Chuunibyou Episode 4 – Smirkyahahahah!

Girls undressing!? What sorcery is this….I must learn this… for the otherworld

In the last episode we finally got to meet that crazy twin tailed girl and might I add she is an interesting character to watch. Dekomori seem to be the more hyper than Takanashi who seems more serious about everything it’s s almost scary how she has an answer for everything hehe. Our gang also formed their club with the help from a teacher, so The Far Easter Magic Nap Society was formed.. now they will need members. To our ‘did not see coming‘ surprise at the end of the episode Nibutani tells Togashi that she has joined their club, that might get him to change his mind and join the club, now onward to the episode 4.

Welcome to the T.F.E.M.N.S

So we jump right into the question that is probably on everyone mind.. Why did Nibutani join this club, what is she up to?.. and it doesn’t take long for Togashi to make up his mind and join the club with these crazy young people. Takanashi and Dekomori start things off in the club playing with summoning circles made from christmas light and adding some flour to the mix to make thing more awesome. Rikka explains what the club is about saying “The goal of our society is to find the Ethereal Horizon. We unite the powers of the Wicked Eye, the Mjolnir Maul,and the dark Flame Master to that end.” Dekmori keeps calling Togashi DARK~KUU FLAMUU MAS~TTAAt almost like she is teasing him and ends up in a locker shortly after. Nibutani shows up and we can start to see where things might be heading, like when the mabinogion was mentioned her eyes change and we get an idea what she is after. This whole scene was great seeing how silly this club is, I have a feeling there will be more to come from this crazy club. Where do I sign up?!

Cute Nibutani, not so cute anymore!

I like that Togashi is anxious to meet with Nibutani thinking of reasons why she wants to spend time with him, poor guy he has no idea what’s about to happen. Nibutani character is cute and sweet.. but….we are shown in this episode her real side, and are we surprised about this? I will tell you this much… I sorta had an idea she joined the club for other reasons than to hang out with Yuuta. What surprised me is the personality flip, under the cuteness lies a scary-rude-b-word girl trying everything to hide her past just like Togashi. I personal like this side of Nibutani more because I know the upcoming episode will be hilarious to see her actually switching between her cute sweet self to her harsh sour self. I can see this actually adding more flavor to this series, and for once shes not all over the main character! shocking right? However I have a feeling Togashi and Nibutani might be a better match then rikka at this point because both share similar backgrounds. He treats Rikka like a little sister, cousin or friend that he really doesn’t want anything to do with, maybe fear that it might trigger his Chuunibyou to come up again not sure just a feeling I guess.


Takanashi and Dekomori show up out of nowhere and asks about her book, Mabinogion.. which she finds out is burned up in what she thinks is 200,005,000 degrees fire. This part I almost felt sorry for her as did the others.. but “Smirkyahahahah!” she trolls everyone and tells them she made copies in case it was destroyed. Nibutani reveals that she is Forest Summer telling her to erase everything however Dekmori is not convinced… yet.. and thus..the trolling begins! Dekomori in this episode became my favorite, her use of Death in her speech and trolling poor Shinka about being the fake Forest Summer. Death! Death! it’s going to get old, but for now it’s not so bad.. it’s almost like squid girl’s saying de-geso!~ all the time hehe. The fight scene between the 2 girls was great.. the ribbon part made me laugh, seeing  Dekomori run over to it on the ground and wrapped it around her arm was hilarious which is sorta funny because I figured she would do it seeing it hit the ground like it did.. Cheerleader magical girl veris Hammer magical girl! I wonder if that would make a great anime series? hmm.. hehe.

how a real magic fight start

How will  the Troll and rotten fake Forest Summer survive their high school life! We’ll have to wait for the next episode and see what happens to our gang! Each one has their own reasons for joining,making summoning circles, asking to go to peoples homes,or to find the Ethereal Horizon what’s Togashioh reason I wonder? I feel i’ve missed someone important in this episode..humm…. I forgot to mention Tsuyuri in here… well she was taking a nap the whole episode so we will let her nap some more. This episode wasn’t too bad, it made me laugh and I enjoyed seeing Dekomori interact more as well as Nibutani new personality. I just can’t wait to see what happens next in the coming up episode and hope to keep going with this series! thanks again and see you next time!

Now for my last trick…Magical Vanishing Sechs Prototype Mark II!


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