Chuunibyou, now in Dark Limited Unknown Shield edition! Ep7

Welcome back readers!

“Paradise Lost…of Memories”

Okay.. so lately I’ve been thinking about my writing style and I want to try things a bit different with this post. To me it feels like I have been doing too much recap instead of not really sharing my opinion of what I thought of the episode, what I liked or even disliked. Hopefully ill get these to something of my liking and enough of that let’s get to it. Continue reading


Chuunibyou episode 6 – Mysterious White Water!

White Water.. is it in you…or on you!

Hi hi! so ya… I’m a little late on this one.. but this time im going to try to get 2 episodes out! I’ve been caught u in WoW, that silly additive game. Not too much but being lazy and watching too much anime which is normal to me hehe. Things What I need to do is get back into drawing sooo many characters to pick from its hard to get started! wish me luck. Now let’s get to blogging!

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Chuunibyou episode 5 – Math Syndrome

I, Yuuta Vi Britannia command you!…er…um… I mean..

So for starters last episode we learned who the real Forest Summer was and what a discovery that was. If you haven’t been following the series.. stop reading! Spoilers incoming! Shinka Nibutani is ..dun dunn dunnn! Forest Summer, I am told her name means that so people might of know this already for those of us that don’t know Japanese.. I sorta had a feeling this is what would happen, that she was the same as Yuuta, as in putting up an act. Nothing else really jumped out to me in this last episode  although Dekomori was hilarious from her trolling Nibutani to the crazy silly antics, she has become one of my favorite characters in this series, you never know what she’ll do next!

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