Chuunibyou episode 5 – Math Syndrome

I, Yuuta Vi Britannia command you!…er…um… I mean..

So for starters last episode we learned who the real Forest Summer was and what a discovery that was. If you haven’t been following the series.. stop reading! Spoilers incoming! Shinka Nibutani is ..dun dunn dunnn! Forest Summer, I am told her name means that so people might of know this already for those of us that don’t know Japanese.. I sorta had a feeling this is what would happen, that she was the same as Yuuta, as in putting up an act. Nothing else really jumped out to me in this last episode  although Dekomori was hilarious from her trolling Nibutani to the crazy silly antics, she has become one of my favorite characters in this series, you never know what she’ll do next!

Onto the Episode 5 Rikka is in trouble with her studies and the risk of losing her circle which results in her asking Yuuta what she should do. They come up with several ways to help Rikka avoid studying the normal way but it could be problematic.She tries commanding the gods that she will not fail the math exam or making their club contribute to the school by cleaning the pool both shared a few laughs and tricks avoiding to actually study. Failing to command the gods and not doing a very good job with the pool land our gang back to square one and the only option left is to do the studying  the proper way. poor Rikka.. hang in there! Out of both scenes sharing some laughs and entertaining.. I liked  the pool scene most, watching Rikka and Dekomori play around made for some good humor, I just liked how Dekomori was playing the whole time and then starting a water fight with Nibutani, those two seem to always butt heads they probably will never learn hehe.

The scenes with Rikka and Yuuta finally getting down to studying was the highlight of this episode for me, finding out that Rikka was actually very lonely was sad but cute at the same time. Now that Yuuta is there with her she at least has someone to fill in the loneliness from time to time. I think Yuuta realizes this as well and he puts forth more effort to help her out, giving her treats to help her study. Now this point people might of thought that she was going to ace the exam like the other animes with school work! but this time things are different not only did our main characters do poorly on the test, the whole class did bad which helped Rikka keep her club..did the gods help or was it her wicked eye?! we may never know but at least we get to keep the club this time.  “Good job Rikka!” /thumbsup. Near the end of the episode Rikka wants a protocol code and Yuuta acting as Flame master bestows a name for Rikka. Seeing Rikka face when she was giving a cool name was the most cuties scene of all.. Dawwwww! Rikka! you’re so cute!

being cute while texting.. it could be dangerous

The whole episode showed bits or hints of romance setting in for these two, and I hope to see something come of it pretty soon. If no real romance comes of it then thats fine and I’ll still enjoy this anime for its gags and cuteness because at this point I do wonder how they are going to fit in romance. Part of me thinks this show is going to go for friendship over a love-love relationship but we’ll see maybe. Will this series start to build up some drama? Like what about Rikka’s parents and why Rikka sister is the only one taking care of Rikka, what secrets are we going to uncover soon.Well thats all for this week! thanks again see you soon!


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