Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! ep 01 & 02

What she means is Welcome to Kawaiiosity’s first episode post

Forgive me for the late post I have been a little busy playing World of Warcraft, Mists of pandaria, its newest expansion and I can say I’ve enjoyed the game thus far. I have been also studying up on drawing styles and how to improve my artwork, challenging yourself can make some nice results! Other than that getting caught up with the new anime fall season and so far this season looks great I am impressed so far.

Alrighty then let’s get this going, Out of nowhere the famous Kyoto Amazingly-awesomeness Art studio mesmerises me yet again with their art tricks and treats us to dare I say it?..this could be the moe-e-est series ever?..maybe. Chuunibyou, is getting a lot of praise on most blogs so I don’t need go into much detail but this is one series that could become something more i think so you should check this one out.

Chuunibyou in a nutshell: Its taste-ily COOL!!

The first episode was quite entertaining watching both our main characters together, Yuuta wanting so hard to live a normal highschool life and Rikka with her wicked eye trying to make that impossible for Yuuta. So far Rikka has caught my eye, you never know what she’ll do next and being such a cute character with her magic talk and such. Remember though.. B and A stands for banana and apple, it differs by the season so be careful. the ending got me thinking that this series might have some drama mixed into it, but its not a drama series, the reason why i say it is because it felt like the moral of this anime might be something along the lines of “your childhood is what makes you. you..” kinda cheesy hehe. I am also wondering how the romance will find its way into this series if there is any, we will have to see as more episodes are out.

Moving onto Episode two again our 2 main characters together again with a new animal friend. In this episode introduces us to some new characters, Shinka Nibutani and Kumin Tsuyuri both seem cute and friendly though I am wondering if they themselves are also trying to hide something. Rikka being silly as usually in this episode and her room, the Darkside to the twirling world of chaotic chaos.. or something, filled with all sorts of..things and stuff. The coolest part of this episode to me was the whole chase and fight between Rikka and her sister, Touka Takanashi even though it wasn’t very long. Makes me think what this company could really do if they made an intensive  fighting anime.

That first episode post feeling

So my first impression of this series is that it could have some great potential to be a serious drama anime if they went down that Clannad-ish road, however it shows this series as a Comedy Romance. If they don’t go with drama filled road I still think Chuunibyou will be a great series this season because its a fresh idea and they can do a lot with it, before it loses it “ooh new” factor I hope it is not your average boy meets girl anime. Overall I am quite entertained by this series and hope that they continue to keep it that way. I also hope some hints about what direction this show will head would be nice, but we’ll have to wait.. until episode 3 see ya soon!


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