Chuunibyou Episode 4 – Smirkyahahahah!

Girls undressing!? What sorcery is this….I must learn this… for the otherworld

In the last episode we finally got to meet that crazy twin tailed girl and might I add she is an interesting character to watch. Dekomori seem to be the more hyper than Takanashi who seems more serious about everything it’s s almost scary how she has an answer for everything hehe. Our gang also formed their club with the help from a teacher, so The Far Easter Magic Nap Society was formed.. now they will need members. To our ‘did not see coming‘ surprise at the end of the episode Nibutani tells Togashi that she has joined their club, that might get him to change his mind and join the club, now onward to the episode 4.

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Chuunibyou ep 3

time to spoon feed your blog needs!

Well Episode 3 left us with an angry blackmailing sister wielding a ladle utensil that seem bigger in Rikka mind, which I might add was an epic fight between the sisters. While Yuuta watching how stupid they where being to fight in the middle of the park, and Kumin enjoying every minute of the adventure. So what kind of crazy adventures will our gang embark on in episode 3 of Rikka’s 8th grade syndrome, wait no more because here we go right into episode 3!

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Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! ep 01 & 02

What she means is Welcome to Kawaiiosity’s first episode post

Forgive me for the late post I have been a little busy playing World of Warcraft, Mists of pandaria, its newest expansion and I can say I’ve enjoyed the game thus far. I have been also studying up on drawing styles and how to improve my artwork, challenging yourself can make some nice results! Other than that getting caught up with the new anime fall season and so far this season looks great I am impressed so far.

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Fall Anime Shows

Summer time has come and gone and now fall season is barely starting with lots of new anime coming out, however this time I will try my very best to blog my first full series..wish me luck!. So with that out of the way what am I most excited to watch this season? I can’t wait for Robotics;Notes, K and Shinsekai Yori and for blogging choices I will try my best to keep up with Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai so I hope you plan on staying around and enjoying this treat.

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