up saying it was all him and no one else..good job taking the full blame like a boss!. I didn’t mind this episode because it did have a few silly moments and gags to keep me entertained and like I stated before adding another male to the cast. After he owned up to the book he shaved his hair to take responsiblity as a man, which made for some fun time with Kumin asking to touch his head… hehe. I think we can all agree that Isshiki and Kumin are a perfect couple to ship!

Now a side from the main focus of the episode it still had its share of gags and hilarious moments with our main cast. for me it started with Dekomori attack on Shinka in the art room.. Those two seem to get along so well! It didn’t stop there as it went on into the club with the mysterious white water, Dekomori reaction was tooo funny. This scene was something I was waiting to see happen when Shinka was acting her mean scary self and someone seeing her act that way was too funny and I kept thinking how will see pull this off. The whole animated scene with Shinka fighting with Dekomori in the club, the part where Dekomori reads from the Mabinogion acting all dramatic making Shinka roll around on the floor. Her reaction to kumin calling her Mori Summer-chan and her scary serious face as she threatens Isshiki such a funny and entertaining scene.

I also liked other the matching T-shirts whit their super special other world name on them, that Rikka hand-made? I liked how even Kumin has a shirt and a name, which makes me want to see Kumin and Rikka interacting more with each other I think it would be sooo cute and fun to watch. Yuuta claims he had nothing else to wear but we all know its going to happen sooner or later! Yuuta we know you want to unleash your Chu2! and where is Shinka’s shirt? maybe it’s for the best.

(forgive me latelness so here!) Dawwww!

Well since I am late on this post ill leave this section alone because I already know the answers to my questions about Touka Takanashi. So ill try to have that post up and ready to go soon…well anyways catch ya next time!


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