Chuunibyou ep 3

time to spoon feed your blog needs!

Well Episode 3 left us with an angry blackmailing sister wielding a ladle utensil that seem bigger in Rikka mind, which I might add was an epic fight between the sisters. While Yuuta watching how stupid they where being to fight in the middle of the park, and Kumin enjoying every minute of the adventure. So what kind of crazy adventures will our gang embark on in episode 3 of Rikka’s 8th grade syndrome, wait no more because here we go right into episode 3!

I like waiting for Rikka’s responses to everything, no matter how normal they are to us Rikka sees them…well….differently.This episode introduced us to Sanae Dekomori, master at dual wielding twin tails of hair-nunchucks, that’s a mouth full ..hehe.. And club recruiting for the “Far Eastern ..Magic..Society” or was it the “Far Eastern ….Magic…nap society…of summer”? Moving on, during the recruitment Rikka checks out the cheerleading which doesn’t seem to be her thing. The drama club was doing some practices that got Rikka’s attention, but seems she can’t follow a script or follow the story. I figured drama club would be a great place for rikka too, oh well she’s a little too dramatic I guess.

Guten Morgen Yuuta!

Meeting Sanae.. Where at? in Yuuta room. doing what? sitting on top of him while he sleeps to wake him up..To love ru much?... this might be every guys dream..maybe. Sanae claims to be Rikkas’ Servant that rikka herself summoned from the otherworld that magical joins their convenient… Poor yuuta having to deal with not one crazy person, but now two of them.. hang in there Yuuta!.so looking for members of the club Rikka has an idea..this could be what I was thinking at that moment and ya sure enough silly Rikka is silly. “Hey wait a minute.. Cats do not count as club members? since when? you can’t say no to that cat, he’s begging to be in the club”. This part made me laugh, like how the teacher was totally playing along with rikka’s silliness even Kumin was enjoying it and going along with the two. Yuuta on the other hand was shocked that the teacher looked to be getting into it way too much. if only rikka knew english.. hehe.

The teacher gives them a job to clean up one of the room and she would recommend them as a circle instead or something. Well they didn’t finish the job due to some.. imaginary duel between servant and master taking another trip into the mind of Rikka that sounds like a good name for a new anime spinoff where we are treated to more fancy artwork, this time a fight to see who is the stronger Rikka versus Sanae. The scene was short but after it was over we find both girls rolling around on the ground with brooms making me laugh at how silly the girls were being, I just wonder what Yuuta seen was just as silly or stupid in his perspective.

Aww don’t worry we’ll see you next week! or tomorrow night

In closing.. Yuuta says he not joining, but we as the audience know better and can easily predict what is going to happen, but lets say we are wrong and maybe it won’t be that easy.Yuuta is trying to keep his “perfect life” and doesn’t want to ruin it a new start and what not is what I am going with. However it won’t make this series bad or anything and i’ll still watch it whichever route they go, predictions or not we’ll see soon. Also what does Shinka see in Yuuta? does she have a secret 8th grade sickness hidden past? or wants to become friends with rikka, or something else… I’m not sure at this point but we’ll find out soon enough. This episode wasn’t too bad, I can see a pattern sorta -Silliness all round a short action scene and some sorta of drama/romantics- but its only the third episode and I am sure we all will be entertained nonetheless see you next time and sorry for the late episode post..

Rikka’s Tips of the day

“remember the red ones burn your be careful.”

thanks Rikka.


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